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Pen and Ink Illustration ‘The Revival’

I’m a huge fan of Pen & Ink Illustration and I love the whole revival of it. Just look around in the interior design and even the fashion industry, wallpapers, home furnishings, clothes, accessories are fully adored with sketchy images, all inspired from illustration.

I fell in love with Johanna Basfords fine art as soon as I saw it not long after she graduated in 2005, I included Jo’s work in the Dreamwall Young Designers collection in  2006. See more of Johanna Basford work here

Erica Wakerly wallpaper Home sweet home is also one of my favorites when it comes to illustration more on Ericas work here

along with the master of Illustration Ralph Steadmans fine work more about Ralph here

But something much more closer to home and personnal has impressed and that is my very own mothers Pen & Ink illustrations. So much so I wanted to dedicate this blog to my mothers artistic talents. See below the beautiful pen & ink hand drawn dragon which my mother drew in the 1980’s.

Pen and Ink Dragon drawn in the early 1980's by Carol Coleman

As a child I was bought up with Pen and Ink art, my mother a fantastic fine artist would sit for hours drawing illustrations. My mother in her late teens had all been set to study art at SLADE art school London, when her own father (my grandfather) put a stop too it, and told her that her duty as a woman was to be a house wife, and ART was a waste of time, she would never find a career in it.

Pen and Ink drawn in the 1980's by Carol Coleman

My mother is also known for her fantastic water colour paintings see below

Water colour in progress

Water colour in progress

One of my favorite watercolour paintings by Carol Coleman

Watercolour still life by Carol coleman

mistle thrush watercolour by carole coleman 1980

Pencil framed sketch of a soldier by Carole Coleman 1980's

Pig sketches by Carol Coleman

chickens by carol coleman

horse by carol coleman

sheep by carol coleman

pen and ink from 1980s by Carol coleman

pen and ink from 1980s by Carol coleman

Houses sketched by Carol Coleman 1980

Houses sketched by Carol Coleman 1980

I’m pleased to say, my mother proved her father wrong and made a successful business using her art talents – so never give up on your talents or Dreams!