“Beloved Bungalow”

David and Scott's 1960's Bungalow now up for sale

Bungalow Industries is a Creative Consultancy based in Berkshire. The company is fronted by David and Scott, who for the past four years have lived in this simply ultra cool mid-century ‘Fahrenheit 451’ bungalow in award winning Edgcumbe Park Crowthorne Berkshire – “The Estate of the future that time never forgot”.

Bungalow Industries now have plans afoot and are ready to make a move!     David and Scott will be incredibly sad to leave their beloved bungalow. In typical Bungalow Style, they want to give the marketing of their property the “Bungalow” treatment and have complied a detailed brochure telling the story of the development and the property itself past and present, accompanied by photographs documenting the interior and gardens


View the Bungalow Particulars and take a photo-tour of this lovely example of Renway’s type 60A Bungalow – design inspired by the modernist ranch style homes of the 1950’s California CLICK HERE – http://www.bungalowindustries.com/Brochure

Bungalow - Living Space

The Property is an oasis of calm, tranquillity, natural light and inspiration — a welcome home to Bungalow Industries’ muse for the past 4 years. Replete with parquet floor, a log-burning fire, numerous skylights, American walnut-panelled bathroom & cloakroom

Living space Bungalow
The Den - Bungalow


Living space - Bungalow
Studio - Bungalow
Kitchen - Bungalow

Surrounded by four garden zones, David and Scott lavished as much care and attention to detail on the property’s remodelling, landscaping and presentation as they do their work.

Side Garden - Bungalow
Bungalow Floor plan
Some Bungalow Before and After shots


If you’d like to be the next owner of this Unique home and would like to come and see it for your self then get in touch with David and Scott email info@bungalowindustries.co.uk or via twitter http://twitter.com/#!/the_bungalow            

Please take a look at the Bungalow Industries FAB website – http://www.bungalowindustries.com/



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