The Beach Hut Office in Rural South Lincolnshire

Nikki Austin - Austin John Interiors





Nikki Austin of Lincolnshire and owner of ‘Austin John Interiors’ invited DreamwallStyle to her ‘Beach Hut’. But this is no ordinary Beach hut this is a spectacular ‘Beach Hut’ theme office in the heart of rural south Lincolnshire.

Welcome to Nikki Austins 'Beach Hut' office

Nikki who works from home, owns a lovely 30ft long x 15ft wide log cabin, 10 x 15ft is her office space, where Nikki likes to draw and be creative.

Nikki Austin 'Beach Hut' themed office

After two years of having the Cabin in the natural pine mellow  Nikki decided that the cabin needed a new lighter theme, it was always dark inside and Nikki  always had to keep the lights on.

Nikki Austin 'Beach Hut' themed office

Nikki just used a water based primer to give the walls a washed look, and feel of a ‘Beach Hut’. Originally Nikki intended to use ‘Posh Paints’ naming no names 😉 to show off her colour co-ordination ability and promote the paints, but her clients and visitors really loved the look Nikki had created with just a water based primer that she decided not to add  anymore paint to the walls.

Nikki Austin 'Beach Hut' themed office

Nikki points out that space is tight as her business grows but all her ‘guests’ smile about the ‘Beach Hut’ theme, so its a good talking point.

Nikki Austin 'Beach Hut' themed office

Nikki splashed out on a lovely lantern and a tripod light. The Ceilings in the cabin are nickel and industrial, Nikki added quirky touches like the antique fishing new and wooden fish!

Nikki Austin 'Beach Hut' themed office

There’s even a ‘Funky loo’ ” A pee in the woods’ wall mural

A pee in the woods Nikki's funky loo

All the furniture in the ‘Beach Hut’ is white, Nikki is just loving the fresh summery feel even on the dullest rainy days. Nikki was inspired by all the new fabric collections coming out with a coastal theme, with that soft ‘hippy’ surfer feel.

Nikki's Beach Hut office

Nikki says she may need to swap her freelander for a VW van! and loves all the linens and distressed look on everything! Now just bring on the sunshine!

Nikki's Beach Hut office
Nikki Austin owner of Austin John Interiors also writes articles for 'Anne Louise' a Lincolnshire womens' glossy magazine


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