Be inspired by Helen Rhodes ‘HWR Designs’


While on a recent camping holiday in Bakewell Derbyshire, I discovered the fabulous bespoke textile creations by HWR Designs. When I returned back to Lincolnshire I was intrigued to find out more about HWR Designs.



Helen Rhodes from Derbyshire in the heart of England, kindly talked to DreamwallStyle about how she set up HWR Designs told us all about her passions, inspirations and what visions she has for the future, so be inspired here is Helens story.

Helen Rhodes HWR Designs



Helen has always loved handmade crafts, one of her earliest memories is a family holidays in the Lake district and dragging her family into every craft shop there was.  At christmas Helen always had a boxed craft kit of some sort and she told us it was the best thing ever!! and books.., oh the books… on every available craft subject under the sun.

Black and White Ducks made by Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Having absorbed every discipline and amassed a stash of every piece of equipment known to man Helen decided to try her hand at teaching and in 2007  she went to Burton College and ended up being enrolled for a Creative Arts Foundation Degree due to start the very next week.  The course focused on a business outcome in a Creative Arts discipline so equipped Helen with certain business tools and skills as well as developing her creative talents.  Needless to say Helen found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and felt quite guilty that she was being allowed to ‘play’ full time at what she loved doing.

Gingham Lavender Sparrows made by Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Helen graduated in 2009 with Top marks and the confidence to try her hand in the business of creating.  Helen’s original idea was to open a craft cafe concept offering workshops, exhibition space etc but unfortunately this has had to be put on hold for the time being.  In the meantime she has entered the E- Commerce world and converted a little Stable building in her garden into the design Studio.

Bless this Pearch by Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Helen’s  inspiration comes from two aspects of her personal life a love of the country, wildlife and gardening and from her Husbands collection of vintage cars and bikes and more recently her son’s Morris Minor Traveller.

4-finches Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Helen’s favourite product is usually whatever she is currently working on, as she gets very easily distracted by new ideas and has to rotate from birds to cushions to bags to aprons to art in ever widening circles.  This stops her from going stale and also means she can stock a whole shop by herself!

Book Stack Kindle Cover Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Helen loves to shop on the handmade online outlets such as Etsy and Folksy, Helen admits to an addiction to Twitter she enjoys the community of the like minded creatives who love to buy between each other.  Helen likes to buy at local shops too and supports local artists and producers whenever possible.

Steve McQueen Messenger Bag - Helen Rhodes HWR Design

Helen’s long term vision for HWR Designs is to to continue to make products she is proud of and to keep them innovative and interesting.  Helen would like to develop the Art side more she has found it very exciting and is fascinated by print and transfer techniques.  Helen hopes to make the dream of her little Craft Cafe a reality one day so just watch this space….

shabby chic Heart Wreath Helen Rhodes HWR Designs
HWR Designs

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Union Jack Flock by Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

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