‘Hopper and Space’ Vintage Furniture With a Passion

Hopper and Space

Dreamwallstyle are delighted to introduce ‘Hopper and Space’

“Vintage furniture is our number one passion. It is our mission to share with you our love of stylish well made mid century designs”

Hopper and Space

Hopper and Space is run by Joe and Ben. Both have a passion for mid century design dating back to  their childhoods , Joe and Ben spent time with their parents collecting items from jumble sales, charity shops and auctions. Both  love designs from the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s and after they first met they  decided to start selling some of their  collections to make space for their ever growing mountain of objects! This soon grew into a business and soon realised that there was a huge demand for vintage furniture based on love of design, nostalgia and a backlash against low quality mass produced items aimed at today’s “throw away society”.

Ben and Joe met at a car boot sale when they  both made a grab for the same 1950’s Italian pottery vase!!  They  set up hopperandspace.com earlier this year after a lengthy period of time spent collecting, researching and restoring vintage furniture which is the thing they both love the most!

Hopper and Space
Hopper and Space





                                                                                                              Ben loves the homestyle designs of the 1950’s and the post-modernism of the 1980’s and Joe loves the modernism and earthiness of the 1960’s and 1970’s interior styles.

Hopper and Space
Hopper and Space

Joe and Ben’s home is filled with objects from the 1950’s  era and even their fridge is from the 1950’s -they both refused to buy a fridge until they had found the right one and a lot of food went off in the process!! They believe that it is worth waiting for the right pieces for your home and that your home should tell a story about you, and the things you love. Through the  Hopper And Space website they sell re-upholstered and restored pieces from the 1950’s 1960’s and 1970’s. They tend to go for iconic pieces and items with the WOW factor which stand out as timeless and make a unique talking point for peoples homes.

Hopper and Space

With it being the 60th anniversary of the 1951 ‘Festival Of Britain’ the current collection from ‘Hopper and Space’ includes pieces by noted British designers such as Howard Keith and E Gomme (G Plan). Ben and Joe  adore the elegant lines, bright colours and homely feel of pieces from this era as well as the clean modernism of later pieces such as the 1960’s Danish teak armchairs they currently have for sale.


Hopper and Space

Ben and Joe are very much into the idea of reviving quality, well constructed furniture and offering people the chance to own a piece of design history that will hold its ground long after any current interior fashion has passed and offering people something to cherish and pass down to future generations of their family. All Hopper and Space pieces are original vintage items from across the globe reupholstered and restored here in the UK.

To find out more about Hopper and Space click on links below to the website and twitter



‘Hopper and Space” website click here http://www.hopperandspace.com/


‘Hopper and Space” Twitter Click here http://twitter.com/HopperAndSpace


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  1. Joy says:

    Thanks for featuring Ben and Joe – two of the sweetest traders I’ve ever met. Best of luck guys!! This is a great post.
    Joy xx

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