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Carl Hansen & Son New York Wishbone ‘Royal Visit’

Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen & son are most recognisable for one of the 20th century classics the ‘Wishbone Chair’ designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 and produced without interruption since 1950.

The Wishbone chair designed by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen

Driven by major progress in Europe, Carl Hansen & son fine Danish furniture manufacturers have recently opened their first showroom in Soho New York City.

Knud Erik Hansen (CEO Carl Hansen & Son) together with HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary at the inauguration of Carl Hansen & Son's new showroom in SoHo, New York

Danish Royal couple HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the 6000 sqm showroom.                                                   

Carl Hansen & Son

By establishing a showroom and sales organization in New York, Carl Hansen & Son is significantly stepping up its commitment to the US market. “The US has always interested us and was actually one of our first export markets way back in the 1950s. After years of success and significant growth rates in the European market, we have chosen to invest heavily in our US activities to realise the huge potential and growth opportunities in the North American market. Establishing our new showroom is therefore only the first step in building up our organization in the USA,” explains Knud Erik Hansen, CEO.                                           

Carl Hansen & son

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Samuel Heath – ‘Blog Tour 2011’ London

This blog post is one of many to ‘Thank’ Modenus ‘BlogTour 2011 sponsors & partners for making ‘Blog Tour 2011’ possible. First up is blogtour 2011 sponsor ‘Samuel Heath’ for a life less ordinary.

Samuel Heath Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Samuel Heath is a British bathroom manufacturer, established in Birmingham in 1820 and since has become internationally renowned for design, innovation and quality. Samuel Heath is a forward thinking and creative company that combines time-honoured craftsmanship with the latest technology and design to offer a collection of beautifully crafted bathroom fittings and architectural hardware.

Samuel Heath Factory Exterior

By having Samuel Heath on board as one of the sponsors they really made ‘Blog Tour 2011’ possible. It was such a great pleasure with ‘Blog Tour’ to actually get to visit the Samuel Heath showroom at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour which was also open as part of ‘Focus/11’ that ran from September 25th- 27th.

Samuel Heath - Showroom

Visiting Samuel Heath Showroom with 'Blogtour' from L-R Ana, me, Vanessa and Gemma

While visiting the showroom, I got chance to learn more about the interesting history of ‘Samuel Heath’ which started out originally as a traditional brass founder, producing a vast array of products from coffin furniture through to bedsteads before becoming a style icon for luxury bathroom fittings and architectural hardware.

Samuel Heath - CNC machining

As a big fan of channel 4’s Grand Designs  TV program, I was delighted to learn while in the Samuel Heath showroom that Kevin McCloud designed his own bathroom jewellery collection made by Samuel Heath.

Kevin McCloud by Samuel Heath

Vanessa Allan Samuel Heaths Marketing Manager explained that from the outset Kevin McCloud wanted to create a feminine design and wanted the range to feel like jewellery for bathrooms – Kevin designed the pieces to be soft and fluid as though teased into shape. With glamourous details many pieces feature small circles of mother of pearl.

Kevin McCloud - Samuel Heath

It was great to see more of the company’s products while in the showroom including the ‘New Brilliance’ with geometric crystal levers, following the success of its Fairfield ‘Organic’ crystal levers collection Samuel Heath presents a new crystal lever option – the Fairfield ‘Geometric’ crystal levers.

Vanessa Allan explained “Our new Geometric crystal levers have been introduced to offer designers and homeowners more choice and flexibility when choosing fairfield for their bathroom”

Black crystal - Samuel Heath

Whatever scheme you’re going for, be it classic luxury, something more contemporary or even if you’re looking to incorporate more nostalgic themes and colours such as polished nickel or brass

Samuel Heath - Crystal levers

Fairfield crystal levers offer beautiful detail and a finishing touch that is very much at home in the bathroom as a luxury space.

Samuel Heath - Crystal Levers

Samuel Heath

Novis Soap Dish - Samuel Heath

Fairfield Exposed Valve - Samuel Heath

I personally would like to thank all at the ‘Samuel Heath’ showroom for all the fun and laughter we had including the ton of Olives I managed to demolish! It was great visiting and learning more about the stunning brilliance of the ‘Samuel Heath’ products, but most importantly thank you for being part of the sponsors of Blogtour and making ‘Blogtour 2o11’ The world design happen! THANK YOU!

Samuel Heath - Sponsors Blog tour

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Blog tour 2011

Sowa’s ‘Religious Milk’

The artist herself – SOWA – is a young illustrator, now launching her creative career in the UK. She specialises in hand-drawn pencil and ink illustrations of a symbolic, surrealist and quirky nature, from creepy cartoon creatures and psychedelic Asian lovers to the expressive religious and cultural scenes.

This November will see the launch of SOWA’s first solo UK exhibition – “Religious Milk”. SOWA’s latest works, originating from the foundations and myths of catholic religion, will be on display from 24th November until 1st December at the 3 Blind Mice Bar in London.

Invitation 'Religious Milk'

The black & white works put the religious traditions in the spotlight, mixing and merging them with ideas from popular culture, political ideologies and the lives of artists long-gone. All of the artworks present intricate detailing of the pencil work, filling the paper with doves, clocks and musical notes, and on the other hand contrasting with stars of David, crosses and the religious milk flowing.

Sowa 'Religious Milk'

Starting at the 3 Blind Mice Bar, the works will then embark upon a London journey across a number of venues, to reach wide creative audiences of London art enthusiasts.

Everyone is invited to attend the exhibition, by RSVPing here.

Sowa ' Religious Milk'

More works of SOWA can be viewed at For regular updates on SOWA’s artistic work, you can “Like” her on Facebook ( and follow on Twitter (


AF Designs: Caught in a fishy affair at ‘Tent London’

Let me introduce you to AF Designs, a London based bespoke furniture company created by Italian designer and maker Andrea Felice. I had the real pleasure of meeting and chatting to Andrea at ‘Tent London’ at this years London Design Festival. It was the 3rd year AF Designs had exhibited at ‘Tent London’ after receiving a fantastic reception from the previous two years.

I’m Grimsby born and breed, and for those who do not know about ‘Grimsby’ then shame on you! 😉 It was once known as the ‘Largest fishing Port in the world!’ I’m very proud of my home town and its fishing heritage! So when Andrea asked me to pop my head into a darkened box on his stand, I was absolutely ‘Caught Light’ at home with the fishy encounter I was greeted too!


AF Designs Caught Light

2011 has seen Andrea experimenting with lighting more, and this chandelier is the fruits of this. ‘Caught Light’ contains approx 10 fish suspended at different levels forming a ‘grape.  The grape like shape that fish can sometimes be seen hanging in, as they are caught.

AF Designs Caught Light

The fish are clear resin castings of a form that was carved by Andrea. The fish have been cast by hand, and have a hand fashioned copper hook embedded inside them, which conceals a high power LED light.

AF Designs Caught Light

The LED highlights the organic and dynamic contours of the fish – representing a glow of life force – making them come alive.

AF Designs Caught Light

The hook is very visible – representing the brutal truth. The fish are each nearly a foot long.

AFdesigns Caught Light Single swim away

AFdesigns Caught Light Single

To find out more about AF Designs please visit here   

To find out more about Tent London please visit here

Getting Street with ‘Whoner’ the Artist

Whoner pronounced "one-r" an adaption from the number one

Let me introduce you to  Whoner pronounced “one-r” an adaption from the number one, a Lincolnshire based artist who has been described locally as the ‘Humber’s answer to Banksy’.

Whoner Humbers Answer to Banksy - Picture Credit by Mick E

Whoner, works with aerosol paint, acrylic, stencils and digital media on a range of textures and surfaces. Specializing in 3D graphic lettering, photo-realistic portraits and caricatures.

Whoner at his best doing Graffiti art - Picture credit James Ball

Whoner Lincolnshires answer to Banksy

Whoner first became interested in graffiti back in 1985, he started out as a ‘Street Tagger’ writing his name (tag) on walls. In 1990 when only just 14 years old he soon began experimenting with aerosol art and started to paint serious wall murals. Whoner was a main investigator to legalising ‘Ainsley Street’ (local) Graffiti wall, which was designated for street art by the council.

Whoner at Work

A Young Talented 'Whoner' the Street Artist with the police in the 90's

Soon after leaving school with a Grade A in GCSE art, Whoner began traveling all over the UK meeting fellow creative like minded Graffiti artists.

whoner at work

Whoner Tag

Whoners Art

In 2006 Whoner took part in ‘The Sleeping Giants’ this was an event that took place in Brighton. Creating the UK’s largest Graffiti mural, spanning over a mile long with 200 International Street Artists from all over the world. The Event was even features in Graphotism Magazine.

Whoner and Street Artist Friends

Whoner Art

Whoner Letters

Whoner at work

Whoner took part in ‘Graffiti’ Exhibition in 2007 at the Rescue rooms in Nottingham, along with international Graffiti artists.

Whoner - Nottingham

Whoner and Street Artist friends

Whoner exhibited his work ‘Exit Through the Record Shop Exhibition’ again this was in Nottingham, painting on old vinyls.

Whoner on vinyl

Whoner on vinyl


whoner at work

Whoner and Street Artist Friends

whoner at work

Magazine Whoner

In 2009 Whoner’s work was exhibited at  the Grimsby library, the exhibition even received national media coverage. The photographs of Whoner’s murals are  now  part of the North East Lincolnshire local history library collection.

Whoner at work


Whoner wall murals

Whoner took part in 2010 in painting a mural with ‘Oxygen Thieves at the Alchemy Festival.

Whoner Self portrait

Last year Whoner started his Mixed Media Canvas Art Works

Whoner and his art Canvases Picture Credit Grimsby Evening Telegraph

Whoner Canvas

So what does the future hold for the ultra talented urban artist ‘Whoner’ ……. well you will just have to wait and see … keep following DreamwallStyle to find out more on ‘Whoner’ as we visit him in his workshop for a day covering his ‘New’ artistic journey…its exciting stuff…. so watch this space…… more on ‘Whoner’ at his blog by clicking here

When 'Whoner met DreamwallStyle'


Sitting on ‘Edward’ & getting Knitty with Melanie Porter!

I met Knitting Queen Melanie Porter at this years ‘London Design Festival’. Melanie was exhibiting at ‘Tent London’ with all her successful designs on display, from distinctive knitted furniture, to knitted home accessories, including lamps, cushions and clocks.

Melanie Porter at Tent London

Melanie previously had worked as a fashion Knitwear designer, but after 10 years of working in the industry Melanie turned her expertise to furniture, at first she created one-off contemporary designs.

Melanie Porter at Tent

Melanie loved her job in fashion, but explains that she missed the hands-on creativity of actually making something. Melanie quotes ” I also wanted to learn upholstery – its something that has intrigued me since I was a child and would watch my grandfather repairing chairs. I am actually using the tools that I inherited from him.”

Melanie Porter - Nora

Melanie Porter Tent London

Melanie Porter at Tent London

Melanie Porter at Tent London

It was a real pleasure to meet and chat with Melanie, its always inspirational to meet designers who really are passionate about their work, she even was knitting while we chatted! I even got chance to sit on ‘Edward’ her fabulous very ‘British’ union jack chair! This was the only time Melanie putting her knitting needles down so she could take the photo! 😉

"sitting on Edward"

Melanie Porter

Melanie Porter Designs are available from the new online shop by clicking here  

Melanie Porter's knitting needles at TENT

Going Batty at ‘Tent London’ Rest Area for the Brits

Continuing on with Blog Tour at ‘Tent London’ I came across ‘Pierre Ospina’ and Ooo la la what a clever chap he is…. with his slogan ‘Rest Area for the Brits’ the young French designer of the clever but simple concept ‘Cricket stools’ soon had everyone going batty…. literally…..

'Rest Area for the Brits' by Pierre Ospina

So what are Cricket Stools? I asked Pierre….

Getting Batty with Pierre Ospina at Tent

‘One stool is made from one cricket set,the  handles are made in polyproylene braided cord. Two Limited Editions of twelve, one edition contains six cricket stools in light wood, six in dark wood and in six colour handles.”

To Find out more about Pierre Ospina click here   

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Pierre Ospina - Cricket Stools

Pierre Ospina Cricket stools

Cricket stools by Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina at Tent London