Imani Renae Interiors ‘Launch Party’

Creative director and owner of Imani Renae Interiors, Sharon James hosted a launch party on Wednesday 28th September 2011 and it proved to be a great success for her company as each of her products and services were previewed at The Rag Factory in Shoreditch.

Imani Renae Launch Party

Imani Renae Interiors specialises in high end styling, textiles, wall coverings and soft furnishing design for residential properties and has recently completed a furniture collaboration with Reestore in up-cycling a vintage bath in to a French Chaise Lounge.

French Chaise Lounge

The launched night was compiled mainly with Imani Renae Interiors’ Playfully Chic  range but Sharon featured furniture from ‘Dreamwallstyle favorites’ Quirk and Rescue and Patchwork Chairs.

Patchwork chair by Kelly Swallow at Imani Renae launch
Quirk and Rescue at Imani Renae Interiors

Strong and beautiful art work provided by Project 27 and Kevin Leo, not forgetting the delightful catering sponsored by Hazel’s Kitchen which really assisted in polishing off the evening.

Imani Renae Interiors Launch night

Patchwork Chairs (Kelly Swallow) created a beautiful stool with the fabric designed by Imani Renae Interiors. Patchwork showcased her chair which was upholstered in other well known designers fabrics and it worked exceptionally well.

In and amongst the Playfully Chic range of cushions were the side tables and cabinets designed by Quirk and Rescue, all this worked amazingly well together.  Sharon’s cushions are printed on 100% cotton with a reclaimed felt material backing and cotton bows for a high end finish.  Sharon shied away from the usual envelope fold and zip finishes on her cushions, which really helped to enthuse the strap line of ‘Playfully Chic’.  Her pattern textile prints assisted creating a well deserved buzz.

Imani Renae cushions
Imani Renae Interiors cushion
Imani Renae Interiors
Imani Renae cushions

For more information pertaining Imani Renae Interior styling and bespoke textile art, please visit 
Sharon’s successful collaboration with Reestore is featured on

List of links to the Suppliers:  (Project 27)


9 Comments Add yours

  1. I went to this with my colleague Hannah – fab product launch! Congratulations Sharon!

    1. Mickey finn says:

      Fabulous 😉 I adore Sharon and her work, delighted xX

  2. Sharon’s launch was a great success! Well done Sharon!

  3. Sue Pownall says:

    Everything looks amazing. Congratulations on a successful launch.

  4. Sharon James says:

    Thank you Mev, it was so lovely to meet you and Hannah. Your support is appreciated…thank you so much!

  5. Sharon James says:

    Thank you Mickey, what a lovely comment, I am truly humbled and overwhelmed.

  6. Sharon James says:

    Thank you Hazel, you’re support means so much and thank you for providing amazing catering. Xxxx

  7. Sharon James says:

    Thank you so much one and all for showing such amazing support. I am truly humbled by your comments and am in love with the fact you appreciate my creations. It’s comments like yours that keep me going.
    Thank you! x

  8. Wow.. LOVE your work! Looking forward to meeting you Sharon 🙂 x

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