Blog Tour 2011: Meeting Nicky Haslam at Decorex

Decorex - Love Design 2011

After a full on weekend at the ‘London Design festival’ it was time to visit Decorex. Dreamwallstyle was one of the runner up blogs in the Decorex Loves Bloggers competition, so visiting this years Decorex was a definite must with my VIP invite to the Decorex tweet up as well as hanging out with my Blog Tour friends.

One of the ‘Big Highlights’ of the day while at Decorex with ‘Blog Tour’ was getting up close and personal with celebrity interior designer and socialite Nicky Haslam…..

Nicky Haslam N H DESIGN

Nicky Haslam of NH Design had been asked by Decorex to be involved in the design of the Foyer at this years show.

The Decorex Foyer Magnificent Obsessions an illusive reality by NH Design

QUOTE: By Nicky Haslam “I am thrilled to have been asked to design the foyer for Decorex International 2011. It is a huge compliment to myself and my staff to be a part of such a major design show here in the UK.”

Nicky Haslam at Decorex

The Design Concept:  This years lobby stems from Mario Praz’s idea of the ‘passionate self’; a narrative focusing on emotional referencing and the idea of losing ones self in objects. Echoing past and present NH Design interiors, executed in this surrealist fantasy, as a dramatic homage to our own personal ‘Cherished Places’.

Nicky Haslam the Decorex foyer

Meeting Nicky Haslam at Decorex was such a great experience to all on ‘Blog Tour’ we had chance to ask him questions and learn more about the design inspiration…….

Having a chat with Nicky Haslam at Decorex Picture thank you to Meredith Heron

Nicky spoke passionately to ‘Blog Tour’ being his  involvement with ‘Decorex’

Listening to Nicky Halam with Blog Tour Leslie Carothers, Mollie Magill Michelle Carangi, Jen Joyce,

We loved his down to earth persona as he chatted about meeting Liza Minelli, his love of singing, his London flat & no I will not blog his home address 😉 as our motto says “What is said on Tour stays on Tour” 😉 and much more…..

Nicky Haslam Talking at Decorex Picture thanks to Mollie Magill
Blog Tour in admiration of Nicky Haslam" Jonathan Legate & Tamara Matthew Stephenson
Blog Tour listening to Nicky Haslam: Jonny Grey, Stacey Bewkes. Paul Anater, Andie Day and Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo
Nicky Haslam talking to 'Blog Tour' at Decorex

After our ‘Blog Tour’ personal meet with Nicky Haslam, we all then got the chance to go with Nicky to see his fabulous creation designed for ‘Decorex’

Nicky Haslam at Decorex
A relaxed Nicky Halsam at Decorex
The Fabulous Nicky Haslam at Decorex

A Big Thank you to ‘BlogTour’ click here to find out more

A Big Thank you to ‘Decorex International click to find out more

A Big Thank you to Nicky Haslam click here to find out more


2 Comments Add yours

  1. quintessence says:

    WONDERFUL!! Just adore him!!

    1. Mickey finn says:

      he is just FAB!

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