‘SuperBrands London’ Here is the PROOFF

‘SuperBrands London’ is a new business design event that took place over the ‘London Design Festival’ just a stone throw away from design exhibition ‘TENT’ on Brick Lane set in the iconic Boiler House at the Old Truman Brewery.

‘Tent London’ initiated ‘Superbrands London’ to provide international design-brands with a new and exciting place to exhibit during the ‘London Design Festival’. The event is curated and designed by MVDW LTD, a young British design-marketing consultancy founded by Mirko Van Den Winkel

Super Brands London

I personally found the set up of ‘Superbrands London’ a very intimate event. I had more time to actually absorb my surroundings, a chance to learn more about each consumer & design brand exhibiting. I really enjoyed chatting to the exhibitors that I felt ‘SuperBrands London’ deserves more than one blog to showcase my fantastic finds.

So first up here is the ‘PROOFF’

Here is the 'PROOFF'

As I entered into ‘SuperBrands’ London I was instantly met with a warm friendly smile from Leo Schouten of ‘The Netherlands’ furniture design company ‘PROOFF’

Meeting Leo Schouten of PROOFF at Superbrands London sat on PROOF sit table designed by Ben Van Berkel

With a cup of water that Leo insisted I drink….I must have looked dehydrated 😉 Leo took time to talk about the first time ‘PROOFF’ products had been showcased in the UK through the ‘Superbrands London’ event. I got chance to learn more about the furniture designs that Leo described as “PROOFF designs intimate dialogue for public space”

PROOFF Famous design icon 'EarChair' designed by Jurgen Bey

PROOFF stands for innovative product developments for the progressive office and public area.

PROOFF at superbrands London - studio Axia designed PROOFF phonebox

PROOFF aims to inspire – PROOF involves spatial furniture elements, developed in a unique project and process, where design and skill are combined with the high-quality of Dutch Craftmanship.

PROOFF 'Earchair' picture credit : Roel van tour, Pim Top and Mathijs Labadie Rotterdam NL

The introduction of the Dutch PROOFF collection started in 2006 when adopting the now famous design icon ‘ Ear chair’ designed by Jurgen Bey (Studio Makkink & Bey) this is also know as #001 Product

Sound Absorbing fun at Superbrands London trying out PROOF Niche sofa

PROOF product Niche #004 proved a great success at ‘Superbrands London with people having fun and laughter enjoying the comfortable, sound absorbing sofa’s with high panels and roof. The aim of the Niche sofa is to supply users in short meetings an oasis of quietness and a private, secure place in work environments and public areas.

PROOFF 'niche' picture credit Roel van tour, Pim Top and Mathijs Labadie Rotterdam NL

Ben Van Berkels PROOF #005 Sit table is a perfect example of how multiple activities are integrated in one furniture piece. I had chance to try out the sit table whilst chatting to Leo (see the picture with Leo and I above) The sit table evolved into a furniture piece suitable for everybody, for many locations and various situations, not defining and dictating its use at first glance, but letting its possibilities be discovered along the way.

To find out more about PROOF click here http://www.prooff.com/ 

More details on MVDW LTD by clicking here http://www.mvdw.info/            More details on ‘Superbrands London by clicking here http://www.superbrandslondon.co.uk/

PROOFF Ben van Berkels 'Sit Table

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  1. Some great designs here love the EarChair.

  2. What did you use to design your blog? It’s really awesome can you send me an email and let me know?

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