Getting Street with ‘Whoner’ the Artist

Whoner pronounced "one-r" an adaption from the number one

Let me introduce you to  Whoner pronounced “one-r” an adaption from the number one, a Lincolnshire based artist who has been described locally as the ‘Humber’s answer to Banksy’.

Whoner Humbers Answer to Banksy - Picture Credit by Mick E

Whoner, works with aerosol paint, acrylic, stencils and digital media on a range of textures and surfaces. Specializing in 3D graphic lettering, photo-realistic portraits and caricatures.

Whoner at his best doing Graffiti art - Picture credit James Ball

Whoner Lincolnshires answer to Banksy

Whoner first became interested in graffiti back in 1985, he started out as a ‘Street Tagger’ writing his name (tag) on walls. In 1990 when only just 14 years old he soon began experimenting with aerosol art and started to paint serious wall murals. Whoner was a main investigator to legalising ‘Ainsley Street’ (local) Graffiti wall, which was designated for street art by the council.

Whoner at Work

A Young Talented 'Whoner' the Street Artist with the police in the 90's

Soon after leaving school with a Grade A in GCSE art, Whoner began traveling all over the UK meeting fellow creative like minded Graffiti artists.

whoner at work

Whoner Tag

Whoners Art

In 2006 Whoner took part in ‘The Sleeping Giants’ this was an event that took place in Brighton. Creating the UK’s largest Graffiti mural, spanning over a mile long with 200 International Street Artists from all over the world. The Event was even features in Graphotism Magazine.

Whoner and Street Artist Friends

Whoner Art

Whoner Letters

Whoner at work

Whoner took part in ‘Graffiti’ Exhibition in 2007 at the Rescue rooms in Nottingham, along with international Graffiti artists.

Whoner - Nottingham

Whoner and Street Artist friends

Whoner exhibited his work ‘Exit Through the Record Shop Exhibition’ again this was in Nottingham, painting on old vinyls.

Whoner on vinyl

Whoner on vinyl


whoner at work

Whoner and Street Artist Friends

whoner at work

Magazine Whoner

In 2009 Whoner’s work was exhibited at  the Grimsby library, the exhibition even received national media coverage. The photographs of Whoner’s murals are  now  part of the North East Lincolnshire local history library collection.

Whoner at work


Whoner wall murals

Whoner took part in 2010 in painting a mural with ‘Oxygen Thieves at the Alchemy Festival.

Whoner Self portrait

Last year Whoner started his Mixed Media Canvas Art Works

Whoner and his art Canvases Picture Credit Grimsby Evening Telegraph

Whoner Canvas

So what does the future hold for the ultra talented urban artist ‘Whoner’ ……. well you will just have to wait and see … keep following DreamwallStyle to find out more on ‘Whoner’ as we visit him in his workshop for a day covering his ‘New’ artistic journey…its exciting stuff…. so watch this space…… more on ‘Whoner’ at his blog by clicking here

When 'Whoner met DreamwallStyle'



3 responses to “Getting Street with ‘Whoner’ the Artist

  1. quality…big respect to dreamwall style and whoner…

  2. Just passing by, love the Notthingham 3d piece, keep up the good work

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