AF Designs: Caught in a fishy affair at ‘Tent London’

Let me introduce you to AF Designs, a London based bespoke furniture company created by Italian designer and maker Andrea Felice. I had the real pleasure of meeting and chatting to Andrea at ‘Tent London’ at this years London Design Festival. It was the 3rd year AF Designs had exhibited at ‘Tent London’ after receiving a fantastic reception from the previous two years.

I’m Grimsby born and breed, and for those who do not know about ‘Grimsby’ then shame on you! 😉 It was once known as the ‘Largest fishing Port in the world!’ I’m very proud of my home town and its fishing heritage! So when Andrea asked me to pop my head into a darkened box on his stand, I was absolutely ‘Caught Light’ at home with the fishy encounter I was greeted too!


AF Designs Caught Light

2011 has seen Andrea experimenting with lighting more, and this chandelier is the fruits of this. ‘Caught Light’ contains approx 10 fish suspended at different levels forming a ‘grape.  The grape like shape that fish can sometimes be seen hanging in, as they are caught.

AF Designs Caught Light

The fish are clear resin castings of a form that was carved by Andrea. The fish have been cast by hand, and have a hand fashioned copper hook embedded inside them, which conceals a high power LED light.

AF Designs Caught Light

The LED highlights the organic and dynamic contours of the fish – representing a glow of life force – making them come alive.

AF Designs Caught Light

The hook is very visible – representing the brutal truth. The fish are each nearly a foot long.

AFdesigns Caught Light Single swim away
AFdesigns Caught Light Single

To find out more about AF Designs please visit here   

To find out more about Tent London please visit here


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