Samuel Heath – ‘Blog Tour 2011’ London

This blog post is one of many to ‘Thank’ Modenus ‘BlogTour 2011 sponsors & partners for making ‘Blog Tour 2011’ possible. First up is blogtour 2011 sponsor ‘Samuel Heath’ for a life less ordinary.

Samuel Heath Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Samuel Heath is a British bathroom manufacturer, established in Birmingham in 1820 and since has become internationally renowned for design, innovation and quality. Samuel Heath is a forward thinking and creative company that combines time-honoured craftsmanship with the latest technology and design to offer a collection of beautifully crafted bathroom fittings and architectural hardware.

Samuel Heath Factory Exterior

By having Samuel Heath on board as one of the sponsors they really made ‘Blog Tour 2011’ possible. It was such a great pleasure with ‘Blog Tour’ to actually get to visit the Samuel Heath showroom at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour which was also open as part of ‘Focus/11’ that ran from September 25th- 27th.

Samuel Heath - Showroom
Visiting Samuel Heath Showroom with 'Blogtour' from L-R Ana, me, Vanessa and Gemma

While visiting the showroom, I got chance to learn more about the interesting history of ‘Samuel Heath’ which started out originally as a traditional brass founder, producing a vast array of products from coffin furniture through to bedsteads before becoming a style icon for luxury bathroom fittings and architectural hardware.

Samuel Heath - CNC machining

As a big fan of channel 4’s Grand Designs  TV program, I was delighted to learn while in the Samuel Heath showroom that Kevin McCloud designed his own bathroom jewellery collection made by Samuel Heath.

Kevin McCloud by Samuel Heath

Vanessa Allan Samuel Heaths Marketing Manager explained that from the outset Kevin McCloud wanted to create a feminine design and wanted the range to feel like jewellery for bathrooms – Kevin designed the pieces to be soft and fluid as though teased into shape. With glamourous details many pieces feature small circles of mother of pearl.

Kevin McCloud - Samuel Heath

It was great to see more of the company’s products while in the showroom including the ‘New Brilliance’ with geometric crystal levers, following the success of its Fairfield ‘Organic’ crystal levers collection Samuel Heath presents a new crystal lever option – the Fairfield ‘Geometric’ crystal levers.

Vanessa Allan explained “Our new Geometric crystal levers have been introduced to offer designers and homeowners more choice and flexibility when choosing fairfield for their bathroom”

Black crystal - Samuel Heath

Whatever scheme you’re going for, be it classic luxury, something more contemporary or even if you’re looking to incorporate more nostalgic themes and colours such as polished nickel or brass

Samuel Heath - Crystal levers

Fairfield crystal levers offer beautiful detail and a finishing touch that is very much at home in the bathroom as a luxury space.

Samuel Heath - Crystal Levers
Samuel Heath
Novis Soap Dish - Samuel Heath
Fairfield Exposed Valve - Samuel Heath

I personally would like to thank all at the ‘Samuel Heath’ showroom for all the fun and laughter we had including the ton of Olives I managed to demolish! It was great visiting and learning more about the stunning brilliance of the ‘Samuel Heath’ products, but most importantly thank you for being part of the sponsors of Blogtour and making ‘Blogtour 2o11’ The world design happen! THANK YOU!

Samuel Heath - Sponsors Blog tour

To find out more about Samuel Heath please click here

To find out more about BLOG TOUR please click here

Blog tour 2011

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