Healing Craft Fair 2011 – Lincolnshire

DreamwallStyle had the great pleasure of visiting ‘Healing Craft Fair’ a local event here in North East Lincolnshire, organised soley by PTA volunteers and supported by the local school staff.  Today’s blog showcases a small selection of the local talent who had their fabulous work and creations on display.

For more pictures from the Healing Craft Fair please go to the ‘Eye of Abyss’ blog here http://beachhutting.wordpress.com/

Jody Illingworth - Vintage at Healing Fair

As a huge fan of Vintage, it was a pleasure to meet local lady Jody Illingworth  I spent time chatting to Jody about her vintage business ‘ i.luv.it.ireallydo.vintage’  of reworked vintage dresses and original vintage clothing.

Jody Illingworth - Healing Craft fair - I Luv it I really do Vintage

This week Jody opens her new stall on the local Grimsby Market, where locals will have the chance to pick up one off vintage items, along with bespoke buntings and gifts. Find out more about Jody’s vintage business by clicking here http://www.facebook.com/pages/IluvitireallydoVintage/113315925401672

Ceinwen Fews of Ultimate artwork busy knitting at Healng Craft Fair

Ceinwen Fews the creative designer of Ultimate artworks had some exciting and unique gifts on display at the Healing Craft fair, from a retro range of handmade christmas cards, 3D festive Frames, reindeer food and much much more.

I love the concept of Ceienwen’s Finger Print family tree to find out more click here http://www.ultimate-artwork.co.uk/default.html

Personalised with family names & printed on handmade paper . trees are mounted and supplied with green ink stamp - for you to create the leaves with families finger prints- from Ultimate Artwork

Jack in the Green had a fabulous collection of Handpainted Green Men on display, The Green Man is believed to symbolise the life, cycle of death and birth.

Jack in Green - Green men hand-painted

Greenman: If you walk within a forest of ancient wood and get a feeling you are not alone, the chances are he is with you. He’s been with mankind from the beginning and is round us more than ever, helping us make contact with our natural environment and stop us destroying our fragile world.

Jack in the Green at Healing fair

It was great to meet Jaydee Crochet – The Home of the Flug – a new accessory. So what is a Flug? Is it a Scarf? NO – Is it a Shawl? NO – Is it a Wrap? sort of…imagine the softness of a fluffy teddy, the lightness of feathers the warmth of a hug… well that is a FLUG! Jaydee Crochet had a vast collection on display including Irish Lacework and pretty crochet accessories.

Jaydee Crochet - unique Designs

Diane Brookes a local professional artist had a variety of her portfolio on display. Diane works in various styles and mediums, water colours, soft pastels, oils, pencil and acrylics.

Diane Brookes - Artist Healing Craft Fair
Diane Brookes - Professional Artist at Healing Craft Fair

Healing Craft fair was certainly worth the visit, and I cant wait for next years fair! Its always a treat to support local events. I found lots of beautifully handmade items that I purchased, they are now with santa! Obviously I haven’t shared these special finds as you never know who may be reading the blog! 😉 Maybe after christmas I will share! The atmosphere at the fair was relaxed and very festive and I highly recommend to all to go and visit next year!

The Sweet Table at Healing Craft Fair

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