1st December 4-8pm: Cut out the Light. Talks and drinks featuring Noma Bar and Jake Dyson.

There is only one useful thing that winter brings to the design world and that is the opportunity to explore the dark.

Darkness allows us to look at the possibilities within the world of artificial light. Light is the cover we add to space but what about the power of containing light. What happens when we purposely set out to ban light or seek to contain and control light?


The SCIN Gallery, the new Clerkenwell based Materials and Architecture Sourcing Gallery and Library, explores the notion of light control through its new event, Cut Out The Light.

The event looks at both the artistic and engineered opportunities to interfere with light in collaboration with award-winning graphic artist Noma Bar

Noma Bar Award winning Graphic artist

and renowned product designer and lighting engineer Jake Dyson.

Product designer & lighting Engineer Jake Dyson

Noma Bar will be exploring a range of materials offered by The SCIN Gallery that work by either pulling in light to interact with them or forcing light to remain within the material. This, together with his brilliant cut out images, will be visually explosive as light takes the form of the positive diecut.

Jake Dyson will install his new DMX Light system that he is currently developing with the purpose of being able to control light quality and direction wirelessly. He will also showcase his new LED Light that will last for 37 years and is a breathtaking feat of light engineering.

These two influential designers are accompanied by some additional investigations into photo-luminescence and a talk about Jake’s exploration into his new lighting technologies.

The SCIN Gallery
27 Old Street

Visit the website http://www.scin.co.uk/

Direction to SCIN GALLERY

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