Meeting Louisa Blackmore of West Egg Interiors

West Egg Interiors
West Egg Interiors

West Egg Interiors is an online boutique store, with inspiring collections of antique, vintage furniture and decorative home accessories. Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is an interview with  Louisa Blackmore the brain child behind West Egg Interiors so lets find out more…..

Louisa Blackmore Founder of West Egg Interiors

 What inspired you to start up west egg? 

I had an idea in about 2008, to create a company selling restored antique & vintage furniture. My parents had always collected and restored antiques and it was something I was probably unconsciously drawn to. I think people naturally take such a pride in their homes and in recent years there was a sort of “under the radar” backlash against the mass-production of furniture. We seemed to be the Ikea generation, limited funds lead to flat pack homes. You walk into your friends’ house and have the same bookcase / coffee table. It was like sim city or something. I felt there was an answer and that it was West Egg.

West Egg Interiors

Where did you get the name West Egg?

I got the name from my favourite film the Great Gatsby. If you know the book you’ll know Nick lives in a modest cottage next to Gatsby’s mansion. The cottage is small and the interior is styled simply, with lots of mis-matching wooden furniture and muted colours. For me, it is the perfect blend of comfort, charm and simplicity and sums up the style of furniture and accessories I love to find, restore and pass on.

West Egg Interiors

How long has West Egg been trading? 

West Egg has been trading for 8 months now and is going really well, the response has been amazing. An almost unbelievable dream to come true. It is sometimes difficult to get my head around how much my life has changed and how much happier I am than just this time last year. West Egg is my full time obsession these days!

West Egg Interiors

What is the future for West Egg?

Well the plan for 2012 is to continue slowly and organically growing the business and build up a much bigger selection of stock on the website. We recently did a quick 10 question survey and the main change people want to see on the website is more stock – we’re working on it! I’m also working on doing more workshops on furniture painting and restoration which have been really popular. I really believe in sharing information and love to show people how to transform pieces themselves, it’s a great skill and something that is fun and rewarding to do. I’ve also recently starting doing home visits (half and full day) where clients might have 4-5 pieces of furniture that need updating or some TLC, we put together a plan of action for each piece and they can then follow up with me by email and phone as they go.
West Egg Interiors

One thing to clarify on the Ikea thing – Louisa loves modern furniture for her functionality especially in the kitchen, and antique office chairs are a big no-no for her  – mixing it up is Louisa’s ultimate interior style. Here is a blog piece on this:

West Egg Interiors

To find out more about Louisa’s West Egg Interiors then please click here

West Egg Interiors

DreamwallStyle would like to thank Louisa for taking the time out to talk to us about ‘West Egg’, we wish you all the best and may 2012 continue to be successfull.

West Egg Interiors

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