Andy Murray gets witty with the Walls!

Andy Murray Design
Andy Murray picture by Mike Byrne

Dreamwallstyle had the great pleasure meeting Scottish award winning product and furniture designer at this years ‘Tent’ part of the London Design Festival. With his down to earth personality and oozing with design talent it was only natural that Andy Murray wanted to get witty with the walls! ……

Andy Murray being witty with the walls AKA Dreamwallstyle

What inspired you to become a designer? 

I’ve always been interested in designing, drawing, painting and making things. My parents always remind me of a story when I was 3 and at nursery school, the teacher took them aside to ask if they knew what I wanted for my christmas. Turns out I wanted sellotape and cardboard boxes. I got 27 roles of tape…to this day Im not sure what I did with them. I actually wanted to be an artist, but I never got into any art courses, so applied for a Product Design course as I was blown away by what you could do on CAD.

Andy Murray Designs at this years TENT london

What sort of background training did you do?

I have a masters in Inter-disciplinary Design and an undergraduate degree in Consumer Product Design, both from Edinburgh Napier University.

Andy Murray Designs - Flat shape book end

What was the first product you designed? 

My first product probably goes back to when I was in school. We had a great art and design department, and I spent my final year living in there. The first product was probably a wooden time captule, that I hand made, but the most memorable product was a wooden and metal table lamp that I carved, welded and handmade a paper shade for – I successfully fused and blew up all the power sockets in the department because of my dodgy wiring, thankfully I now know how to do it correctly and get it checked by a professional.

Andy Murray Designs - Sea Defence Light

How long have you been professionally working in product design? 

Professionally been running Andy Murray Design for just over a year. I launched my first collection at London Design Festival 2010, a year after finishing university.

Andy Murray Designs Stool Table

What makes your products special do you have a unique signature? 

I wouldn’t say I have a unique signature. I like to push the boundaries of modern and traditional manufacturing methods and materials. I try to create something that makes you think or even question how its made or what its made from. I like to make things that are visually pleasing, almost like a sculpture or a painting.

Andy Murray Designs Blue Shelves

Where do you take daily inspiration from? 

Everything thats around us. Design is not a job, its a lifestyle. I sleep, eat and live it. I am constantly looking at how things are made, what they are made from and even thinking how could I make this better.

Andy Murray Designs Red Chair

Tell us more about your award achievements?

In 2008 I was awarded a D & AD In a Book award for a conceptual deodorant can for Rexona, then the following year I won 1st prize in the D & AD student awards for Product Design & Furniture Design. It was to design a piece of furniture to join Matthew Hilton’s collection of furniture. I submitted my Sea defence coffee table and shelves, out of 26000 entries from around the world across the 22 categories I was the only Scottish person to be nominated. The comments from the Judges which included Matthew Hilton, Dave Britton, Sebastian Conran, Sebastian Bergne and Kenya Hara were that it was ‘iconic, sculptural and elegant’, that was a huge honour to have them judge my work. In March 2011 I was honoured with the John Logie Baird Young Innovator of the Year Award for the work I had done desiging cutlery that can be used as household tools, bending wood using a simple vacuum press to manufacture my furniture and my self published book on how to make bags, belts, wallets and more from a humble tea towel.

Andy Murray Designs - Sea Defence collection 2010
Andy Murray Designs - Cutlery

What are your visions for the future? 

To keep creating great products that people can buy for their homes and offices. To explore and develop new materials and manufacturing processes, and try showcase great products that are made in Britain.

Andy Murray Designs - Flat Egg Cups
Andy Murray Designs - Light
Andy Murray Designs Book 'Made By'

Dreamwallstyle would like to thank  Andy Murray for taking the time to talk to us, we absolutely love our purchase the ‘Witty Walls’ poster, this  is now proudly on display in the ‘Dreamwallstyle’ office.

To find out more about Andy Murray Designs please click here

Witty with the walls is now on the Dreamwallstyle office wall - by Andy Murray Designs

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  1. Good design and nice concept!

  2. Nikhil says:

    awesome design and execution of products…… loved them

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