Lincolnshire: Silver Lincs Jewellery Designer ‘Nikki Rooney’

Silver Lincs
Silver Lincs Jewellery Designer - Nikki Rooney - Picture thank you to Mick E

Today’s DreamwallStyle blog is an exclusive interview with up and coming Lincolnshire Jewellery Designer ‘Nikki Rooney’ AKA Silver Lincs – Handmade Sterling silver Jewellery

Silver Lincs - Sterling silver handmade jewellery by Nikki Rooney
Silver Lincs Jewellery

Q1.  Please tell Dreamwallstyle readers more about your handmade Jewellery? 

A1. I make different styles of jewellery created from sterling silver, swarovski crystal and semi precious stones sourced from around the world.  I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are unique designs and a range of styles to suit everyone’s taste. I also love making chainmaille jewellery, these pieces take a long time to make but it is definitely worth it when you finish a piece!

Hand made silver lincs Jewellery by Nikki Rooney

Q2. Did you go to college to study or are you self taught? 

A2. I studied Jewellery & Art Metalwork at East Coast School of Art & Design from approx 2000-2006, so have been making jewellery for about 11 years now.  I completed an NCFE qualification in the first year of studying, and then continued onto a non accredited course.

Nikki rooney Jewellery - Silver Lincs
 Q 3. Was this something you always wanted to do? 

A3. I have always loved jewellery, and I saw that there was a course available at the college, so thought I’d give it a go and I really enjoyed it.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

 Q 4. How do you source the material to make the jewellery?

A4. As silver prices have recently shot up, I try to source certain bits from abroad to keep the costs down.  I can also get some unusual findings that are not available in the UK.

Silver Lincs Jewellery - Nikki Rooney

 Q5. What sort of people wear your jewellery? – ie is it aimed at a certain age – or is it for all – or its not aimed at any market?

 A5. My jewellery is not aimed at any particular market or age range, as there is a variety of styles to suit everyone’s taste.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

 Q6. What makes your jewellery special? ie is there anything unique that stands your jewellery out from the crowd

 A6. I am looking at designing a logo, and am hoping to make some tiny little tags to add on to every piece of jewellery I make, so it is recognizable to Silverlincs.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

 Q7. Where do you get your design inspiration from? 

A7. A lot of the time I just play around with different things and come up with ideas as I go. I also have a lot of jewellery books, and I sometimes get ideas from them.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

Q8. Do you take commissions?

 A8. I do not take commissions as such, I can adjust my designs slightly with different colours etc to suit the person it is been made for. I do sometimes do repairs or alterations on people’s jewellery, depending what it is.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

 Q9. What plans do you have for 2012?

A9. I would like to concentrate on displaying and selling my work in some more shops/galleries locally, and I would also like to get a website set up, so people can buy online.

Silver Lincs Jewellery

 Q10. Where can we purchase your jewellery? 

 A10. At the moment I have a display of my work in Abbey Walk Gallery in Grimsby Lincolnshire, which can be purchased direct from them.

Silver Lincs Jewellery - Abbey Walk Gallery Grimsby

People can also contact me via email from my blog: with any enquiries or orders.

Silver Lincs Jewellery
Silver Lincs Jewellery
Silver Lincs Jewellery

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