Carl Hansen & Son Wegner Chair: Epitome of high quality and Timeless design.

Carl Hansen & Son Passionate Craftsmanship

Carl Hansen & Son are recreating the 55-year-old Hans J. Wegner wooden chair with organic contours. Known as “CH33”, the chair pays tribute to honest design and the use of natural materials in a contemporary take on the original. CH33 is the epitome of high quality and timeless design.

Hans J. Wegner designed the 55-year-old CH33 chair manufactured by Carl Hansen & Son.

This organic chair with its curved back and seat boasts inviting contours and harmonious lines for the ultimate in seating comfort – one of the Wegner hallmarks. With more than 400 chair designs to his name, he is justifiably known as the “master of the chair”.

Carl Hansen 'CH33'

Carl Hansen & Son is one of Denmark’s oldest manufacturers of high-end furniture and the world’s largest producer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner.  With solid roots in Danish cabinetmaking traditions and an understanding of the latest in production technology, Carl Hansen & Son creates furniture that lasts for generations.  

Designer furniture from Carl Hansen & Son is sold all over the world.

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