Let them eat Art – The Edible Chocolate Couch!

Today’s ‘DreamwallStyle’ post is a tasty treat for all you January dieters!

My good friend Nina Stobart (Yes think Stobart Lorries)  bought to my attention something rather incredible….. A chocolate Couch!

Back in 2009 an Argentinian artist named ‘Leandro Erlich’ created this edible chocolate couch, a replica of the iconic Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona couch.

You cant have your cake and eat it too - Picture credit oddity central/mocoloco

It was entitled ‘You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too’ The Chocolate couch was created for an art exhibition named ‘Let Them Eat Art’

The chocolate Couch - Picture credit Oddity Central/Mocoloco

How incredibly clever is this ‘Chocolate Couch’ made with an edible cake as the filling, then completely smothered in a thick layer of edible delicious chocolate. Even down to all the fine detailing on the buttons and stitching is completely made of chocolate.

Chocolate couch - Picture Credit Oddity Central/Mocoloco
The original Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona couch Picture credit: KnollStudio
Leandro Erlich and his chocolate Couch: Picture credit R-Atencio Blogspot
The chocolate Couch - Picture credit to Oddity Central/Mocoloco

My perfect kind of furniture, a chocolate filled three piece sweet!

I wonder if it melted under the lights at the exhibition? or even someone tried to sit on it? ‘Let them Eat Art’ or ‘Seat it’ indeed!

Again thank you to Nina for bringing this chocolate delight to my attention.

All picture credits go to Oddity Central, Mocoloco, KnollStudio, and R-Atencio Blogspot – Thank you


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cherszy says:

    How come I did not receive my invitation for this art exhibit? Gah! Drooling with jealousy over these photos of this delectable-looking chocolate couch.

  2. Save a piece for me! I love how realistic it looks – right down to the stitching!


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