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Inspiration: Mosaic of salvaged wood pieces and Aluminum.

Taking Inspiration from ‘BlogTourNYC sponsor Rotsen Furniture.

Create your very own Dreamwall with these ‘Wall Sculptures’ Mosaic of salvaged wood pieces and Aluminum.

Rotsen Furniture: Ferpas Wall Sculpture - Square with Aluminum Details

Rosten Furniture: Ferpas Wall Sculpture - Round with Aluminum Details

Ferpas Wall Sculpture - Rectangle with Aluminum Details


BlogTour NYC Sponsor: Rotsen Furniture one of a kind!

Tick tock times ticking on the clock less than three weeks until ‘Blog Tour NYC’ it really is exciting times….

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is one-of-a-kind, this week it was announced that ‘Blog Tour’ have a new major sponsor on board the consciously creative ‘Rotsen Furniture’ so lets find out some more….

Rotsen Furniture since 2005 have dedicated to making the world more beautiful and comfortable.

Based in the USA Rotsen Furniture designs pieces integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist aesthetic.

The starting point and inspiration for each piece comes from the wood itself.

Rotsen Furniture portfolio offer inventor pieces ready – t0 – ship, to the innovative custom pieces based on Rosten’s original designs, your designs, or combining elements from multiple designs.

Each piece will be built to your Specification, and you’ll even be able to select the slabs of reclaimed wood and other eco friendly material that Rotsen use.

Coffee Tables

Dining Tables 




Stools & Ottomans

Side Tables 

Planters & Scultures

Wall Sculptures 

Rotsen Furniture is individually and meticulously hand-crafted, influenced by the earth’s natural materials. Each piece is uniquely yours. Reach out, feel and create your own connection with nature…

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MARK Joins forces with Kvadrat at Coexistence

Coexistence are hosting an exhibition by the British furniture brand MARK. Titled INPUT, it is a collaboration with the Danish textiles company Kvadrat and will show what goes into a piece of high quality contract furniture in four areas: Design, Skills, Materials and Teamwork.

Verso Chairs design by Tomoko Azumi/MARK Product

The event will also see the launch of a new design for MARK by Tomoko Azumi, The Verso chair. Work by Dylan FreethSam Johnson and Gala Wright will also feature in a range of exhibits using Kvadrat fabrics.

Verso Chairs desiged by Tomoko Azumi/MARK Product

In planning the event, the team wanted to make sure the show was content-rich and not just a display of furniture components. ‘We are increasingly aware of there being an interest in the whole story – how the design comes about, what materials are used and where they are sourced and processed, how things are made and who is involved” explains Coexistence’s Daniel Gay. “Both MARK and Kvadrat are very open to this. The event will be a fascinating and revealing glimpse behind the scenes.”

Bosco Sofa design by Gala Wright/ MARK Product

MARK is well known as a torch-bearer for UK manufacturing and sustainable production, and Kvadrat produce 85% of their woollen textiles in mills in Britain. The show will include footage of production processes, examples of tooling and details of the collaboration that goes in to bringing a design to the market.

Iso table design by Dylan Freeth/MARK Product

Quote from MARK’s John Miller regarding the exhibition content.
“The show will be a fascinating insight into how a new piece of furniture is designed and made, through four exhibitions based on MARK’s products.  Tomoko Azumi’s new Verso chair is shown through every step of the design process from the original briefing of the designer, through sketches and tiny scale models to the first production models, showing all the thinking that goes into every detail.  Gala Wright’s Arris and Bosco ranges are used to demonstrate through films and photographs the skills of the makers that make fine wooden furniture.  There will also be a tower of materials, showing the many natural and man-made materials that go into a modern sofa, where these come from, how they are processed, and how sustainable they are.  Finally, Dylan Freeth’s Iso table shows us the collaborative nature of design – the web of conversations and connections that is woven through the development of each new product.”
The Show will be open Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm until 23rd March, with private viewing appointments available until 3rd April.
There will be a full talks programme running for the first week. Guest speakers include Max Fraser (London Design Guide), William Knight (100% Design), Tomoko Azumi and John Miller and Anna Hart from MARK.
Check the website for details of special events and designers talks throughout the week:
MARK Joins forces with Kvadrat at Coexistence

288 Upper Street, Islington, N1 2TF
16 March to 3 April 2012

BlogTour NYC Sponsor: Miele Forever Better

Let the count down begin… with only three weeks to go until ‘BlogTour’ lets make some noise for the  ‘BlogtourNYC’ sponsors in a series of spotlight blogs….

Today’s Blog is all about Event Sponsor Miele available on five continents, Miele is a truly global premium brand, so lets find out more about Miele, and what’s in store for the Blog Tour participants its exciting times ahead…..Forever Better!

Quality German Appliances: Since 1899.

Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines for commercial applications.

Miele & Cie. was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Since then it has always been a family-owned, family-run company now in its fourth generation.

Miele aims to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world and to be seen by markets worldwide as providing an absolutely top-class household product.Since the founding days, Miele’s been guided by a mantra, a vision, to be “Immer Besser” Translated from German, these words mean “Always Better” or “Forever Better”.

Miele: Multi Product Steam Speed Coffee

Miele Table Artist Program

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show will serve as the kick-off event for the Miele Table Artist experience, a nationwide campaign focused on sustainable, regional cuisine and Miele’s ‘Better Living’ philosophy.

Architectural Digest Home Show

Miele Table Artist Program

The BlogTour NYC  team will be the first members of the media to be introduced to Miele’s Manhattan Table Artist before the formal launch at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.

”The Miele Table Artist experience embodies everything that is good in the culinary world today,” explained Nick Ord, President of Miele, “We are proud to highlight regional chefs that share our ‘Forever Better’ philosophy using sustainable, seasonal ingredients to create delicious menus with Miele appliances. Our goal is to empower even the most novice cooks to achieve their culinary best and open their eyes and taste buds to a wonderful world of possibilities utilizing Miele appliances.”

Featured Products

Miele Steam Cooker

Miele Steam Cooker

The steam oven works by allowing steam to surround the food from all sides creating an immediate and intense exchange of heat ensuring food is heated rapidly and is sealed instantly to retain all the vitamins, color and flavor. In addition, cooking times are also reduced so you and your family can eat faster and energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.

Miele Built-In Coffee Systems

Miele Built-In Coffee Systems

Activate your inner barista and create coffeehouse-style beverages like lattes, cappuccinos and espresso shots right in your own kitchen using the Miele Built- In Coffee Systems. Intuitive and easy to use, the Built-In Coffee Systems include a variety of features like a dual dispensing spout and integrated milk tank.

Miele CM5 Countertop Espresso Machine

Miele CM5 Countertop Espresso Machine

The Miele CM5 Countertop Espresso Machine features a petite design – perfect for consumers living in space challenged or post remodeled kitchens. The top-of-the-line CM5100 model is complete with a heated chrome-plated cup warmer on the top for added convenience when enjoying your favorite beverage. The CM5 is sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

Miele MasterChef® Technology

Miele MasterChef® Technology

Even cooking novices can prepare meals like a chef using Miele’s MasterChef technology, which allows users to select the type of food, weight and desired result. Then, Miele’s intuitive technology transforms the ingredients into a delicious meal. Available on all Miele ovens, MasterChef® is like having the combined knowledge of all great chefs of the world into one easy-to- use reference tool.

Miele Under Counter Wine Storage System

Miele Under Counter Wine Storage System

The new Miele Under Counter Wine Storage System features extendable shelves that hold up to 38 bottles. Two unique cooling zones with independent controls ensure that the system’s contents are optimally stored, while an LED display lighting system tastefully displays a treasured wine collection.

Miele Steam Oven

One57 Tour


The BlogTour while in New York, will be with Miele to experience a rare opportunity to explore One57 – the luxurious billion dollar skyscraper that insiders are calling, “New York’s next great landmark.” Designed by Pritzker-Prize winning architect, Christian de Porzamparc, the 90-story glass tour is slated to be the largest residential tower in the city and houses the most expensive condominium ever listed in New York City. Completion date: Spring 2013.

Miele CM5 Espresso Machine

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Raising the very special ‘Chocolate Bar’

Mott Green, one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world, started the co-operative Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999, which to this day makes some of the finest chocolate in the world in ever larger quantities. The extraordinary exertions behind this enterprise reflect Mott’s commitment to ethical and ecological values…. He fell in love with Grenada first, and then chocolate, and considered it iniquitous that the islanders who grew and harvested some of the best cocoa in the world were deprived either of enjoying it fully processed, or sharing the financial and social benefits accruing to the producers.

 Take the Mott Green and his Grenada Chocolate Company’s micro factory, one small organic cocoa farm, Rococo Chocolates’ pioneering founder Chantal Coady, and a wind-powered cargo ship and what do you get? – The most eco-friendly real chocolate bar ever produced, called Gru Grococo.

This is what is happening with one harvest of a small batch of beans from the “Grococo” Farm, where the team of local specialist cocoa farmers are being rewarded with a decent wage for their hard work. The team in Hermitage, Grenada have fermented the beans for 6 days, dried them in a specially constructed solar drier and hand sorted them prior to roasting. This “cru” of 66% pure Trinitario chocolate will then be stone ground in an antique granite melangeur, expertly conched, tempered and made into bars with no added vanilla.

This tiny batch, along with 11 tons of regular Grenada Chocolate bars, will then be loaded onto the unique, Fair Transport,  sail-only cargo brigantine the Tres Hombres, leaving Grenada in March for the journey to Portsmouth via New York. It will be crewed by Mott Green and Charlie Boxer among other trainee sailors. (Charlie is owner of Italo Deli in London, and stockist of Grenada and Rococo chocolate bars). Due to arrive in Portsmouth around May 18th.

 The bar itself will be priced like a single estate cru wine so that the money can be re-invested in the local organic cocoa farms and infrastructure. The bar in its one-off wrapper by Mr. Smith Letterpress will retail at £11.95 a bar or £10.95 if bought “en primeur” i.e. in advance of the chocolate’s arrival. 

‘NEW’ From the Lollipop Shoppe: The Songbird by Kay Bojesen

In Spring 2012, a new creation from Kay Bojesen Denmark takes flight to the delight of fans of all ages: The Songbird. It is a hitherto unknown design created by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, but never put into production, until now. The Lollipop Shoppe bid Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine a warm welcome to Bojesen’s wonderful animal family and predict that the six colourful personalities will quickly find friends among design lovers the world over.

Since Kay Bojesen Denmark relaunched The Dog, The Rabbit and The Hippo last year, interest in Kay Bojesen’s classic wooden designs has been tremendous. The Monkey and all his friends have gone from cool to cult, not least riding the wave of the nature trend as a strong element on the Scandinavian design scene.

However, Kay Bojesen was just as colourful in his work as in his personality! The Lollipop Shoppe came to realise this when the Bojesen Family gave them permission to flip through an old photo album and they found photos of a hitherto undiscovered feathered treasure: The Songbird. Chirpingly charming, and never put into production, until now. On closer investigation they found that only five birds were originally produced. However, based on the design of the originals and a small flock of birds glued to a branch, Kay Bojesen Denmark now introduces six different songbirds, named after the designer and his family.

Birds from the patio of the family home
The Bojesen’s patio at the family home Bella Vista near Bellevue, north of Copenhagen, was full of flowers, wicker furniture – and birds. There can be no doubt that this is the source of Kay Bojesen’s inspiration for the carefree songbird that he designed in the 1950s and hand-painted in cheerful colours. Even with the naked eye, it is clear that Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine belong to the Bojesen animal family. All six birds have a clean, modern expression, stripped of superfluous details. And though clearly not an attempt to imitate nature, the birds are still so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out in song as the sun rises over the Sound.

Peepingly pleasant personalities
Naturally, any family with respect for itself has a family tree! And the Songbird Family is no exception, with six branches that encompass several generations of Bojesens, from grandfather to grandchild. Please say hi to…
Otto: Kay and Erna Bojesen had only one child, but what a kid! Otto is the namesake of the noble songbird with the distinguished plumage who courts the love of his life, the songbird Ruth. What a handsome suitor in his grey tailcoat!
Ruth: Full of life and with a jovial charm, Kay Bojesen’s Swedish daughter-in-law generously shared anecdotes from her life in the Bojesen family. Feminine and pink to the very tips of her feathers!
Sunshine: Represents one of the five original colour combinations created by Bojesen. Can you imagine a better start to the day than being showered in birdsong from a flock of colourful Sunshines? Green like the hope of spring!
Kay: Named after the master himself and a huge fan of the colour blue. Kay Bojesen was always impeccably dressed in either a blue suit, shirt and tie or his white smock. A gentleman with a sense for underplayed, discreet elegance!
Peter: This songbird, dressed all in black, is named after Kay Bojesen’s eldest grandchild out of a flock of four. An elegant, modern gentleman!
Pop: A sparkling name inspired by Kay Bojesen’s love of soda pop. It was actually the only thing he would drink, and with her orange colour, this songbird sends a fond thought to the soda pop of our childhood sipped through a striped straw. A delightful acquaintance!
All six songbirds are made from solid beech wood and, of course, carefully hand-painted according to tradition.
For more details visit ‘The Lollipop shoppe’ Website:

A blog in pictures “My adventures at Spurn Point Heritage Coast”

I am very lucky to live so close to ‘Spurn point that has been described as one of the most striking features of Britain’s coastline, stretching for three and a half miles across the Humber Estuary.

This curving spit is only 50 metres wide in places, making it look like an elongated tongue. Spurn is a relatively small place but it’s got lots of variety, and, if you know where to look, there’s some great plants and animals. It’s one of the most fragile and unique environments in the whole of the UK.

Today’s blog post is my adventures at ‘Spurn Point’ a blog in pictures enjoy…..