Introducing Blog Tour: The City Of Dreams ‘New York’

Blog Tour, The World Designed, New York City Presented by Modenus

The ‘Big’ Question that keeps on getting asked is ‘What is a Blog Tour’?

Blog Tour is organised by  the leading online resource and project management platform for designers and design lovers. The concept involves bringing selective groups of interior design and lifestyle bloggers to international trade shows and design events so that they can report back on all things design to their readers and social media followers.

So Why a ‘Blog Tour’?

Blog Tours mission is to further the understanding of design and trends in design, across various cultures, countries and even continents. In doing that, BlogTour promises to provide added exposure for designers, artisans and ‘BlogTour’ Sponsors as well as connections between bloggers in the various locales.


The first ‘Blog Tour’ took place over the London Design Festival in September last year it was a huge success for the 18 American/Canadian bloggers who came over to London and a huge success for the ‘Blog Tour’ sponsors. Further ‘Blog Tours’ are planned for 2012, including Milan, Paris, and London again…..

So this brings us to the exciting second ‘Modenus’ ‘BlogTour’ – Blog Tour NYC!

New York: City of Dreams Picture Credit: My Site Seeing New York
Blog Tour NYC - AD Home Show

‘Blog Tour NYC’ A world of Design inspiration awaits at the 11th Annual Architectural Digest ‘Home Design Show’ March 22-25 2012. ‘Blog Tour’ bloggers will get chance to explore nearly 35o premium brands exhibiting, attend design seminars, presentations, cooking demonstrations, show tours and lots more events put together by the ‘Blog Tour’ sponsors its going to be blog-tastic!

The Blogs Blog - Vote on Modenus

So How did ‘Dreamwallstyle’ actually get onto Blog tour NYC

Good Question, How did ‘Dreamwallstyle’ get on to ‘BlogtourNYC’? Well it actually goes back to last summer, which seems a world away now… Modenus had a poll called the ‘Blogs blog vote for your top three faves!’ ‘Dreamwallstyle’ blog was voted into the top 3 making it one of the only two UK blogs in the poll, including the most talented design writer   ‘Stacey Sheppard’  Stacey and I were absolutely thrilled to be given such great recognition. But even more good news was soon to come….. shortly after ‘Blog Tour 2011’ was announced, Modenus dropped the bomb that Stacey and I had secured our places onto ‘Blog Tour NYC’.

Shortly after Decorex held a competition and the winner Andrew Dunning not only became the official blogger for ‘Decorex’ but he also secured his place onto ‘BlogTour NYC’.

Modenus then put together at the end of 2011 a ‘lets brag it’ blog nomination page. Design bloggers had a chance to submit their blogs for a chance to attend ‘Blogtour’ with over 200 entries too choose from only 12 lucky bloggers were selected….

So who are the final 15 bloggers going on ‘Blog Tour NYC? 

Well what a lovely bunch we are 😉

1. Stacey sheppard

2. This is of course ‘DreamwallStyle’

3. Arianna Trapani 

4. Cecy Brooks 

5. Will Taylor

6. David John

7. Emily Peck

8. Kelly Morisseau

9. Marilyn Russell-Grant

10. Andrew Dunning

11. Katie Treggiden

12. Kate Baxter

13. Pippa Jameson 

14. Carole King

15. Toma Clark Haines

Its not only Modenus who organises ‘Blog Tour’ and trust me they work very hard to ensure all runs to plan  (I’ve seen this first hand from ‘Blog Tour 2o11 London) but ‘Blog Tour’ would not be possible without all the generous support from the sponsors.

So who are the ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Sponsors? 

1. Miele USA

2. Blanco America 

3. Poggenpohl US

4. Modern-Aire 

5. Scholtes 

6. Duverre Hardware

7. Spirit of Sports 

8. Big Ass Fans 

9. Samuel Heath 

10. Victoria and Albert Baths 

I still keep on having to pinch myself, that I’m actually one of lucky 15 bloggers who will be attending ‘Blog Tour NYC’ in March presented by Modenus…..For all the latest updates on ‘Blog Tour’ please subscribe to the  ‘Dreamwallstyle’ blog…. let the count down to the ‘City of Dreams’ begin.

I personally would like to thank Veronika Miller from Modenus, for giving me this ‘Dream come true’ chance to be part of ‘Blog Tour NYC’  you really are a maker of Dreams… I will do you proud, trust me my ‘Blog Head’ is switched on… so lets bring it on….. 😉

Big Thank you for Carole King for the Picture montages greatly appreciated 😉


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie McCrary says:

    Hi Hannah — Welcome Aboard! Can’t wait to welcome you across the pond with our friends from Miele. We’re excited to be working with you. Veronika has pulled together an amazing group. See you in March!

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Thank you Julie, so excited to be attending blogtour and getting to know you all – its going to be amazing – thank you

  2. So honored to be part of the group coming to NYC!! Can’t wait to get blogging about all these great sponsors!

  3. tkpleslie says:

    What a great post explaining Modenus’ Blog Tour, Hannah!

    I can’t wait to see you in NYC next month and I’m so happy my client, is sponsoring this for the second time. You guys are already doing them proud through your support!

    When they’re featured in a 20 minute segment on the Nate Berkus Show this morning here in the USA, it’s going to be a great thing as it will tie in beautifully to all you coming to NYC next month.

    I hope everyone coming to NY has LIKED their FB Page at

    Also, can you help everyone know to please vote for their favorite entry in Spirit of Sports’ 3D *ManCave* contest over on The contest there is over on Wednesday, Hannah, and Andie Day ( a Blog Tour 2011 goer) and Marilyn Russell ( a Blog Tour NYC goer! ) are judging the winners!

    Thank you, Hannah, and I wish you and all coming to the AD Home Show a wonderful Monday!

    @tkpleslie / Leslie Carothers

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      I cant wait to see you again Leslie, I cant wait to write my blog piece on spirit of sports.
      NY is going to be amazing lots of BUZZ!
      How exciting re spirit of sports on the Nate Berkus show this morning – lots going on for them its fantastic stuff!
      Ive certainly liked the FB page – Absolutely YES re the Oliboard – Brilliant

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