Driftwood ‘War’ Horse

Drift Wood Horse by Kevin Connaire

Kevin Connaire is a talented artist who makes beautiful handmade ‘Driftwood Horses’.  Kevins work recently caught my eye, as I’m huge fan of the children’s novel ‘War Horse’ written by author Michael Morpurgo. War Horse has also been made into a successful west end play and recently Steven Spielburg made ‘War Horse’ into a block buster movie.

Kevin Connaire - Driftwood Horse

Kevins ‘Driftwood Horses’ are hand made using hard wood (teak). Every handmade horse that Kevin makes looks every inch the throughbred he is. The horses are indeed magestic in stance and are a true piece of art.

Kevin Connaire - Driftwood Horse

Each horse made has a small but strong steel brace holding it together, this also helps with stability once sited into position with steel pegs. Each horse has metal hoofs to give the horse that extra quality touch.

kevin Connaire - Drift wood Horse

Kevin Connaire works mainly with reclaimed teak & driftwood amongst other types of wood even though Kevin is renowned for his ‘Driftwood Horse’ he is certainly not a ‘one trick pony’, he also creates bespoke works of art from other sustainable materials.

Kevin Connaire - Driftwood Horse insitu at a clients home

Each and every item is unique, Kevin undertakes commissions depending on his work load, and will strive to create the highest quality life like animals. All Kevin’s work comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Kevin Connanire.

For more details about Kevins ‘Driftwood’ please visit his website here: Kevin Connaire


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  1. I found also an artist who makes horses from driftwood: Heather Jansche:

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Wow thank you for sharing – amazing 😉

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