Key Trends from Surface Design: 3D Approach, tactile, liner, asymmetrical combination of textures.

The ‘Surface Design Show‘ is one of DreamwallStyle’s must attend exhibitions of the year!  Having visited for the past 3 years, we even exhibited our own Dreamwall products in 2011 successfully at the show too.

The event is a must for Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers looking for innovative surface solutions for the build environment. The three day exhibition provides visitors with a unique opportunity to touch, feel and test the products whilst discovering the latest innovations in the industry and network in an exclusive environment.

Surface Design Show 2012

Find below Dreamwallstyle’s key trends in pictures from The Surface Design Show: From the 3D Approach to surfaces, tactile, liner, asymmetrical combination of textures. More pictures from ‘The Surface Design Show’ can be found on our Pinterest

Getting Tactile at Surface Design show Anne Kyyro Quinn stand - a massive trend of 3D tactile surfaces
3D Tactile wall coverings big trend at Surface design show - Anne Kyyro Quinn
3D wall panels Anne Kyyro Quinn big trend at surface design for tactile 3D walls
More 3D tactile surfaces from surface Design show Anne Kyyro Quinn - Acoustic walls
more 3D love with the trends at Surface Design by Interlam 3D and tactile modern
3D tactile trends at this years surface design show London more from Interlam
3D tactile trends at this years surface design show London more from Interlam
Lots of liner trends and wood all 3D and tactile huge surface trends at surface design show this is Interlam
3D approach tactile from surface design show London more from Interlam
The Strata range combines contrasting materials - by Denise Clarke Somerset college
modern approach to use 3D - Tactile from surface student Denise Clarke using contrasts of materials from Surface Design show part of Somerset college
3D approach and colours at somerset college surface design show London by designer Hilary O’Dwyer
3D trends shown by John E Goadby fine ART - Surface Design show London
3D approach innovative materials used by John E Goadby Fine ART - Surface design show
beautiful butterflys a key trend and using the 3D approach by Kristel Erga Erga designs Surface design show
Key trends from Erga Designs 3D approach to surfaces at surface Design Show London
love this by Lite-House from Surface Design London
innovative materials - concrete 3D approach my Graphic Relief
3D approach innovation trends at surface design as shown on the SCIN Gallery stand by Carola Wochner
EDGY - 3D TILES BY edgy TILES - surface design show
University of Huddersfield by graduate Rebecca Fairley.
University of Huddersfield - surface design students - 3D tactile approach at Surface Design by graduate Rebecca Fairley.
Future thinking turns pre - existing beliefs on their heads - curated by Annabelle Filer SCIN GALLERY - Surface design
Somerset College Display at Surface design show
Denise Clarke - Juxapose concrete with aluminium Somerset college
Denise Clarke somerset college - Riveted jesmonite with copper rivets
Sally Sawyer - surface design somerset college 3D innovation designs
Erga Design - Kristel Erga Textile designer
Pretty 3D florals Erga Design - Kristel Erga Textile designer
Graphic Relief concrete
Graphic Relief
Designer Priyal Garg

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