Raising the very special ‘Chocolate Bar’

Mott Green, one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world, started the co-operative Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999, which to this day makes some of the finest chocolate in the world in ever larger quantities. The extraordinary exertions behind this enterprise reflect Mott’s commitment to ethical and ecological values…. He fell in love with Grenada first, and then chocolate, and considered it iniquitous that the islanders who grew and harvested some of the best cocoa in the world were deprived either of enjoying it fully processed, or sharing the financial and social benefits accruing to the producers.

 Take the Mott Green and his Grenada Chocolate Company’s micro factory, one small organic cocoa farm, Rococo Chocolates’ pioneering founder Chantal Coady, and a wind-powered cargo ship and what do you get? – The most eco-friendly real chocolate bar ever produced, called Gru Grococo.

This is what is happening with one harvest of a small batch of beans from the “Grococo” Farm, where the team of local specialist cocoa farmers are being rewarded with a decent wage for their hard work. The team in Hermitage, Grenada have fermented the beans for 6 days, dried them in a specially constructed solar drier and hand sorted them prior to roasting. This “cru” of 66% pure Trinitario chocolate will then be stone ground in an antique granite melangeur, expertly conched, tempered and made into bars with no added vanilla.

This tiny batch, along with 11 tons of regular Grenada Chocolate bars, will then be loaded onto the unique, Fair Transport,  sail-only cargo brigantine the Tres Hombres, leaving Grenada in March for the journey to Portsmouth via New York. It will be crewed by Mott Green and Charlie Boxer among other trainee sailors. (Charlie is owner of Italo Deli in London, and stockist of Grenada and Rococo chocolate bars). Due to arrive in Portsmouth around May 18th.

 The bar itself will be priced like a single estate cru wine so that the money can be re-invested in the local organic cocoa farms and infrastructure. The bar in its one-off wrapper by Mr. Smith Letterpress will retail at £11.95 a bar or £10.95 if bought “en primeur” i.e. in advance of the chocolate’s arrival.




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