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PT 3: Blog Tour NYC Diary – Decoration & Design Building

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes,Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern AireVitraAxorWallunica,Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.

Wednesday 21st March Afternoon:  After our lovely Brunch with ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Sponsors Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco it was time to take a quick walk across the road to the D & D Building for a scheduled bloggers tour.
D & D Building  Decoration and Design Building (DDB) is the world’s preeminent destination for high design and luxury decor. DDB is home to 130 premier showrooms, featuring a cross section of the best in the design industry. DDB is an invaluable resource to over 20,ooo design and architectural professionals that pass through the building each month. As an institution, the DDB offers a unique experience for an array of international visitors, providing cutting edge programming, events, exhibitions and exclusive design and concierge services as well as the famed chef and restaurateur Charlie Palmer’s ASTRA CAFE.

DDB Ashlee Harrison who looked after Blog Tour while in the Decoration & Design Building


Lorin Marsh Showroom on 7 

First up on the DDB Tour was a visit to the Lorin Marsh Showroom. Lorin Marsh was created in 1975 as a furniture and accessories showroom to satisfy the changing needs of interior designers by pioneering the idea of the design showroom as boutique. It was a great pleasure to explore Lorin Marsh’s showroom which was full of bold, elegant visions, an eclectic array of high-end products  from Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional.

Lorin Marsh - Arch Bed

Plaid Bowl - Lorin Marsh

 While at Lorin Marsh we had chance to eat nibbles relax our tired feet and listen to talks from Julia Noran and Jennan Al-Hamdouni From The Editor at Large/Go Design, Quintessentially and Strohl & Co 
Next on the List was a tour around Donghia Showroom 7
Wow what a showroom! We were introduced to Lindsay Morris the Marketing Manager for DONGHIA  and given a tour of all the different themed rooms cleverly put together.

One of my favourite Sets at Dongia Picture credit: Donghia

Donghia Picture Credit: Donghia

Donghia’s collections of furniture, textiles, wallcovering, lighting and accessories are sold exclusively to interior designers and architects through Donghia’s twelve showrooms across the United States and in over fifty representative showrooms throughout the world.

A favourite of mine from Donghia - Elitis Wallpaper it is simply divine

As we took the Lift to the next DDB showroom Fortuny on 16 it became quite apparent to all the bloggers that our favourite catch phrase used was  ‘Have you got WIFI?’ or just simply WIFI – My picture below demonstrates the excitement of me having WIFI and live tweeting! at the DDB building (NOTE: The iphone charger – this was a god send and was passed around from pillar to post)

Oooo the excitement of WIFI - LIVE Tweeting and recharging the iphone! well it is a BLOG TOUR! thats what we do, present LIVE content as its happening

Fortuny showroom at D & D Building is simply a heavenly experience. We had chance to relax and absorb the rich ambiance, enjoying being tactile with the rich luxurious fabrics, in awe of the deep Italian history of Fortuny

A personal Favorite picture taken by Modenus in the Fortuny Showroom shows the original solid table and lights from the original factory in Venice, the rows of bright rich fabrics adorn the shelves set behind - simply stunning!

While we enjoyed ourselves in the Fortuny showroom, something remarkable happened for ‘Blog Tour NYC’ as we were all frantically LIVE tweeting out our Fortuny experiences to twitter, it seemed our hashtag #blogtourNYC had started to trend WORLDWIDE! How incredible is that! And I think the picture below thank you to Stacey Sheppard demonstrates just that! Live Tweeting in  Fortuny

Here are Blog Tour Bloggers Frantically Tweeting about Fortuny making the #blogtournyc hashtag trend on twitter! AMAZING! Picture credit Stacey Sheppard

Next on the Blogger Tour List is Creation Baumann on 15  High-quality innovative products and systems for interior decoration with fabrics. Thousands of satisfied private customers, business clients and designers. Some 250 dedicated employees all over the world. Market success in creation, production and distribution for over 125 years. A brand with a bright future: Création Baumann.

Creation Baumann Picture Credit: The Editor at Large

Next up was a stunning tour of Maya Romanoff  on 9 Extraordinary Surfacing Materials, as most will know I own a wall-covering business called Dreamwall so visiting Maya Romanoff  was right up my wall (excuse the pun)

romanoff marquetry wood veneer: Picture Credit Trendir

Maya Romanoff meditations - Picture Credit Design for my Friends

While at Maya Romanoff  I had a little fun with Will Taylor of Bright Bazzar, we both love a spot of colour so thought that the shade ‘Kelly Green’ was  just perfect for my bright green eye shadow! (See Picture Below)

'Kelly Green' shade from Maya RomanOff - picture credit: Will Taylor

A quick walk across to showroom Anichini 9  

Think sublime style, unstinting details, old-world craftsmanship. The charm of classic lines and modern style. Sensuous textures and robust colors that dress your home, your life. This is the essence of ANICHINI.

I adore this ANICHINI rug in the DDB showroom NY

 Last but not Least it was to De Le Cuina on 9  de Le Cuona is a lifestyle brand specialising in luxury textiles and accessories for interiors that are both global in nature and universal in appeal.
We were treated to Cupcakes, cheese, grapes, and Lemon Tea at De Le Cuona. We also had the great pleasure of meeting actually meeting Bernie de Le Cuona whom founded what is now the world’s largest own brand linen collection in her kitchen in 1992,and to date has extended the name to include both paisley and eclectic lines as well an accessories and furniture collection. 

Here I am charging my iphone, gazing out the window of Le Cuona Showroom across to Bloomingdales NYC - Picture Credit Marilyn Russell (Thank you)

And here is the actual view from the DDB building from De Le Cuona showroom window - Bloomingdales

Once we had finished our tour of the D & D Building and said our good byes, it was then time to make our way over town to the One57 building on Central Park for a tour to be hosted by Miele – The journey over to One57 was great fun that it ended up being a photoshoot outside Bloomingdales with Emily Peck – ACHICA Living and poor Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors trying to hail us down a Yellow Cab, while Emily and I pretended we were on Sex and the City. (Thank you Andrew for putting up with the photoshoots) 

A classic Example of an Emily Peck Photoshoot and poor Andrew Dunning having to Hail cabs while we misbehaved - Andrew thank you so much for putting up with us 😉

Coming up PT 4 Blog Tour NYC Diary – The  One57 tour by Miele – the death of my iphone – and Madonna does Miele all here on the Dreamwallstyle blog do not miss out! 

The Blog tour NYC bloggers are: 

Stacey Sheppard – Stacey Sheppards Blog – Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors – Cecy Brooks – CECY j – Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar – David John – You Have Been Here Sometime – Emily Peck – ACHICA Living – Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync – Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique – Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors – Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life – Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors – Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  – Carole King – Dear designers 


PT 2: Blog Tour NYC Diary – Its all about the BRUNCH!

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes,Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern AireVitraAxorWallunica,Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.


Wednesday 21st March AM:  I woke up in the middle of the night and freaked myself out. I had no idea where I was it took a few moments to realize I was actually still in bed  in my Bedroom at the  Tryp Hotel. After totally freaking myself out,  I didn’t get much sleep. Come 6am I had the bug to go for a run, I put my running gear on and headed down to the Tryp Hotel Gym, well I wouldn’t really call it a gym just a space with a couple of running machines, cross-trainer and some weird contraption that I didn’t even start to figure out! It felt really good sweating it out for 30 minutes on the tread mill with my ipod on…… then it was time for breakfast.

Arianna, Katie, Carole, Veronika, Pippa, Marilyn, Kelly and me having our first breakfast at the Tryp Hotel- Picture Credit Stacey Sheppards Blog

I throughly enjoyed my Tryp Hotel. breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, natural yogurt raspberry sauce and a pastry (Yes I know what a greedy piggy I am) well actually I was dressed in Green on this day, so more like a greedy frog! RIBIT! 😉 After Breakfast it was time to hail a cab for  ‘Brunch’ with    ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsors Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco at the A & D Building


I shared a Yellow Cab with Pippa Jameson Interiors and Emily Peck – ACHICA Living we  instantly clicked with lots of fun and giggles, the cab dropped us off a block too early from the A & D Building  so we had some fun by styling our own little photoshoot, which actually became a ‘MUST DO IT EVERYDAY’ thing with Emily Peck. (This will be featured more throughout the diary)

A photoshoot in the monument in New York - Picture By Emily Peck

Eventually we got to ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsors  Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco showroom at the A & D Building

Cecy, Kelly, Marilyn, Pippa, Toma, Katie, me and Stacey outside Poggenpohl & BLANCO - picture credit Lori Dolnick BLANCO

PoggenPohl & Blanco present a Blog Tour Brunch

‘Blog Tour NYC’ had been invited to an exclusive product launch event by sponsors  Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco The launch included the debut of the new chef-inspired Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl. This one-of a kind interactive event explored the kitchen trends, new products including never before introduced and savory cuisine.

Christy Emens of BLANCO talking more in-depth about the Products and the new BLANCO Cerana Apron Front Sink

We all were welcomed into the showroom and drinks soon were being served by two very hunky American boys (who the girls & boys found to be a bit of eye candy) we had chance to mingle and introduce ourselves to our sponsors Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco

BLANCO introduces Cerana

Christy Emens introduced the newest material in luxury that is in  actual fact centuries old.  Made of authentic fireclay, the exclusive BLANCO CERANA™ is durable, beautiful…and most importantly, versatile.  With two different corner styles, this reversible sink is a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Here we all are Blog Tour NYC crew listening to Christy Emens talk Picture Credit: Lori Dolnick BLANCO

Poggenpohl Presents the new +ARTESIO kitchen concept

Next up was a fantastic talk by Ted Chappell Poggenpohl CEO USA. Who introduced Blog Tour to ‘The Kitchen at the Centre of Home Architecture’ the New +ARTESIO Kitchen Concept. New Thinking has a tradition at Poggenpohl. Shown for the first time in a new walnut veneer, a completely new concept designed in collaboration with Hamburg-based star architect and designer Hadi Teherani.

Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl Kitchens and celebrity chef Eric Ripert to debut: The Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl – exclusively featuring  Blanco fixtures  Miele appliances and caesarstone surfaces. 

Eric Ripert Kitchen by Poggenpohl

Brunch was cooked and freshly served by a chef for ‘Blog Tour NYC’ even after my hearty breakfast at the  Tryp Hotel. I tucked in (well I am from Grimsby!)

Katie, Stacey and Marilyn at Poggenpohl Brunch

Strawberries and cream for Brunch - Picture Credit Lori Dolnick BLANCO

Toma and Ari tucking in to Brunch at Poggenpohl

Here I am tucking into a lovely strawberry/fruit sundae at Poggenpohl

It was great fun meeting our ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Sponsors Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco and learning more about the products. We had great fun and had great food – Thank you

PT 3 Blog Tour NYC Diary – An afternoon at the D&D Buildings in Design Heaven all here on the Dreamwallstyle blog don’t miss it. 

The Blog tour NYC bloggers are: 

Stacey Sheppard – Stacey Sheppards Blog – Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors – Cecy Brooks – CECY j – Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar – David John – You Have Been Here Sometime – Emily Peck – ACHICA Living – Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync – Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique – Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors – Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life – Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors – Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  – Carole King – Dear designers 

PT 1: Blog Tour NYC Diary – Arriving in the City that Never Sleeps!

Finally I arrived back to Grimsby from ‘Blog Tour NYC’ on March 26th, my head has been in a complete blur,  I needed a few days to catch up on sleep, and take time to digest the whole ‘Blog Tour NYC’ experience.  I’ve so many exciting things to share with you all, from the latest design finds, to lots of funny stories and just the love of New York!

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes, Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern Aire, Vitra, Axor, Wallunica, Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.

Today’s post is Part 1 in a mini series of my diary accounts of  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Arriving in the city that never Sleeps!


Monday 19th March: My tummy was churning with excitement but also with nerves. I was living on adrenaline, knowing that I was flying out to New York City to be part ‘Blog Tour NYC’  in the morning. I felt completely blogged out so I took a day off blogging, I tied up things with Dreamwall, spent time with my daughter, followed by a run and my weekly circuits class…it was nice to receive a call from fellow Blogger Andrew Dunning who help calm my nerves! But in typical Hannah fashion I left my packing right to last minute, it took 5 hours to sort my suitcase out, I was so stressed out by the time I finished packing that I just couldn’t sleep!… and that is exactly how I started Blog Tour NYC with NO SLEEP!


Tuesday 20th March

From midnight to 3am I just pottered about, I kept repacking my suit case like a bad case of OCD! Come 3am I got showered and dressed, then it was time to  hit the road from Grimsby to Manchester Airport at 4am. The motorway journey was horrendous, I was completely knackered, lorries on the M62 did not help along with road works. I eventually got to Manchester Airport at 7am.

I checked into American Airlines and waited a few hours before boarding my flight to New York. While waiting at Manchester Airport I did an over the telephone interview with my local paper ‘The Grimsby Telegraph’ The article was printed the following day… thats another story to tell in my diary! 😉

I boarded the American Airline plane to New York City…. and off I flew!

I landed into JFK on time, but was held up in a two hour passport control queue. The London Bloggers had flown in around the same time, we had all been told by Modenus to meet each other in the Terminal so we could all travel to the Hotel together.


By the time I had got through passport control, time was ticking on… I had to find my fellow Blog Tour Bloggers! My mobile phone battery was completely dead so I could’t call anybody. I looked for a person holding a clip board with my name on …. nothing! I checked the flights on the screen for Virgin London flight… nothing! OMG what do I do! Luckily some friendly chap came over and said you look lost madam… it turns out I landed in Terminal 8 and the London Bloggers had landed in Terminal 4. I got a shuttle train to Terminal 4… but no one was to be found!

Picture credit by KoenigseggCCX NYC Yellow CAB


Having no luck in finding my fellow bloggers, I decided to take a New York yellow cab to the Tryp Hotel where we were all staying! I had never been so excited to get in a yellow cab –  I must have drove my cab driver crazy with my excitement, I kept asking him a ton of questions (All in a fake American dodgy accent) I felt such a tourist – but HEY HO its not everyday I get to New York! – Did I tell you I went to NEW YORK! 😉


I arrived at the Tryp Hotel expecting to see all my fellow Blog Tour friends… but no one was to be found! But it wasn’t long until I met Marilyn Russell a fellow Blog Tour blogger who had just flown in from Florida. I hit it off straight away with Marilyn, what a great friendly gal our MARILYN is 😉 Luckily Marilyn had her mobile phone on her, so she tweeted out that I had arrived at the hotel. It turned out that my fellow London bloggers had gone on a wild goose chase around terminal 8 looking for me…. I felt so bad ;-(

The Tryp Hotel New York


It was nice to get to my hotel room and start to unpack (well sort of)! First impressions are important and I felt the Tryp Hotel did a great job, my room was modern, fresh and clean, we even had WIFI!

I was welcomed to a knock on my hotel door by staff, to receive a plate of fruit, a bottle of wine (even though I’m tee total) and a lovely welcome card. (Attention to detail) it was a lovely touch.

Nice Touches from the Tryp Hotel

Welcome Card from the Tryp Hotel


Come 5.30pm it was time to be bright eyed and bushy tailed and meet the ‘Blog Tour NYC’ at the cocktail party hosted by the Tryp Hotel. I had already met most of the bloggers at other previous design events in the UK, but I still had not met all….. When I’m nervous I go on auto pilot attention seeking loud mode and thats exactly what I did from the moment I got out the Tryp Hotel lift…… HELLO EVERYBODY I AM HERE! With my bright coloured clothes and the Irregular choice union jack hand bag borrowed from my friend Kathryn, I had arrived! 😉 Like a hurricane of energy I was in BOOM BOOM Box!

Blog Tour NYC Bloggers

The Blog tour NYC bloggers are: 

Stacey Sheppard – Stacey Sheppards Blog – Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors – Cecy Brooks – CECY j – Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar – David John – You Have Been Here Sometime – Emily Peck – ACHICA Living – Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync – Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique – Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors – Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life – Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors – Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  – Carole King – Dear designers 

It was great to finally meet everyone, and catch up with Veronika and Tim from Modenus  who had made all this happen. From the moment we all met, I knew that this ‘Blog Tour NYC’ family were just going to get on mighty fine. It was non stop fun and laughter from the word go!

Will, Arianna, me and Carole

Veronika and Tim from Modenus  gave our Itinerary for the week, along with a goodie bag full of gifts. (To be blogged about) after the briefing it was then time to take a short walk to Barbes Restaurant for the ‘Blog Tour NYC’ welcome dinner.

Stacey me and Emily

It was the most surreal experience walking to Barbes Restaurant feeling very tired, and excited to be finally in New York for ‘Blog Tour NYC’ the city had a different smell, the atmosphere felt electric this city really was a live wire of energy and I felt very much at home very quickly.

Andrew Dunning and Stacey Sheppard in New York

Passing the ‘Empire State’ building was incredible, New York really is a tall city, my neck was hurting by the time we got to the restaurant.


Once at Barbes, we had chance to mingle and meet some of the USA bloggers who came over to  last year’s London’s Blog Tour 2011  and get a chance to finally meet some of the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsors. Barbes is a melting pot of Parisian and Maghreb cultures and Barbes Restaurant carries that spirit. The menu choice was incredible and the food just delicious.

Tamara Matthew- Stephenson who is one of the original Blog Tour 2011 bloggers as well as being the author of NestNestNest Tamara had carefully spent time and effort, to make each table in the Barbes restaurant a beautiful flower arrangement (as shown in the picture above)- credit to NestNestNest  I was absolutley delighted to have been selected along with a few fellow blog friends, in a draw to take one of Tamara’s beautiful flower arrangements back to the hotel room. (Thank you Tamara they were very pretty and smelt so sweet)

It was great to see and chat to Vanessa Allan Marketing Manger of Samuel Heath and Blog Tour Sponsor. We were all given a Samuel Heath  goodie bag with gifts from the Kevin McCloud Accessories range  (Above picture credit to Stacey Sheppard Thank you)

After dinner, fatigue was really hitting in fast, it turns out I hadn’t slept for over 48 hours and I really was beginning to feel it….. it was soon time to get in another NYC Yellow Cab and head back to the Tryp Hotel. with Emily Peck – ACHICA Living and  Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors  to catch up on some well needed shut eye in the city that never sleeps!

Coming up ….. PT 2 Blog Tour NYC diary – Brunch at Poggenpohl KitchensBlanco all here on the Dreamwallstyle blog. Don’t miss it! 

BlogTour NYC Sponsor: Scholtes Timeless Design

Less than 2 days to go until ‘Blog Tour NYC’ it really is time to start packing those suitcases bloggers so lets get this show on the road!

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is all about ‘Blog Tour NYC’ General Sponsor  Scholtes where appliances become kitchen showpieces that enchance any style.

Scholtes: Image Credit

Scholtes – Kitchen Design’s Best kept Secret

Scholtès embodies professional excellence. It creates truly innovative, perfectly designed appliances for custom kitchens – technologies and designs that enhance cooking, preparation, storage, washing and entertaining. In every detail, Scholtès pairs sophisticated style with professional kitchen performance. Impeccable and distinctive, the Scholtès kitchen rewards you with delicious culinary results and beautiful, sleek aesthetics for your lifestyle.

Image Scholtes

‘Blog Tour NYC’ are so excited to have the Indesit Company’s Scholtès as one of the general Sponsors, to support the launch  Scholtès into the North American marketplace, the Italian manufacturer of innovative, professional appliances for the home.

Picture Credit Scholtes

“Launching a brand in this economy is tough. But our appliances have beautiful aesthetics and are backed by years of European success in technology and performance,” states Marco D’Arsie, North American Sales Manager. “We are excited about sharing our successes with a group so firmly entrenched in good design. We are currently expanding our distribution network across Canada and the U.S., and ‘Blog Tour NYC’  was an excellent fit to get the word out.


Taking inspiration from professional environments and cutting-edge industry techniques, Scholtès  provides the technology to make you a true champion in your kitchen.
Fuel your culinary passions knowing that each setting, temperature, control knob, capacity and feature has been designed to exceed expectations and give exciting results.



Scholtès brings technologies once reserved exclusively for the professional sector into the home. Choosing Scholtès transforms and enhances your kitchen, enabling professional methods such as low temperature capabililities, automatic oven programs and dual convection fans for even cooking.

Image Scholtes

Scholtès unique refrigeration drawers and wine cabinets provide constant availability of fresh raw materials and the correct preservation of wines designed and organized for your lifestyle.


In every appliance, Scholtès  technology embodies quality, excellence and professionalism – the perfect choice for a sophisticated and intelligent kitchen space.


Blog Tour: The world Designed New York City presented by Modenus

Architectural Digest Home Show

BlogTour NYC Sponsor: BLANCO Beauty is Sink Deep!

With nearly 3 days to go until  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ it really is time to start getting a little fresh….

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is certainly more than Sink Deep introducing Elite  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsor BLANCO 

Inspiration – Innovation – Ideas 

‘Blog Tour NYC’ are so excited to have  BLANCO  on board as one of the Elite Sponsors.  Day one of Blog Tour we will be having Breakfast with BLANCO  at the A&D Building New York  Architects & Designers Building is New York’s ultimate Design Centre.


Who are BLANCO?

For three generations, BLANCO  has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO  is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925.


BLANCO  is the only supplier in the world to produce it’s own sinks from start to finish in three materials. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before its received the BLANCO  name, meaning beauty really is sink deep!


I’m looking forward to learning more about BLANCO  while on ‘Blog Tour NYC and excited to be writing more posts full of innovative ideas to share….

Blog Tour: The world Designed New York City presented by Modenus

Architectural Digest Home Show

A Mothering Sunday Tribute – I Love My Mum!

Mothering Sunday is a day to appreciate & remember all mums, step-mums, grandmas, and every who is a carer and supports the mothering roll, the list really is endless to what Mothering Sunday symbolizes.                                                  In my eyes mothering Sunday should be everyday and not just once a year! ;-)

My mum is one inspirational talented lady, from running her own business to helping out with my business on a day to day bases! Mum loves  making crafts, baking, an artist, dancing and she even was on TV in the 1980′s with dance troupe rainbow.

My mums pen and ink dragon from the 1980's

Mum at the age of 60 went back to university to obtain a degree in web design proving that age is just a number! and of course shes a fantastic grandma and we all love her to bits.

My talented mum the artist with her Bird water colours

So this blog is a tribute in photographs (and a video)  to how fabulous my mum is  – Happy Mothers Day mum xX

My mum in the 60’s on holiday in cornwall

My mum with her FAB mum Granny Rose who sadly died of Breast Cancer when my mum was only 26 she died before I was born so I never got chance to meet her.

My young beautiful mum

My mum a snappy 60’s dresser!

My mum on her wedding day she even made her own wedding dress!

Mum in the lake district on her honeymoon my favorite picture of mum

My mum in the lake district on her honeymoon

My Mum with my sister and me as a baby

On holiday in 80’s in North Yorkshire, mum, sister and me

Fat Betty on the Yorkshire moors with mum, sister and me

Mum and me in caravan

My christening, sister, mum, great nanna, me and dad

My Mum her friend Val (my god-mother), her daughter Laura and me walking

My mum falling over on mums running race at school sports day

My mum in the 80’s in her rainbow dance troupe outfit

Mum in yellow with the dance troupe she was in called rainbow (80s)

My mum and friends in the 80’s

My Mum with her tap dancing friends


My mum being grandma taking my daughter out for a stroll

My Mum (grandma) baking with my daughter

My daughter loving her grandma's cakes 😉

Me now a mum with my daughter


BlogTour NYC Sponsor: Du Verre Original for Design

It really is a case of counting the days now…. with only 4 days left until  BlogTourNYC  things are spicing up…..

Following on with the Dreamwallstyle series of Spotlight blogs… Today’s post is all about  BlogTourNYC  Elite sponsor Du verre The Hardware CO

Du Verre: Lotis Collection by William Harvey

Last week I was delighted to receive a personal addressed letter from Du verre The Hardware CO who reached out to personally say ‘Hello’. This spoke volumes that they really do pay attention to all the fine details…. BlogTourNYC  are delighted to have them on board as one of the sponsors, and I’m looking forward to meeting them at the Modenus Booth at  the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC, March 22nd -25th

Du Verres European Tour!

So who are Du verre The Hardware CO ?

Du Verre Hardware is the leader in quality and original design for contemporary cabinets Hardware. Through collaboration with an outstanding roster of award winning designers and artists Du Verre’s collections have resulted in unique styles ahead of their time.

Du verre

Du verre The Hardware CO has responded to environment concerns and manufactures its die cast designs in Eco-Friendlty recycled aluminum which is fully compatible with leed objectives.

Du verre The Hardware Co

Preferred by the most prestigious design firms, Architects and professional in the residential and hospitality industry, Du verre The Hardware CO is an indispensable resource for design loving consumers and professionals everywhere.

Du Verre The Hardware Co

Du verre The Hardware CO  can be found in some of the most beautiful interiors being created today.

Du Verre The Hardware Co

Du verre The Hardware Co

Blog Tour: The world Designed New York City presented by Modenus

Architectural Digest Home Show