An Inspiring Interview: Deborah Moses ‘The Silver Zebra’

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is an inspiring interview with Deborah Moses ‘The Silver Zebra’ one of the UK’s leading contemporary kiln formed glass designers.

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q1. You have a family history with working with glass, please tell Dreamwallstyle more about your background and your families influences? 

A1. My background isn’t a conventional one as I worked and trained as a professional chef, it was a career I loved but at the same time I always had this pull to explore my creative side more. The glass background is from my Dad, he started with Pilkington’s glass before opening his own business manufacturing double glazed units, some with designs applied and also creating stained glass in another part of his factory as well as repairing church windows etc. So glass was in the blood you could say. I can remember making pieces there and helping out in my early 20’s

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q2. Tell Dreamwallstyle more about the genre of glass work you specialise in? 

A2. I Specialise in ‘fused glass’ but my second skill is silversmithing. My commissions tend to be wall panels, door panels, tiles etc as well as free standing sculptures. My clients know me for working with textures as well as design alone. As well as taking commissions I work with Interior Designers and contractors and have an online store where anyone can view and purchase my smaller range pieces.

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q3. When did you set up ‘The Silver Zebra’ studio? 

A3. Seems such along time ago now…..2002 was the year I started to develop on paper what I was going to do, building up to 2004 when I launched my business, leaving my past career behind (Although my students do appreciate there home cooked lunches and cakes)

The silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q4. Why did you choose the name ‘The Silver Zebra’ for your business? 

A4. Many already know that music plays a big part in my life but I do hae a admiration for Bolan and Bowie… Bolan wrote a song called ‘Deborah’ and has a line ‘Deborah is a zebra’ A name that has stuck with me for some time, hence the name…. I won’t bore you any more with that one 😉

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q5. Where do you find inspiration for your new designs? 

A5. Everywhere! Sights as well as sounds, feelings and seasons of the year but I do love looking at Ice and Rock formations, water and nature. That said, I do have my Gaudi moments!

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses Photo by Simon Bruntnell

Q6. Do you Teach your expertise to other budding creatives? 

A6. Yes, mainly here at my studio, we have people visit from all over the UK as well as overseas with many returning over and over again. It feels good to pass on what I have learnt and experiment with to others, also to see them progress too. I have 6 people working full time in glass now since their classes here, with as many as 30 working part-time or as a paid hobby.

The silver Zebra by Deborah Moses Photo by Simon Bruntnell

Q7. Do you offer a bespoke service? 

A7. Yes, I like to pay attention to detail and offer a one to one service giving my client confidence in my work and what I can create for them, from individuals to Interior Designers, councils and government bodies to name a few.

The silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

Q8. Where can we find your work? 

A8. Anyone is welcome to visit my studio if they call ahead so I know when to expect them. My work is on my website ‘The silver Zebra’ as well as Interior Designer ‘Tricia Douglas ‘ I currently have a solo exhibition on right now until the 14th March (not long left) at NUMBER 8 in WorcesterI also have a full collection of work going to the Acorn Gallery in Yorkshire soon, more details to be announced but I am working on the collection now.

The Silver Studio By Deborah Moses

Q9. Where can we purchase your work? 

A9 From my online store ‘The silver Zebra’ or by calling and requesting a commission. You can also purchase my work through ‘Tricia Douglas ‘ and ‘Itsourlist’

Dreamwallstyle would like to thanks Deborah Moses for taking time out to chat to us, your interview is very inspiring and I must come and visit your studio soon

You can follow ‘The silver Zebra’ on  Twitter 

The Silver Zebra by Deborah Moses

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