BlogTourNYC: Wallunica creating your own unique Wallpaper

It really is an Eeeek (sounds of Blogtour) moment with only 8 days….YES only 8 days until it all kicks off with  BlogTourNYC  

Following on with the fabulous series of BlogTourNYC  spotlight sponsor blogs… Lets make some noise for Exhibition Sponsors at the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC‘Wallunica’  

Wallunica - Tailored Wall-covering Solutions

Creating your own unique wallpaper! 

Creating your own unique wallpaper has just got easier thanks to ‘BlogTourNYC’ sponsor ‘Wallunica’  think stress free, quick and easy:

Images - Wallunica

Design your custom Wallpaper in three easy steps at ‘Wallunica’ Exactly to the format you wish, with your own design or one of the many thousands of designs and photographs available on the Wallunica large database.

Image: Wallunica

Wallunica brilliant and light proof wall decorations already adorn exclusive apartments, offices, exhibition stands, stage sets, shop fittings and exhibitions all over Europe.

Image" Wallunica
Blog Tour: The world Designed New York City presented by Modenus
Architectural Digest Home Show

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