Rowen and Wren Launch their ‘New Spring’ Collection

Its always refreshing to log onto twitter and find something new and exciting…. and that is exactly what happened…..

This lunchtime after a nice run in the woods, I was greeted with a sunny tweet by Rowen and Wren  and the launch of their  ‘New Spring’ collection with over 50 NEW Products! and its just PERFECT!

Rowen and Wren is an online lifestyle brand with a unique approach to home decor and interior design. You can choose beautiful pieces to lift your existing interior decor or create a whole new look themed around 3 cleverly pieced together collections.

Here are Dreamwallstyle’s favourite finds from the three ‘Rowen and Wren’ collections

Refined Rural 

Gilby Metal Storage Trunk - Rowen & Wren

We adore the Gilby Metal Storage Trunk’ Chic retro metal trunks, with a subtly distressed finish in inky blue and bottle green enamel.

Timeless Living 

Hattie Striped Wool Blanket

We just love ‘Hattie Striped wool Blanket’  just think of lazy picnics in a secluded wood, just beautiful soft Heston wool blankets are made 100% scottish wool. Designed by Eleanor Pritchard a beautifully bold broad stripe contrasts it’s delicate palette of powder pink and dove grey. These gorgeous colours are subtly defined by a fine stitch-like detail.

Distant Home

Arum Carved Stone Pendant Rowen & Wren

How cool are these hand crafted stone pendants add a soft, global accent to any room. Hand carved in India the intricate pattern radiates around the room to create a most inviting, exotic space.

And just because I love this……

Finch Rose Cushion

There’s no better way to bring a touch of spring indoors than our beautifully timeless finch cushion. Designed by talented Illustrator, Nina Bonomo. The finch Rose Cushion  is available from the Timeless Living collection.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Mandy says:

    I am in love with the lavender pillow. Great finds!

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