BlogTour NYC Sponsor: BLANCO Beauty is Sink Deep!

With nearly 3 days to go until  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ it really is time to start getting a little fresh….

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is certainly more than Sink Deep introducing Elite  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsor BLANCO 

Inspiration – Innovation – Ideas 

‘Blog Tour NYC’ are so excited to have  BLANCO  on board as one of the Elite Sponsors.  Day one of Blog Tour we will be having Breakfast with BLANCO  at the A&D Building New York  Architects & Designers Building is New York’s ultimate Design Centre.


Who are BLANCO?

For three generations, BLANCO  has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO  is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925.


BLANCO  is the only supplier in the world to produce it’s own sinks from start to finish in three materials. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before its received the BLANCO  name, meaning beauty really is sink deep!


I’m looking forward to learning more about BLANCO  while on ‘Blog Tour NYC and excited to be writing more posts full of innovative ideas to share….

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Architectural Digest Home Show

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