BlogTour NYC Sponsor: Scholtes Timeless Design

Less than 2 days to go until ‘Blog Tour NYC’ it really is time to start packing those suitcases bloggers so lets get this show on the road!

Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog is all about ‘Blog Tour NYC’ General Sponsor  Scholtes where appliances become kitchen showpieces that enchance any style.

Scholtes: Image Credit

Scholtes – Kitchen Design’s Best kept Secret

Scholtès embodies professional excellence. It creates truly innovative, perfectly designed appliances for custom kitchens – technologies and designs that enhance cooking, preparation, storage, washing and entertaining. In every detail, Scholtès pairs sophisticated style with professional kitchen performance. Impeccable and distinctive, the Scholtès kitchen rewards you with delicious culinary results and beautiful, sleek aesthetics for your lifestyle.

Image Scholtes

‘Blog Tour NYC’ are so excited to have the Indesit Company’s Scholtès as one of the general Sponsors, to support the launch  Scholtès into the North American marketplace, the Italian manufacturer of innovative, professional appliances for the home.

Picture Credit Scholtes

“Launching a brand in this economy is tough. But our appliances have beautiful aesthetics and are backed by years of European success in technology and performance,” states Marco D’Arsie, North American Sales Manager. “We are excited about sharing our successes with a group so firmly entrenched in good design. We are currently expanding our distribution network across Canada and the U.S., and ‘Blog Tour NYC’  was an excellent fit to get the word out.


Taking inspiration from professional environments and cutting-edge industry techniques, Scholtès  provides the technology to make you a true champion in your kitchen.
Fuel your culinary passions knowing that each setting, temperature, control knob, capacity and feature has been designed to exceed expectations and give exciting results.


Scholtès brings technologies once reserved exclusively for the professional sector into the home. Choosing Scholtès transforms and enhances your kitchen, enabling professional methods such as low temperature capabililities, automatic oven programs and dual convection fans for even cooking.

Image Scholtes

Scholtès unique refrigeration drawers and wine cabinets provide constant availability of fresh raw materials and the correct preservation of wines designed and organized for your lifestyle.


In every appliance, Scholtès  technology embodies quality, excellence and professionalism – the perfect choice for a sophisticated and intelligent kitchen space.

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