PT 3: Blog Tour NYC Diary – Decoration & Design Building

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes,Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern AireVitraAxorWallunica,Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.

Wednesday 21st March Afternoon:  After our lovely Brunch with ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Sponsors Poggenpohl Kitchens and Blanco it was time to take a quick walk across the road to the D & D Building for a scheduled bloggers tour.
D & D Building  Decoration and Design Building (DDB) is the world’s preeminent destination for high design and luxury decor. DDB is home to 130 premier showrooms, featuring a cross section of the best in the design industry. DDB is an invaluable resource to over 20,ooo design and architectural professionals that pass through the building each month. As an institution, the DDB offers a unique experience for an array of international visitors, providing cutting edge programming, events, exhibitions and exclusive design and concierge services as well as the famed chef and restaurateur Charlie Palmer’s ASTRA CAFE.
DDB Ashlee Harrison who looked after Blog Tour while in the Decoration & Design Building


Lorin Marsh Showroom on 7 

First up on the DDB Tour was a visit to the Lorin Marsh Showroom. Lorin Marsh was created in 1975 as a furniture and accessories showroom to satisfy the changing needs of interior designers by pioneering the idea of the design showroom as boutique. It was a great pleasure to explore Lorin Marsh’s showroom which was full of bold, elegant visions, an eclectic array of high-end products  from Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional.

Lorin Marsh - Arch Bed
Plaid Bowl - Lorin Marsh
 While at Lorin Marsh we had chance to eat nibbles relax our tired feet and listen to talks from Julia Noran and Jennan Al-Hamdouni From The Editor at Large/Go Design, Quintessentially and Strohl & Co 
Next on the List was a tour around Donghia Showroom 7
Wow what a showroom! We were introduced to Lindsay Morris the Marketing Manager for DONGHIA  and given a tour of all the different themed rooms cleverly put together.
One of my favourite Sets at Dongia Picture credit: Donghia
Donghia Picture Credit: Donghia
Donghia’s collections of furniture, textiles, wallcovering, lighting and accessories are sold exclusively to interior designers and architects through Donghia’s twelve showrooms across the United States and in over fifty representative showrooms throughout the world.
A favourite of mine from Donghia - Elitis Wallpaper it is simply divine

As we took the Lift to the next DDB showroom Fortuny on 16 it became quite apparent to all the bloggers that our favourite catch phrase used was  ‘Have you got WIFI?’ or just simply WIFI – My picture below demonstrates the excitement of me having WIFI and live tweeting! at the DDB building (NOTE: The iphone charger – this was a god send and was passed around from pillar to post)

Oooo the excitement of WIFI - LIVE Tweeting and recharging the iphone! well it is a BLOG TOUR! thats what we do, present LIVE content as its happening

Fortuny showroom at D & D Building is simply a heavenly experience. We had chance to relax and absorb the rich ambiance, enjoying being tactile with the rich luxurious fabrics, in awe of the deep Italian history of Fortuny

A personal Favorite picture taken by Modenus in the Fortuny Showroom shows the original solid table and lights from the original factory in Venice, the rows of bright rich fabrics adorn the shelves set behind - simply stunning!

While we enjoyed ourselves in the Fortuny showroom, something remarkable happened for ‘Blog Tour NYC’ as we were all frantically LIVE tweeting out our Fortuny experiences to twitter, it seemed our hashtag #blogtourNYC had started to trend WORLDWIDE! How incredible is that! And I think the picture below thank you to Stacey Sheppard demonstrates just that! Live Tweeting in  Fortuny

Here are Blog Tour Bloggers Frantically Tweeting about Fortuny making the #blogtournyc hashtag trend on twitter! AMAZING! Picture credit Stacey Sheppard

Next on the Blogger Tour List is Creation Baumann on 15  High-quality innovative products and systems for interior decoration with fabrics. Thousands of satisfied private customers, business clients and designers. Some 250 dedicated employees all over the world. Market success in creation, production and distribution for over 125 years. A brand with a bright future: Création Baumann.

Creation Baumann Picture Credit: The Editor at Large

Next up was a stunning tour of Maya Romanoff  on 9 Extraordinary Surfacing Materials, as most will know I own a wall-covering business called Dreamwall so visiting Maya Romanoff  was right up my wall (excuse the pun)

romanoff marquetry wood veneer: Picture Credit Trendir
Maya Romanoff meditations - Picture Credit Design for my Friends

While at Maya Romanoff  I had a little fun with Will Taylor of Bright Bazzar, we both love a spot of colour so thought that the shade ‘Kelly Green’ was  just perfect for my bright green eye shadow! (See Picture Below)

'Kelly Green' shade from Maya RomanOff - picture credit: Will Taylor

A quick walk across to showroom Anichini 9  

Think sublime style, unstinting details, old-world craftsmanship. The charm of classic lines and modern style. Sensuous textures and robust colors that dress your home, your life. This is the essence of ANICHINI.

I adore this ANICHINI rug in the DDB showroom NY
 Last but not Least it was to De Le Cuina on 9  de Le Cuona is a lifestyle brand specialising in luxury textiles and accessories for interiors that are both global in nature and universal in appeal.
We were treated to Cupcakes, cheese, grapes, and Lemon Tea at De Le Cuona. We also had the great pleasure of meeting actually meeting Bernie de Le Cuona whom founded what is now the world’s largest own brand linen collection in her kitchen in 1992,and to date has extended the name to include both paisley and eclectic lines as well an accessories and furniture collection. 
Here I am charging my iphone, gazing out the window of Le Cuona Showroom across to Bloomingdales NYC - Picture Credit Marilyn Russell (Thank you)
And here is the actual view from the DDB building from De Le Cuona showroom window - Bloomingdales

Once we had finished our tour of the D & D Building and said our good byes, it was then time to make our way over town to the One57 building on Central Park for a tour to be hosted by Miele – The journey over to One57 was great fun that it ended up being a photoshoot outside Bloomingdales with Emily Peck – ACHICA Living and poor Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors trying to hail us down a Yellow Cab, while Emily and I pretended we were on Sex and the City. (Thank you Andrew for putting up with the photoshoots) 

A classic Example of an Emily Peck Photoshoot and poor Andrew Dunning having to Hail cabs while we misbehaved - Andrew thank you so much for putting up with us 😉

Coming up PT 4 Blog Tour NYC Diary – The  One57 tour by Miele – the death of my iphone – and Madonna does Miele all here on the Dreamwallstyle blog do not miss out! 

The Blog tour NYC bloggers are: 

Stacey Sheppard – Stacey Sheppards Blog – Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors – Cecy Brooks – CECY j – Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar – David John – You Have Been Here Sometime – Emily Peck – ACHICA Living – Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync – Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique – Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors – Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life – Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors – Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  – Carole King – Dear designers 


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  1. Just had a whole pang of missing everyone and the city and all the wonderful design venues. Can anyone say 2013?

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      OOOOO YES! 2013 I’ll be on it ill be on it PLEEEEASE! I miss BLOG TOUR So much Ive been depressed all week – so pleased Ive got the blogs to write up and finish 😉

  2. the Wifi chant was a favourite with us too!

    Love that Fortuny pic with the lights and fabrics, and the rug too!

  3. Emily says:

    lol – great post – but i cannot believe i’m on there posing like that. Haha!
    Got any wifi? x

  4. Emily says:

    Cannot wait for Madonna does Miele!x

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      ooo yes

  5. Marilyn G Russell, ASID, NEWH, IIDA says:

    Lovely post!! Great shot of Emily and Andrew.

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      thank you Marilyn

  6. Kelly M says:

    Such fun reliving this again. I can’t believe it was little over a week ago. I’m suffering BlogtourNYC withdrawal from all of you. Wouldn’t that be cool if we were invited back for a 2013 – just us? *grin*

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      we had so much fun 😉

    2. DreamwallStyle says:

      I miss it so much

  7. Mel says:

    Love this post Hannah….now onto part 4

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