PT 4: Blog Tour NYC Diary – Madonna does Miele!

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes,Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern AireVitraAxorWallunica,Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.

Wednesday 21st March Late Afternoon: Eventually Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors hailed a NYC Yellow Cab for Emily Peck – ACHICA Living and I to meet up with all the bloggers at the  One57 building for a tour to be hosted by ‘Blog Tour NYC’  sponsor Miele 

One 57 Currently being Built in New York proposed to be complete 2013 - Picture Credit Sky Skyscraper Forum

When we arrived at  One57 on West 67th Street, we were all slightly confused, as the building is still under construction….. it soon came apparent that the actual tour by  Miele was to be taking place at the One57 sales office…….

A virtual image of how One 57 will look - Image credit ONE 57

Luckily it was just down the block (or two) So off we all went on a short walk to the One57  sales office to be met by Miele, who was expecting us all…..

Virtual View of One 57 Condo - Picture Credit One 57 building

Once inside the sales office, all the ‘Blog Tour NYC’  bloggers were given an exclusive rare opportunity to watch a video preview of the One57  (So exclusive that we had to switch off all our phones/cameras) WOW It was impressive!  One57  is a luxurious billion dollar skyscraper that insiders are calling ‘New York’s next great landmark! Designed by Pritzler-Prize winning architect, Christian de Porzamparc, the 90 story glass tower is slated to be the largest residential tower in the city and houses the most expensive condominium ever listed in New York City. Completion date: Spring 2013

Miele Kitchen Appliances used in ONE 57 building - Picture Credit Kelly's Kitchen Sync

We had a virtual tour of One57  on how the actual building will look when fully completed. We were shown all the exclusive interior design ideas and of course we had a great opportunity to see all the fantastic ‘Blog Tour NYC’  sponsors Miele appliances that will be used throughout One57  apartments. 

Disaster Stuck! My Iphone died! 

Half way through the exciting Miele One57  tour – Disaster stuck….. my iphone decided it really had had enough and died on me! OK It may seem so trivial… but when you are a blogger..tweeter…serial photographer (lover of photo-shoots)  you will appreciate that an iphone is a tool to your job! I was gutted! After many attempts of the hard reset…. nothing!  No more pictures… no more live tweeting…. all I could think was OMG this is a ‘Blog Tour NYC’  I’ve only been in New York a day! 

Miele to save the day! 

Blog Tour Miele dinner - Picture Credit Miele facebook

By the time we left One57  my head was a mush (what’s new) I really can’t begin to express how gutted I was over my iphone disaster! How was I going to live report to all my fellow tweeters my  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ adventures… and to top it off it I was just about to attend one of our big Blog Tour events with  ‘Blog Tour NYC’  sponsor  Miele who were hosting a dinner for all the bloggers at their showroom in the  A & D Building (Nightmare)

Picture Credit Miele Facebook

When we arrived at the  A & D Building Miele showroom, we all were met with such a warm welcome, that all the stress of my iphone disaster soon disappeared. We had unlimited amounts of champagne on ice (I’m tee total along with fellow blogger Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – so we sipped on nice cool iced water). It was now time to kick back relax and unwind…. it had really been a long day! 

Blog Tour Bloggers unwinding in the Miele Showroom - Picture Credit Miele Facebook

The Miele showroom smelt so good…while Miele table chef Adan Schop was preparing the bloggers some delicious appetizers… we had chance to talk to our sponsors Miele and view all the fantastic Miele appliances upclose and personal all for ‘Better Living’.

Relaxing on the Miele big 'M' red sofa with Andrew Dunning Cecy J (Note shoes off relaxed) Picture credit Miele facebook

It was soon time to be seated at our tables, and enjoy the Miele Table Artist, Chef Adam Schop, prepare an innovative tasting menu for all the Blog Tour bloggers.

Ready to Dine the Miele way for Better Living - Picture Credit Miele Facebook

It was an evening of engaging, firsthand experiences with technical, functional and design aspects that embody the ‘Better Living’ components of  Miele appliances from Miele Steam Oven, Miele Master Chef, Miele wine system,  all explained in depth by Julie McCrary 

Admiring the Light fittings in the Miele dining showroom - Picture Credit Miele Facebook page
Blog Tour Bloggers in the Miele mood - Picture Credit Miele Facebook page
cooking up on Miele - Picture credit Miele Facebook Thank you

Miele Table Artist, Chef Adam Schop, was soon into the swing of cooking and asked the bloggers who would like to help him… First up was  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ superstar Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar who was a natural (who really should have a slot on Blue Peter) – Ooo I think he already did!

Miele Table Artist chef Adam Schop showing Will Taylor (Bright Bazaar) the ropes - Picture Credit Miele Facebook thank you
Picture credit Miele Facebook

When Madonna does Miele 

Oooo yes you’ve read this subtitle right! Next up to help Chef Adam Schop, was the lovely Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  and myself… now even I was shocked to what happened next……….

Madonna does Miele - Snap shot from the Andrew Dunning Video

YEP! you guessed it… I ended up singing Madonna Holiday followed by Madonna’s Hanky Panky! Now trust me I never got up there to show off (well maybe a little) I was egged on by  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Mamma  Modenus AKA Veronika Miller! Veronika knows I love Madonna, and over 10 years ago starred in the TV hit show PopIdol, but believe me the most I sing these days is in a shower *very badly*! So when Veronika put me on the spot I thought Oooo OK Lets ROCK IT! and thats exactly what I did. Watch Madonna does  Miele video thank you to  Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors  *It is CRINGE*

Madonna does Miele mid sing song of Holiday - Thank you Miele for the pictures

Come the end of Hanky Panky I was soon ushered off and it was back to the Conventional ovens…….

Chef Adam Schop being watched on thank you Miele for pictures
Racks of Lamb Miele Chef Adam Schop - Picture thank you Miele

We throughly enjoyed our evening with Miele, we had great food and drink lots of fun and lots of laughter with great company as well as learning alot about our amazing ‘Blog Tour NYC’ Sponsors! THANK YOU! 

We all left with a Miele Goody bag which included a Fantastic Miele Book and Apron - Thank you for the pictures Miele

We all left Miele on a big high it really had been a long day… from Brunch with Poggenpohl Kitchens Blanco to design heaven at  D & D Building what a busy first day we all had! We hailed a cab back to the  Tryp Hotel. thats when it hit me!….. I really needed my iphone! ……

The Big Green Muffin! 

Big Green Muffin - Picture thank you ifoodtv

I couldn’t sleep maybe over tired, and I was so annoyed over the iphone situation..I decided to take a wander out of the  Tryp Hotel. to cool my head! This is when I came across a cool New York Cafe that sold the most amazing big GREEN MUFFINS! – I throughly enjoyed my muffin while in my Hotel bed!

PT 5:  Blog Tour NYC Diary – Its all about the AD show 2012 you don’t want to miss this! All here on the Dreamwallstyle blog! 

The Blog tour NYC bloggers are: 

Stacey Sheppard – Stacey Sheppards Blog – Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors – Cecy Brooks – CECY j – Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar – David John – You Have Been Here Sometime – Emily Peck – ACHICA Living – Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync – Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique – Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors – Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek – Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life – Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors – Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva  – Carole King – Dear designers 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel says:

    Such a shame you haven’t included your “Madonna’ moment, I thought it was great fun. You were all spoilt rotten…………hmmm thought of the day ‘how to start blogging’

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Im trying to get Andrew Dunning to email me over the only video of it – if I can will edit and put it on for you MEL – thanks so much for reading the blogs xxx

  2. You know I have to say that when you started singing, I thought you were joking. Then you kept singing. I’m like holy S%^&, she’s for real and can sing too. Loved IT!!!

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Oooo yeah baby I can SING – well in the shower 😉 we had so much fun MARILYN

  3. DreamwallStyle says:

    The Madonna Video is now LIVE on the blog

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