PT 5. Blog Tour NYC Diary – Its all about the AD Show!

Massive thank you to Modenus and the Blog Tour Sponsors for making  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ MieleSamuel HeathDu Verre HardwareRotsen Furniture,MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes,Blanco Poggenpohl KitchensSpirit of SportsVictoria and Albert BathsJenn AirBig Ass FansModern AireVitraAxorWallunica,Ethan Allen   Mix Magazine.

Thursday 22nd March:  Another night of NO sleep….Even after my Green Muffin fest! I was so upset about the death of my iphone! Of all the times my iphone had to die why on  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ . Luckily I had bought my mini laptop to New York, it was great to speak to my parents via Skype at 5AM (NY time) I really was hoping to speak to my daughter whom I was missing terribly, but she had already gone to school (4 hours ahead time difference) …. I felt deflated……..but in typical Hannah fashion I picked myself up, got dressed into something a little patriotic.. went for my  Tryp Hotel. breakfast! This is when Blog Star super Star Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors saved the day!  Pippa kindly lent me her iphone for the day, I now could take photographs at the next event on the Blog Tour itinerary the AD show 2012 Breakfast in my Patriotic outfit with Blog Tour Blogger Andrew Dunning

We left the Tryp Hotel. at 9.15am to hail down a New York Yellow cab, and in typical  Emily Peck – ACHICA Living fashion it ended up in some random photoshoot while poor Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors was left to Hail the cab… we had some giggles! 

Andrew Dunning and I arriving at the AD Home Show New York

At last we had finally arrived at the AD show 2012 the sun was shining bright and I started to feel good…..Once inside the show and our press badges collected, it was time to head to the  Modenus booth to meet the Blog Tour NYC’ sponsors.  Du Verre Hardware (Gina Lubin)  Samuel Heath (Vanessa Allen)  Spirit of Sports, (Leslie Carothers) along with Product designers Ross Edwards and Daniel Moyer who were presenting a piece of their own work. 

Daniel Moyer Chair
Blog tour NYC sponsor Modern-Aire at AD home 2012

It was fantastic to meet  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsor  Modern Aire,and listen to Trevor from Valliant Sales talk passionately about the  Modern Aire products on the booth. The booth had been designed by BlogTour2011 Susan Serra it was interesting to see and learn about the collaboration as well as getting a chance to see up close Susan’s business Bornholm Kitchen  (I highly recommend you check them out! such quality) 

Veronika (modenus) Susan Serra - Trevor Modern-aire Booth AD home 2012
Blog Tour Sponsor Modern-Aire

We had fun again with Blog Tour NYC’ sponsor Miele, you may have previously read in PT 4 Madonna does Miele post!  It was great to learn more about the  Miele Better Living campaign. Attendees experienced the unlimited possibilities of what can be created with Miele Culinary appliances in Miele’s live culinary exhibition space. Consumers, architects, designers and foodies alike had the opportunity to touch the products and feel the brand through a combination of engaging experiences.

Miele Booth at the Ad Home Show Picture Credit thank you Miele Facebook
Katie Treggiden and Emily Peck enjoying a demonstration from Blog Tour NYC Sponsor Miele
Kate Baxter enjoying a Miele Coffee at the Miele Stand AD Home show
Miele demonstration at the AD Homes show

Modenus launched the photo contest competition to win fabulous prizes All that was required to enter was a visit to the participating exhibitors’ booths  and take a picture of yourself with your favorite product – I ended up having a morning of fun with the ‘Photo Contest’ with Emily Peck – ACHICA Living  and Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors the serious ‘MOST PRESTIGIOUS’  (An inside Joke !) all will be re-veiled shortly!

Modenus Photo contest LOVE this picture of Emily Peck, Pippa Jameson and I at the Hastens booth at the AD Homes design show
Modenus Photo competition at Blog tour NYC sponsor stand Jenn Air

Come 11am it was time to mingle with the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ sponsors and to catch up with some of our friends from the BlogTour2011 team, all at the AD show 2012 show lounge with the sponsors Karlssons Vodka and Baked by Butterfield  the hastag used for this event was #marysandmimosas 

artisanal, hand-crafted baked (not fried) doughnuts
made fresh every day
Baked by Butterfield
Great to meet up with Blog Tour 2011 friends Carmen Maria Natschke, Andie Day, Michelle Jennings Wiebe, all at AD Home Show

Our morning at the AD show 2012 went really quickly with so much to see and do.

Coming up in PT 6 Blog Tour Diary my afternoon at the Architectural Digest Show… my interior and design finds I’m so excited to share this with you all. Don’t miss out make sure you keep following the Dreamwallstyle blog your next dose of  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like you are having a great time. 🙂 Hopefully you will get your iphone fixed – always the way with technology. Looking forward to PT 6.

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Awwww it was a nightmare re the phone – thank you so much for reading the post thank you

  2. Marilyn G Russell, ASID, NEWH, IIDA says:

    Nice recap Hannah. So gutted I didn’t get any pictures of what we did prior to marys and mimosas. I’m gonna send everyone here. Thank You Hannah for being YOU!!!

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Awwww borrow any pictures Marilyn 😉 miss you lots and lots I always laugh about our fun times and giggles lets get you to LONDON!

  3. susanserrackd says:

    Hannah, great insight into all the little pieces that make the AD Show so special. At the end of the day, for me, my highlight was the fantastic tweetup since i was unable to attend any other function that week. Also, a big thanks that you added Bornholm Kitchen to your post – what an honor to make it in your blog! With so many awesome products (I took close to 700 pictures myself) I’m thrilled! As I said before, New York is NOT the same with you gone! When are you coming back? 😉

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      It was so lovely to see you susan and meet your wonderful daughter, it was fantastic to see what you do up close and LIVE amazing collaboration and love your BORNHOLM KITCHENS

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