Sensational Summer Bloom from Graham & Brown

It may be grey and glooming outside… well it is here in Grimsby today! But after discovering the sensational ‘Summer Bloom’ collection of wallpapers ‘NEW’ from Graham & Brown these have certainly lifted my spirits high. This new collection of wallpaper is certainly going to bring the summer sunshine into your home and keep the gloom at bay!

The Summer Bloom - White, Terracotta, pink and green by Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown presents the fresh and elegant Summer Bloom Collection. The new range embraces beautiful water-colour florals, creating an invigorating and stylish summer look. The Summer Bloom design features an array of radiant spring flowers, bursting with colour and charm.

summer bloom collection by Graham and brown

Pure, white backdrops complement the latest colour trends for the season, with a vibrant palette of electric sky blues, warm summer yellows, burnt oranges, spring greens and feminine pinks and purples.

Summer Bloom - Blue white green
Summer Bloom in Blue, white, green


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