PT 1: Blog Tour The Reunion LONDON

Its two months ago since the   ‘Blog Tour NYC’ trip! How time has really flown by. So it was only natural that a  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ reunion was on the cards. The reunion took place in London and even more perfect that it happened in the Clerkenwell Design week and co insided with the Hasten UK flagship showroom launch.  Not everyone could make the re-union but they were there in spirit or via the virtual world of twitter!

Always a Drama! 

I set off to the train station with my very large back pack and a box of scrubby Crisps for the Blog Tour crew, with the good intentions on making my 9.35am train to Kingscross. When I arrived at the station I could’t find my mobile phone…PANIC… it was like New York all over again with the broken i-phone drama! As a blogger and an avid obsessed photographer how could I possibly go to London without my phone! It turns out I’d left the phone at home and I missed my train! DOH! So had to go back home and get it! What a DRAMA!

Fun on the train to London with Lucy Wood

But all was not lost, I believe it was meant to be as my friend Lucy woods the News Editor of Grimsby Telegraph just so happened to be traveling down on the next train to London – BINGO! we had some laughs 😉

The Back Pack arriving into London

I finally arrived with my large backpack & box of Scrubbys into a very HOT London. I was greeted by my good friend and fellow Blog Tour friend Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors

Arriving into London with Andrew Dunning

I just couldn’t believe how HOT London was, it was just simply gorgeous! A quick clean up then it was straight to Clerkenwell Design week for a very brief visit before meeting up with the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ at Byrons

I adore the Clerkenwell Design week I missed last years festival but attended the one in 2010 and had so much fun. Boasting over 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative agencies and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, Clerkenwell is truly the UK’s most important design community.

First stop: The Farmiloe building, Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors gave me a tour guide to Clerkenwell which he has also wrote on his blog here  

As soon as I walked into the Farmiloe building I was introduced to Young & Norgate  A Devon-based furniture design company, they offer contemporary furniture that is unique, elegant and made to last. It was great to meet designers and learn a little bit more about the designs. * I will be featuring more about   Young & Norgate  on the Dreamwallstyle blog very soon so watch this space.

Meeting Young & Norgate
Young & Norgate Bedside tables

I loved the exclusive insight into the Jaguar design process, with a clay model display of the C-X16 concept which was on display in the Farmiloe building, which captivated both the public and the media at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar at Clerkenwell picture credit New Car

Accompanying the model was a talented modeller on hand at certain times over the three days who explained the importance of this stage of the process and some of the techniques used. In addition, all visitors got the opportunity to see the iconic and unique XJ13, along with two of our current range-topping models, the XKR-S and the XFR.

Jaguar at Clerkenwell 2012

I will be writing more on the Dreamwallstyle blog of my design finds from the festival so watch this space! More highlights from the festival can be seen here Clerkenwell Design week

After a very brief but design packed visit in the Farmiloe building it was then time for Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors and I to meet Tim  Modenus at TOTO for afternoon cream teas and scones with Jam. TOTO’s concept store is in the heart of London’s design district full of exciting products that exemplify new ways of thinking in terms of materials, community, energy and life-style.

Christine and Patrick Goff from Hotel Designs

While relaxing in TOTO it was great to finally meet Patrick and Christine the faces behind Hotel Designs  

TOTO was making available its luxurious washroom facilities to CDW visitors. festival-goers had the experience of the unique Japanese-style, interactive Washlet toilets. Under the banner ‘Spend £1 to Spend a Penny’, all proceeds go to Wherever The Need, a charity that provides essential sanitary facilities in Sierra Leone, Kenya and India (

Coming up next: Get ready to meet the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ crew for a reunion tea at Byrons then on to Hasten UK flagship showroom launch. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Marilyn G Russell, ASID, NEWH, IIDA says:

    As I read about the start of your trip, I’m thinking ‘oh no not the phone thing again’. Thank goodness all worked out and you had a blast!!! x

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Awwww I know MARILYN can you believe the phone gate 😉 missed you xxx

  2. Mel says:

    Great stuff Hannah, look forward to reading the rest of the blogs as I couldn’t make it to Clerkenwell Design Week

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Thanks Mel – Hope you are well?

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