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Be Inspired! Industrial Glamour Exposed Brick Panels

I’ve just received my copy of the September 2012 edition of Living Etc as always its jam packed with  inspirational design ideas, trends and interiors ideas.

Living Etc September 2012 Edition

My favourite article in this months Living etc   has to be ‘The Big Inspirational 40 Fabulous rooms 2012″ This years Key interiors looks! From double height, modern wood, new blues, sixties chic, green revolution to Industrial glamour!

Industrial Glamour feature in Living ETC September 2012

This months forty rooms feature is full of incredible trend watches to be inspired more go here Living ETC  also follow Living ETC on twitter.


Today’s post is taking full inspiration from this months Living etc  forty rooms feature. Reading this inspiring article it really made me feel very proud of my little niche wall covering company Dreamwall that I set up nine years ago. It is very refreshing to see design inspiration where my wall panels are still on trend – you can read my full Dreamwall Story here. 

Dreamwall Brick Collection

Dreamwall specialises in Brick, slate, stone, concrete, contemporary  faux panel designs perfect if wanting that Industrial Glamour look. Dreamwall can help create that look into any home. All Dreamwall panels are easy to install, light weight, they are a great alternative solution to the real thing! Obviously we all love the REAL thing but sometimes certain situations means it is impossible, so this is a perfect alternative solution that will not cost the earth! Today’s Dreamwallstyle feature showcases some of the Dreamwall Brick wall collections, I will feature more designs from Dreamwall including stacked stone, slate, concrete panels in up and coming posts so watch this space!

Dreamwall Brick wall PR 79

Dreamwall Brick PR 73

Dreamwall brick wall PR 70

Dreamwall PR 74

Brick wall covering PR 79 Dreamwall

Dreamwall PR 71 white brick panels

A collection of Dreamwall Brick wall coverings

A collection of Brick wall coverings

Brick wall Dreamwall PR 70


When Hannah meets Madonna well actually a Guy in Edinburgh!

As most of my fellow friends already know I am an avid Madonna fan! I’ve been a Madonna fan since the 80’s from the day’s I used to sneak into my sisters bedroom and put on her Madonna vinyl albums and dance around the bedroom with a hairbrush singing dress me up! Yep you get the picture!

Here I am in the 80’s with my Madonna Collection

Having seen Madonna in concert many times, there was no way I was going to miss out on this years MDNA tour! The tickets were expensive but I insisted that I had to have the golden circle tickets!  We opted to go and see her in Edinburgh, which I have to say was the best choice as we made it into a mini holiday with Madonna in between! (as previously blogged and to be blogged)

My view of the stage at MDNA Edinburgh

Determined to get into the stadium early and secure a good spot we made our way too the  Murray field Stadium in Edinburgh just gone 5pm (21st July) luckily we were only staying up the road so it wasn’t too much of a trek.  Once into Murray field stadium people were on the main stage playing instruments, it soon dawned on me that Madonna was actually on the stage doing her rehearsals before the concert! OMG Madonna right there! Incredible!

Madonna on stage doing her rehearsals at the Murray Stadium Edinburgh

‘Madonna’ was dressed in her casual clothes and soon was belting out her hits for a few lucky people who went in the stadium early! (me included)

Madonna doing her rehearsals in Edinburgh

Madonna video 1 Edinburgh

Madonna Video 2 Edinburgh

Madonna doing her rehearsal Edinburgh

It was incredible to watch Madonna in a very candid way, it was very natural and fun, she had already done a few tracks before we arrived but we were lucky to catch her perform two tracks at least!

I love this picture Madonna right above my half head!


Madonna performing above my head!

When Madonna had finished performing her rehearsal, we had some time to kill, I was determined not to leave my spot on the barrier, it was great people watching and I felt quite comfortable hanging out with people of the same age! In a way what was strange people seemed sensible not like the  hysterical screams of teenage girls from the  ‘Who’s that girl Tour’ in 1987!

Meeting Drew Dollars at the Madonna MDNA show Edinburgh

Madonna’s dancer causally danced past and I was lucky to be able to get a photo opportunity with them and LIVE TWEET IT!

Getting to grips with Madonna’s dancers! 😉

I soon noticed Madonna’s Manager and business partner Guy Oseary walking about, I was pleasantly surprised when he walked right over to chat, a real nice cool guy excuse the pun! This probably was the highlight of the night well apart from obviously seeing Madonna, but its not every day you get to meet and chat up close and personal to Madonna’s manager!

Chatting to Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary

With Guy Oseary Madonna’s manager (such a fan) 

with Guy Oseary at MDNA Edinburgh

We had an incredible night, I live tweeted my whole experience. Long gone are the days when I used to frantically buy every newspaper the next day for the tour updates, LIVE TWEETING the concert is the way forward and that is what I did!

Madonna the superstar!

Madonna gave a flawless show, well yes I am Bias as I am a fan but she never fails to entertain her crowd a real entertainer! Below are a few snaps I managed to get before my iphone battery died a death. I wish I could afford to go to more of Madonna’s tours! Hey Guy if you ever need a TOP TWEETER I’m ya girl! 😉

Incredible Madonna MDNA!

Madonna MDNA Edinburgh


Madonna MDNA edinburgh

Madonna Rocking Edinburgh

Madonna MDNA tour Edinburgh



Madonna MDNA Edinburgh

Madonna MDNA


Madonna MDNA

Madonna MDNA



Madonna MDNA Edinburgh



Getting to Grips with ‘Arthurs Seat’ Edinburgh

On Sunday post my exciting adventure to the Madonna MDNA concert in Edinburgh (To be blogged about) I thought it would be rather ‘Seating’ to challenge a climb up Edinburgh’s famous ‘Arthurs Seat’

The view from Regent Road Edinburgh across to Salisbury Crags and Arthurs Seat

The view of Arthurs Seat as I’m walking from the City of Edinburgh

We took the Tartan seated bus into Edinburgh and made the walk towards Holyrood Park, we decided to start the climb by walking up the Salisbury Crag side then on up to Arthurs Seat to gain a beautiful panoramic views of Edinburgh.  Below is my adventures to Arthur’s Seat in Pictures. More about Arthurs seat and Salisbury crag HERE

Salisbury Crag at the bottom

Ed making the walk to the starting point of Salisbury Crag with a shopping bag in tow!

Making the way up the Salisbury crag hill looking down towards the coast

Having a little blast of energy up Salisbury Crag

more incredible views to the coast up salisbury crag

Still with the shopping bags in tow!

running up the Salisbury Crag!

Carrying on with shopping bags in tow up the Salisbury crag

The view over to Edinburgh from the Salisbury Crag

Walking towards the top of Salisbury Crag

Salisbury Crag rock

more of the Salisbury Crag Rock


walking now towards Arthurs Seat from Salisbury crag


walking along past the salisbury crag to Arthurs Seat


Making the way now up to Arthurs seat

The final bit left to climb to get to the top of Arthurs seat notice the shopping bag still in tow!

The view over to Edinburgh at the top of Arthurs Seat


The view at the top of Arthurs Seat looking over to the coast

Another view from the top of Arthurs seat

YEY! I did it climbed the top of arthur’s seat!

Ed has a sit down on his seat with the shopping bag still in tow

Finally made it to the bottom of Arthurs seat on the other side looking up!


The a walk back into into Edinburgh onto the next adventure!

A whole load of ‘Olympic Torch Kissing’

This blog post is long over due but I feel it is still very relevant, on the 26th and 27th June the Olympic torch relay made its way through Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

Me with my fellow Cleethorpes AC friend and torch bearer Lisa Foster

It was such an exciting time for everyone locally to be able to watch such a historical moment. I personally found it exciting as 8 fellow club members from my running club Cleethorpe Athletics had been chosen to torch bear.

Fellow Cleethorpes AC friend Jenny Clarke Torch bearing

To see more on the Grimsby & Cleethorpes torch bearing.

Fellow Cleethorpes Athletics friend Lisa Foster Torch bearing in Grimsby

More on the Clee AC Torch Relay with some video footage of the event.

Kay and Lisa from Cleethorpes AC torch kissing

On Friday 29th June Clee AC organised a special treat for all club members to get a chance to have a photograph taken on Cleethorpes beach with the 8 Clee AC torch bearers and their torches. It was excellent fun as the below pictures demonstrate.

Clee AC torch bearers on the Lifeboat at Cleethorpes Picture Credit: Jason Neilson

Clee AC torch bearers and the Cleethorpes Life guards Picture Credit: Jason Neilson 

Fun down on Cleethorpes Beach with fellow Clee AC members and Torch bearers

having a picture taken with Nik Forman fellow Clee AC torch Bearer

getting to grips with the Olympic torch

With fellow Clee AC members Debbie and torch bearer Nik Forman

Peeping behind the Olympic torch

My love for the Olympic torch kissing spilled out into the school Olympic events that same week!

School Olympic torch kissing!

This week the brilliant Olympic special of Absolutely Fabulous was aired on BBC1  the picture shown below with my friend Leona & I torch kissing reminded me so much of classic picture of Eddie and Patsy. (made me chuckle)

Absolutely Fabulous – Leona and I torch kissing!

Seeing double here is Eddie and Patsy doing a Leona and I torch kissing!

What an exciting week it is as the olympics all kick starts this Friday 27th July this just so happens to be also my birthday! *Thought I’d just let you know ;-)*


Picture Credit: London 2012 website

To find out more all about the Olympic Torch relay  its such an exciting time!

August Issue of my Design Column in the Lincolnshire Journal

The August issue of the Lincolnshire Journal features my design column, this months feature is all about Botancials. The September issue will be on sale early August and is all about stripes and beach-huts my favourite subject. October’s issue is going to be very special and it will co inside with the London Design Festival week. (So watch this space for more scans of my monthly design column) or if you live in Lincolnshire go and find yourself a copy its a great glossy life-style magazine full of Homes, Travel, fashion, motoring, wine and dine, shopping and much much more!

The August issue of Dreamwallstyle Design Column

Lincolnshire Journal

PT 2: Blog Tour The Reunion London

After leaving  TOTO it was time for  Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors  and I to make our way over to  Byrons to meet up with the ‘Blog Tour NYC’ crew for a light meal before having fun and frolics at the  Hasten UK flagship showroom launch. 

Andrew and I arrived at  Byrons to be greeted to the beautiful Heart Home Magazine ladies  Arianna Trapani   Carole King straight away it was fun and laughter soon more ‘Blog Tour NYC’ friends arrived  Will Taylor Emily Peck  Kate Baxter Pippa Jameson  Tim Modenus it was like we had never been away from each other as we chatted about all the things we had been up to since New York. Lots of positive energy flowing how I had missed my Blog Tour friends. Not everyone could make the reunion but they were all dearly missed  Stacey sheppard  Cecy Brooks   David John  Kelly Morisseau  Marilyn Russell-Grant  Katie Treggiden  Toma Clark Haines and of course mumma blog tour Veronika  Modenus

At Byrons Hamburgers with the Blog Tour NYC reunion Carole King, me, Emily Peck, Pippa Jameson

As we all tucked into our  Byrons skinnys (yes I’m on a diet!) I bought out the big cardboard box of  Scrubby’s Crisps this did amuse all as I had bought them all the way from Grimsby just for the Blog Tour Crew.  Scrubby’s Crisps is my local friend Claire and her husband John’s new venture. They take only the finest root vegetables and slice them, gently cook them in a fancy way using high oleic oil and then lightly season with sea salt to make our delicious vegetable crisps.
So whether you’re snacking, sharing picnicking or partying – add a little class with our sumptuously sophisticated and versatile vegetables. – The blog tour crew LOVED THEM! I even had a few packets left over to take along to the Hasten UK flagship showroom launch.  coming up next….

Scrubbys Crisps

As I arrived at Hastens I was greeted on the doorstep by my good old friend Emma Kirton (Grimsby Girl) who had arranged to meet me at the showroom launch. Once inside Hastens I had chance to meet the very lovely Jessica Sims my twitter friend and also part of Parker Hobart Hastens PR company.

Hästens, founded in 1852, is Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds and started out by primarily making saddles and carriage furniture. The main filling material used for saddles was horsehair and already back then it was common knowledge that horsehair also provided the best possible filling material for mattresses. To begin with the saddle makers at Hästens, only manufactured beds on demand. This demand increased at such rate that making beds with time became the main business for the company. The Hästens, brand name (‘Häst’ is Swedish for horse) and logo are references to its origin as a saddle making company.

Hastens Hammock – Picture Credit Hastens Facebook from the Hasten Fitzrovia UK concept Store

Picture Credit Hastens Facebook from the Hasten Fitzrovia UK concept Store

The Hästens, really pulled out the stops, by treating everyone to massages

Being treated to a massage at the Hastens showroom Launch

Here are the Blog tour crew having fun at the Hastens launch

Blog Tour reunion at the HASTENS UK showroom Launch

Picture Credit Andrew Dunning APD interiors – with a Hastens hat that was given to all that attended the showroom launch in the goodie bags

Hours of fun in the Hastens photobooth

In the Hastens photobooth with Emily Peck

What a fabulous evening and what a fabulous Blogtour reunion it now was time to sleep

Sleeping on a Hastens bed NIGHT ALL

Dreamwallstyle: My first design column in the Lincolnshire Journal

I’m delighted to share with you all my first printed ‘Dreamwallstyle’ design column for the Lincolnshire Journal. After all the success of BlogTour I was appointed by the editor of the Lincolnshire Journal to write my own monthly design column. Each month I can write to my hearts content on all things design related. Below are some scanned images from my first debut as a design writer in the glossy publication (Sorry my scanner could not catch all of it) My first feature is all about illustration, next month feature is all about botanicals. I’ve a few treats up my sleeve too after visiting Lloyd Loom, Sebastian Cox and Liam Treanor so watch this space 😉