PT 2: Blog Tour The Reunion London

After leaving  TOTO it was time for  Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors  and I to make our way over to  Byrons to meet up with the ‘Blog Tour NYC’ crew for a light meal before having fun and frolics at the  Hasten UK flagship showroom launch. 

Andrew and I arrived at  Byrons to be greeted to the beautiful Heart Home Magazine ladies  Arianna Trapani   Carole King straight away it was fun and laughter soon more ‘Blog Tour NYC’ friends arrived  Will Taylor Emily Peck  Kate Baxter Pippa Jameson  Tim Modenus it was like we had never been away from each other as we chatted about all the things we had been up to since New York. Lots of positive energy flowing how I had missed my Blog Tour friends. Not everyone could make the reunion but they were all dearly missed  Stacey sheppard  Cecy Brooks   David John  Kelly Morisseau  Marilyn Russell-Grant  Katie Treggiden  Toma Clark Haines and of course mumma blog tour Veronika  Modenus

At Byrons Hamburgers with the Blog Tour NYC reunion Carole King, me, Emily Peck, Pippa Jameson

As we all tucked into our  Byrons skinnys (yes I’m on a diet!) I bought out the big cardboard box of  Scrubby’s Crisps this did amuse all as I had bought them all the way from Grimsby just for the Blog Tour Crew.  Scrubby’s Crisps is my local friend Claire and her husband John’s new venture. They take only the finest root vegetables and slice them, gently cook them in a fancy way using high oleic oil and then lightly season with sea salt to make our delicious vegetable crisps.
So whether you’re snacking, sharing picnicking or partying – add a little class with our sumptuously sophisticated and versatile vegetables. – The blog tour crew LOVED THEM! I even had a few packets left over to take along to the Hasten UK flagship showroom launch.  coming up next….

Scrubbys Crisps

As I arrived at Hastens I was greeted on the doorstep by my good old friend Emma Kirton (Grimsby Girl) who had arranged to meet me at the showroom launch. Once inside Hastens I had chance to meet the very lovely Jessica Sims my twitter friend and also part of Parker Hobart Hastens PR company.

Hästens, founded in 1852, is Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds and started out by primarily making saddles and carriage furniture. The main filling material used for saddles was horsehair and already back then it was common knowledge that horsehair also provided the best possible filling material for mattresses. To begin with the saddle makers at Hästens, only manufactured beds on demand. This demand increased at such rate that making beds with time became the main business for the company. The Hästens, brand name (‘Häst’ is Swedish for horse) and logo are references to its origin as a saddle making company.

Hastens Hammock – Picture Credit Hastens Facebook from the Hasten Fitzrovia UK concept Store
Picture Credit Hastens Facebook from the Hasten Fitzrovia UK concept Store

The Hästens, really pulled out the stops, by treating everyone to massages

Being treated to a massage at the Hastens showroom Launch

Here are the Blog tour crew having fun at the Hastens launch

Blog Tour reunion at the HASTENS UK showroom Launch
Picture Credit Andrew Dunning APD interiors – with a Hastens hat that was given to all that attended the showroom launch in the goodie bags

Hours of fun in the Hastens photobooth

In the Hastens photobooth with Emily Peck

What a fabulous evening and what a fabulous Blogtour reunion it now was time to sleep

Sleeping on a Hastens bed NIGHT ALL

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