A whole load of ‘Olympic Torch Kissing’

This blog post is long over due but I feel it is still very relevant, on the 26th and 27th June the Olympic torch relay made its way through Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

Me with my fellow Cleethorpes AC friend and torch bearer Lisa Foster

It was such an exciting time for everyone locally to be able to watch such a historical moment. I personally found it exciting as 8 fellow club members from my running club Cleethorpe Athletics had been chosen to torch bear.

Fellow Cleethorpes AC friend Jenny Clarke Torch bearing

To see more on the Grimsby & Cleethorpes torch bearing.

Fellow Cleethorpes Athletics friend Lisa Foster Torch bearing in Grimsby

More on the Clee AC Torch Relay with some video footage of the event.

Kay and Lisa from Cleethorpes AC torch kissing

On Friday 29th June Clee AC organised a special treat for all club members to get a chance to have a photograph taken on Cleethorpes beach with the 8 Clee AC torch bearers and their torches. It was excellent fun as the below pictures demonstrate.

Clee AC torch bearers on the Lifeboat at Cleethorpes Picture Credit: Jason Neilson
Clee AC torch bearers and the Cleethorpes Life guards Picture Credit: Jason Neilson 
Fun down on Cleethorpes Beach with fellow Clee AC members and Torch bearers
having a picture taken with Nik Forman fellow Clee AC torch Bearer
getting to grips with the Olympic torch
With fellow Clee AC members Debbie and torch bearer Nik Forman
Peeping behind the Olympic torch

My love for the Olympic torch kissing spilled out into the school Olympic events that same week!

School Olympic torch kissing!

This week the brilliant Olympic special of Absolutely Fabulous was aired on BBC1  the picture shown below with my friend Leona & I torch kissing reminded me so much of classic picture of Eddie and Patsy. (made me chuckle)

Absolutely Fabulous – Leona and I torch kissing!
Seeing double here is Eddie and Patsy doing a Leona and I torch kissing!

What an exciting week it is as the olympics all kick starts this Friday 27th July this just so happens to be also my birthday! *Thought I’d just let you know ;-)*

Picture Credit: London 2012 website

To find out more all about the Olympic Torch relay  its such an exciting time!


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