Getting to Grips with ‘Arthurs Seat’ Edinburgh

On Sunday post my exciting adventure to the Madonna MDNA concert in Edinburgh (To be blogged about) I thought it would be rather ‘Seating’ to challenge a climb up Edinburgh’s famous ‘Arthurs Seat’

The view from Regent Road Edinburgh across to Salisbury Crags and Arthurs Seat
The view of Arthurs Seat as I’m walking from the City of Edinburgh

We took the Tartan seated bus into Edinburgh and made the walk towards Holyrood Park, we decided to start the climb by walking up the Salisbury Crag side then on up to Arthurs Seat to gain a beautiful panoramic views of Edinburgh.  Below is my adventures to Arthur’s Seat in Pictures. More about Arthurs seat and Salisbury crag HERE

Salisbury Crag at the bottom
Ed making the walk to the starting point of Salisbury Crag with a shopping bag in tow!
Making the way up the Salisbury crag hill looking down towards the coast
Having a little blast of energy up Salisbury Crag
more incredible views to the coast up salisbury crag
Still with the shopping bags in tow!
running up the Salisbury Crag!
Carrying on with shopping bags in tow up the Salisbury crag
The view over to Edinburgh from the Salisbury Crag
Walking towards the top of Salisbury Crag
Salisbury Crag rock
more of the Salisbury Crag Rock


walking now towards Arthurs Seat from Salisbury crag


walking along past the salisbury crag to Arthurs Seat


Making the way now up to Arthurs seat
The final bit left to climb to get to the top of Arthurs seat notice the shopping bag still in tow!
The view over to Edinburgh at the top of Arthurs Seat


The view at the top of Arthurs Seat looking over to the coast
Another view from the top of Arthurs seat
YEY! I did it climbed the top of arthur’s seat!
Ed has a sit down on his seat with the shopping bag still in tow
Finally made it to the bottom of Arthurs seat on the other side looking up!


The a walk back into into Edinburgh onto the next adventure!

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