When Hannah meets Madonna well actually a Guy in Edinburgh!

As most of my fellow friends already know I am an avid Madonna fan! I’ve been a Madonna fan since the 80’s from the day’s I used to sneak into my sisters bedroom and put on her Madonna vinyl albums and dance around the bedroom with a hairbrush singing dress me up! Yep you get the picture!

Here I am in the 80’s with my Madonna Collection

Having seen Madonna in concert many times, there was no way I was going to miss out on this years MDNA tour! The tickets were expensive but I insisted that I had to have the golden circle tickets!  We opted to go and see her in Edinburgh, which I have to say was the best choice as we made it into a mini holiday with Madonna in between! (as previously blogged and to be blogged)

My view of the stage at MDNA Edinburgh

Determined to get into the stadium early and secure a good spot we made our way too the  Murray field Stadium in Edinburgh just gone 5pm (21st July) luckily we were only staying up the road so it wasn’t too much of a trek.  Once into Murray field stadium people were on the main stage playing instruments, it soon dawned on me that Madonna was actually on the stage doing her rehearsals before the concert! OMG Madonna right there! Incredible!

Madonna on stage doing her rehearsals at the Murray Stadium Edinburgh

‘Madonna’ was dressed in her casual clothes and soon was belting out her hits for a few lucky people who went in the stadium early! (me included)

Madonna doing her rehearsals in Edinburgh

Madonna video 1 Edinburgh

Madonna Video 2 Edinburgh

Madonna doing her rehearsal Edinburgh

It was incredible to watch Madonna in a very candid way, it was very natural and fun, she had already done a few tracks before we arrived but we were lucky to catch her perform two tracks at least!

I love this picture Madonna right above my half head!


Madonna performing above my head!

When Madonna had finished performing her rehearsal, we had some time to kill, I was determined not to leave my spot on the barrier, it was great people watching and I felt quite comfortable hanging out with people of the same age! In a way what was strange people seemed sensible not like the  hysterical screams of teenage girls from the  ‘Who’s that girl Tour’ in 1987!

Meeting Drew Dollars at the Madonna MDNA show Edinburgh

Madonna’s dancer causally danced past and I was lucky to be able to get a photo opportunity with them and LIVE TWEET IT!

Getting to grips with Madonna’s dancers! 😉

I soon noticed Madonna’s Manager and business partner Guy Oseary walking about, I was pleasantly surprised when he walked right over to chat, a real nice cool guy excuse the pun! This probably was the highlight of the night well apart from obviously seeing Madonna, but its not every day you get to meet and chat up close and personal to Madonna’s manager!

Chatting to Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary
With Guy Oseary Madonna’s manager (such a fan) 
with Guy Oseary at MDNA Edinburgh

We had an incredible night, I live tweeted my whole experience. Long gone are the days when I used to frantically buy every newspaper the next day for the tour updates, LIVE TWEETING the concert is the way forward and that is what I did!

Madonna the superstar!

Madonna gave a flawless show, well yes I am Bias as I am a fan but she never fails to entertain her crowd a real entertainer! Below are a few snaps I managed to get before my iphone battery died a death. I wish I could afford to go to more of Madonna’s tours! Hey Guy if you ever need a TOP TWEETER I’m ya girl! 😉

Incredible Madonna MDNA!
Madonna MDNA Edinburgh


Madonna MDNA edinburgh
Madonna Rocking Edinburgh
Madonna MDNA tour Edinburgh


Madonna MDNA Edinburgh
Madonna MDNA


Madonna MDNA
Madonna MDNA


Madonna MDNA Edinburgh




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel says:

    Looks like you had a fab time Hannah and thanks………I now can’t get ‘dress me up’ out of my head!!! I wouldn’t mind but I only know the one line 🙂

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      it was amazing Mel loved every minute of it

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