Dreamwall new ranges

APD interiors feature Dreamwall on todays APD interiors Blog post Thank you Andrew

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Many people would love an exposed brick or stone wall in their home but unfortunately the reality is that the procedure to get the look is very involved. Also the bricks or stone underneath your plaster are often poor quality so the desired look isn’t achieved. However, for the last 10 years Dreamwall has been helping people recreate this look without any hassle by using their wall panels. The company has now released a new range of panels featuring different looks and textures to compliment their original faux brick and stone panels.

Designed to help you get an exposed brick or stone look the panels come in a large format and are very easily applied. Some of the panels are even waterproof so can be used in a bathroom. When the product is installed and hung on your wall you don’t see any joins and the product is very realistic. If you’ve…

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