Design 1: Dreamwall Lifestyle Capitone Wall Panel

Dreamwall Design 1 Lifestyle collection Capitone

Dreamwall wallcoverings with a difference

Dreamwall Capitone Wall Panels were originally launched at the London Surface Design Show in 2011.

Capitone is now Design 1. in our newly launched Lifestyle collection of wall panels.

It created a storm back in 2011 through out the interior design industry and was featured in many interior online blogs and magazine articles.

The panel is different than the usual fabric chesterfield panels because its actually not soft! The panel is made of a polyurethane back and a polyester front mixed with a natural stone and marble powder, so when it is touched it feels hard and cold like stone.

The capitone panel is available in Black and White, if a client would choose to paint the panels to a colour of choice on an installation this is fine to do so.

Perfect for commercial and domestic installations.

For more details on how to obtain a quote please contact the…

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