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MACS LONDON: Feature Dreamwall Wonder Walls

More in the Celebration of 10 years of Dreamwall: Macs London delivering you the very best in celebrity news , fashion and beauty from Macs London online lifestyle magazine kindly featured Dreamwall in an article read it HERE



The Journal (December 2012) Deborah Moses The Silver Zebra

The Journal

the journal

The journal

The Journal (October 2012) Visiting Lloyd Loom of Spalding

Here is a scan of ‘The Journal’ October 2012 when Dreamwallstyle visited Lloyd Loom of Spalding. Dreamwallstyle writes a monthly column in the North Lincolnshire Journal.


The Adidas Bag That Changed My World!

Design Museum 50 Bags that changed the world

For my recent birthday my lovely sister gave me the most perfect present:  Design Museum ‘Fifty Bags That Changed The World’  

Everything around us is designed and the word ‘design’ has become part of our everyday experience. But how much do we know about it? Fifty Bags That Changed The World imparts that knowledge listing the top 50 handbags, cases and backpacks that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today.

For anyone who know’s me will know I’m renown for my Adidas Original Sports Bag!  it literally goes everywhere with me! So how delighted was I to spot on page 56/57 a two page article dedicated to my beloved ‘Sports Bag’

Design Museum: Fifty Bags that changed the world Page 56/57

Adidas Original

Below are a collection of photographs taken over the past year with my  Adidas Original Sports Bag!  as you can see I really DO LOVE IT!

At London Design Festival 2011 – Adidas Bag

In New York Soho with the Adidas Bag!


On a Tartan Bus in Edinburgh with my Adidas bag!

Clee AC King George Stadium Club Champs with Adidas Bag


On Blog Tour NYC Poggen Pohl – Adidas Bag

In Ikea with the Adidas bag

At Portabella Beach posing with the Adidas Bag

Cleethorpes Beach with my daughter and the Adidas bag


Out and about in Brigg with the Adidas Bag


Hanging out with Usain Bolt! 😉 and the Adidias Bag!

In New York with Modenus Blog Tour Crew! and the adidas Bag get in!


Walking the Humber Bridge with the Adidas Bag!

Playing in the snow with my Adidas bag!


Hanging out at the Olympic Torch relay Meridian Park Cleethorpes & the Adidas Bag


In a showroom in Soho New York and the Adidas Bag!

Out shopping with the Adidas Bag!


Walking in Edinburgh with my Adidas Bag!

Shopping for more Adidas Goodies!


OMG A man with no head has my ADIDAS BAG!

The Adidas Bag really did change my world the picture below is my favourite!

For the Love of my Adidas BAG!


Be Inspired! Industrial Glamour Exposed Brick Panels

I’ve just received my copy of the September 2012 edition of Living Etc as always its jam packed with  inspirational design ideas, trends and interiors ideas.

Living Etc September 2012 Edition

My favourite article in this months Living etc   has to be ‘The Big Inspirational 40 Fabulous rooms 2012″ This years Key interiors looks! From double height, modern wood, new blues, sixties chic, green revolution to Industrial glamour!

Industrial Glamour feature in Living ETC September 2012

This months forty rooms feature is full of incredible trend watches to be inspired more go here Living ETC  also follow Living ETC on twitter.


Today’s post is taking full inspiration from this months Living etc  forty rooms feature. Reading this inspiring article it really made me feel very proud of my little niche wall covering company Dreamwall that I set up nine years ago. It is very refreshing to see design inspiration where my wall panels are still on trend – you can read my full Dreamwall Story here. 

Dreamwall Brick Collection

Dreamwall specialises in Brick, slate, stone, concrete, contemporary  faux panel designs perfect if wanting that Industrial Glamour look. Dreamwall can help create that look into any home. All Dreamwall panels are easy to install, light weight, they are a great alternative solution to the real thing! Obviously we all love the REAL thing but sometimes certain situations means it is impossible, so this is a perfect alternative solution that will not cost the earth! Today’s Dreamwallstyle feature showcases some of the Dreamwall Brick wall collections, I will feature more designs from Dreamwall including stacked stone, slate, concrete panels in up and coming posts so watch this space!

Dreamwall Brick wall PR 79

Dreamwall Brick PR 73

Dreamwall brick wall PR 70

Dreamwall PR 74

Brick wall covering PR 79 Dreamwall

Dreamwall PR 71 white brick panels

A collection of Dreamwall Brick wall coverings

A collection of Brick wall coverings

Brick wall Dreamwall PR 70

Housing the Illustration

An over whelming wave of nostalgia passes over me every-time I see sketched illustrations of buildings. I was raised on sketched illustrations of buildings, my father a designer of historical model buildings and my mother an artist.

Hovels: My mothers house illustrations from 1980's

Part of Hougoumont model designed & painted by my father Hovels Established 1985

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Back in the 1980’s My parents set up a business called ‘Hovels’ instead of using photographs to showcase my fathers model building designs, my mother would sketch them to be used in the ‘Hovels’ illustrated catalogue.

Hougoumont model Designed and Painted by my father for Hovels

Sketched Illustrations of buildings, have certainly made a way into the interior design world mainly through wall-coverings. Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog post is inspired by my nostalgic love of my mothers original sketches and my fathers model buildings, so I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite sketched Illustration of buildings that you can now bring into your homes….housing the Illustration!

Mini Moderns: Do you Live in a Town

I’m a massive fan of Minimoderns launched in 2006 by London based designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire. Minimoderns design influences range from mid-century British textiles to vintage toys, from literature to childhood memories. ‘Do You live in a Town Wallpaper’ (Snow) is a colour me wallpaper its fun for a kids bedroom or nostalgic adults who just want hours of fun colouring the houses….. what a great idea!

MiniModern ‘Do you live in a Town?’ wallpaper is printed in the UK with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests 52cm repeat-straight match £40 per roll.

MiniModerns: Do You live in a Town Wallpaper? in Milk chocolate

Mini Moderns - Town Cushion

Also available in Milk chocolate… so do you fancy a mug of tea? ‘Do you live in a Town? Bone china mug …OK its not a wall-covering but I love it!

Little Greene Hampstead c.1949 From the hand-printed ‘Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene is attibuted to designer Els Calvetti.

Hampstead Wallpaper - Little Greene

Hampstead by Little Greene (INK)

All the line detail is retained and even the original colour-ways of grey and blue have been accurately recreated for the 21st Century interior. Hampstead price £47.25 per roll

Little Greene - Hampstead (James Blue)

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company’s paint palette. Each highly individual collection employs specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers, which gives the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

Harlequin - Brighton - Strawberry, cornflower and Neutrals

Harlequin  Has a wonderful hand drawn interpretation of Brighton’s regency townhouses, available in six colour-ways, so very versatile in how it could be used in a property, from a children’s fun bedroom, to a perfect feature wall used in a dining room. £40,00 per roll.

Harlequin: Brighton Wallpaper

Erica Wakerly is an award winning print design company, Erica Wakerly established the design label in 2006, specialising in designing and producing wallpapers and interior textiles, that are modern and delicate. Distinct, but not overpowering. Houses £59.00 per roll

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper in Salmon

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper - Black/Grey

Erica Wakerly Houses Cushions

Graham and Brown  For a bit of fun I adore the commemorative 2012 designs from Britain’s wall decoration Kings.

Jubilee - Graham and Brown

The elegant fashions of the 1950s feature alongside iconic London landmarks in Graham & Brown’s new wallpaper design, ‘Jubilee’. Launched to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the new design has been created by surface design & textiles student, Sophie Minal. £25.00 per roll

Graham and Brown - Londinium

Bring the eternal city into your home with this new graphic wallpaper design. Capturing the excitement of 2012, Graham & Brown launches this illustrative cityscape, featuring London’s best known buildings and attractions. £25.00 per roll.

Graham and Brown - Londinium

Paisley Crescent by Mini Moderns

Mini Moderns rub shoulders with commuters on the 08.15 from Beckenham Junction, whilst dreaming of the East, with their new wallpaper ‘Paisley Crescent’….. 

Tangerine Dream

Inspired by the characters and settings of Hanif Kureishi’s novel ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, the ‘Paisley Crescent’ print fuses the ornamentation of a traditional Indian-inspired paisley design with the ordered iconography of life in the commuter belt.


The design duo see ‘Paisley Crescent’ as typically Mini Moderns, with its narrative approach to pattern and diverse range of influences. They explain: “This is the second print from our 2012 collection, ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, which explores a diverse range of aesthetic influences that can be traced back to the 1970s – a period that set the template for the uniquely British culture mash-up we enjoy today”.


The print illustrates elements of the novel’s narrative through a wealth of imagery. Suburban life is depicted through rows of Tudorbethan and Art Deco houses. A border of racing bikes represents the main character of the story cycling to leafy Chislehurst, in turn evoked by the border of trees around the Common.

Chalkhill Blue

Meanwhile, the Buddha aspect of the print comes in the form of a many-petaled lotus motif, symbolizing the crown chakra. Stars are also scattered around the design, lending it a sequined 1970s glam rock look. Printed in both positive and negative colorways, the print displays great versatility in the way it can be seen as a strong graphic paisley or a delicate, lacy repeat.

Pale Verdigris

Mini Moderns designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire first got interested in the origins of paisley whilst researching and writing their successful series of books ‘Communicating with Pattern’. They explain: “Our paisley-with-a-twist goes right back to the pattern’s tradition of mixing Eastern influences with British manufacture. Although the original design is Iranian and Indian in origin, its commonly known name derives from the Scottish town of Paisley where, due to the overwhelming success of already imported original Indian material, the fabric industry had to design and produce its own versions to meet demand.”

Following the Beatles’ ’68 pilgrimage to India, paisley enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the late sixties and early seventies – with the style making its mark on the suburbia where Hanif Kureishi grew up, and where the story opens. The design continues to influence interior and fashion designers alike, with paisley once more making an appearance on the catwalk.

‘Paisley Crescent’ is available in 5 colourways: Chalkhill Blue, Concrete, Pale Verdigris, Lido and Tangerine Dream.

The wallpaper comes in 10m x 52cm rolls printed with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests. £45 per roll

Made in the UK