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The Journal (October 2012) Visiting Lloyd Loom of Spalding

Here is a scan of ‘The Journal’ October 2012 when Dreamwallstyle visited Lloyd Loom of Spalding. Dreamwallstyle writes a monthly column in the North Lincolnshire Journal.



The Journal (Sept 2012) All things Stripe and Beautiful

Here is a scan of the September 2012 issue of the North Lincolnshire ‘The Journal’ Dreamwallstyle has a monthly interiors and design column.

The Lincolnshire Journal September 2012

Dreamwallstyle: My first design column in the Lincolnshire Journal

I’m delighted to share with you all my first printed ‘Dreamwallstyle’ design column for the Lincolnshire Journal. After all the success of BlogTour I was appointed by the editor of the Lincolnshire Journal to write my own monthly design column. Each month I can write to my hearts content on all things design related. Below are some scanned images from my first debut as a design writer in the glossy publication (Sorry my scanner could not catch all of it) My first feature is all about illustration, next month feature is all about botanicals. I’ve a few treats up my sleeve too after visiting Lloyd Loom, Sebastian Cox and Liam Treanor so watch this space 😉

PT 1: Blog Tour The Reunion LONDON

Its two months ago since the   ‘Blog Tour NYC’ trip! How time has really flown by. So it was only natural that a  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ reunion was on the cards. The reunion took place in London and even more perfect that it happened in the Clerkenwell Design week and co insided with the Hasten UK flagship showroom launch.  Not everyone could make the re-union but they were there in spirit or via the virtual world of twitter!

Always a Drama! 

I set off to the train station with my very large back pack and a box of scrubby Crisps for the Blog Tour crew, with the good intentions on making my 9.35am train to Kingscross. When I arrived at the station I could’t find my mobile phone…PANIC… it was like New York all over again with the broken i-phone drama! As a blogger and an avid obsessed photographer how could I possibly go to London without my phone! It turns out I’d left the phone at home and I missed my train! DOH! So had to go back home and get it! What a DRAMA!

Fun on the train to London with Lucy Wood

But all was not lost, I believe it was meant to be as my friend Lucy woods the News Editor of Grimsby Telegraph just so happened to be traveling down on the next train to London – BINGO! we had some laughs 😉

The Back Pack arriving into London

I finally arrived with my large backpack & box of Scrubbys into a very HOT London. I was greeted by my good friend and fellow Blog Tour friend Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors

Arriving into London with Andrew Dunning

I just couldn’t believe how HOT London was, it was just simply gorgeous! A quick clean up then it was straight to Clerkenwell Design week for a very brief visit before meeting up with the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ at Byrons

I adore the Clerkenwell Design week I missed last years festival but attended the one in 2010 and had so much fun. Boasting over 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative agencies and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, Clerkenwell is truly the UK’s most important design community.

First stop: The Farmiloe building, Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors gave me a tour guide to Clerkenwell which he has also wrote on his blog here  

As soon as I walked into the Farmiloe building I was introduced to Young & Norgate  A Devon-based furniture design company, they offer contemporary furniture that is unique, elegant and made to last. It was great to meet designers and learn a little bit more about the designs. * I will be featuring more about   Young & Norgate  on the Dreamwallstyle blog very soon so watch this space.

Meeting Young & Norgate

Young & Norgate Bedside tables

I loved the exclusive insight into the Jaguar design process, with a clay model display of the C-X16 concept which was on display in the Farmiloe building, which captivated both the public and the media at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar at Clerkenwell picture credit New Car Net.co.uk

Accompanying the model was a talented modeller on hand at certain times over the three days who explained the importance of this stage of the process and some of the techniques used. In addition, all visitors got the opportunity to see the iconic and unique XJ13, along with two of our current range-topping models, the XKR-S and the XFR.

Jaguar at Clerkenwell 2012

I will be writing more on the Dreamwallstyle blog of my design finds from the festival so watch this space! More highlights from the festival can be seen here Clerkenwell Design week

After a very brief but design packed visit in the Farmiloe building it was then time for Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors and I to meet Tim  Modenus at TOTO for afternoon cream teas and scones with Jam. TOTO’s concept store is in the heart of London’s design district full of exciting products that exemplify new ways of thinking in terms of materials, community, energy and life-style.

Christine and Patrick Goff from Hotel Designs

While relaxing in TOTO it was great to finally meet Patrick and Christine the faces behind Hotel Designs  

TOTO was making available its luxurious washroom facilities to CDW visitors. festival-goers had the experience of the unique Japanese-style, interactive Washlet toilets. Under the banner ‘Spend £1 to Spend a Penny’, all proceeds go to Wherever The Need, a charity that provides essential sanitary facilities in Sierra Leone, Kenya and India (www.wherevertheneed.org).

Coming up next: Get ready to meet the  ‘Blog Tour NYC’ crew for a reunion tea at Byrons then on to Hasten UK flagship showroom launch. 

Housing the Illustration

An over whelming wave of nostalgia passes over me every-time I see sketched illustrations of buildings. I was raised on sketched illustrations of buildings, my father a designer of historical model buildings and my mother an artist.

Hovels: My mothers house illustrations from 1980's

Part of Hougoumont model designed & painted by my father Hovels Established 1985

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Hovels: My mothers Illustrations from the 1980's

Back in the 1980’s My parents set up a business called ‘Hovels’ instead of using photographs to showcase my fathers model building designs, my mother would sketch them to be used in the ‘Hovels’ illustrated catalogue.

Hougoumont model Designed and Painted by my father for Hovels

Sketched Illustrations of buildings, have certainly made a way into the interior design world mainly through wall-coverings. Today’s Dreamwallstyle blog post is inspired by my nostalgic love of my mothers original sketches and my fathers model buildings, so I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite sketched Illustration of buildings that you can now bring into your homes….housing the Illustration!

Mini Moderns: Do you Live in a Town

I’m a massive fan of Minimoderns launched in 2006 by London based designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire. Minimoderns design influences range from mid-century British textiles to vintage toys, from literature to childhood memories. ‘Do You live in a Town Wallpaper’ (Snow) is a colour me wallpaper its fun for a kids bedroom or nostalgic adults who just want hours of fun colouring the houses….. what a great idea!

MiniModern ‘Do you live in a Town?’ wallpaper is printed in the UK with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests 52cm repeat-straight match £40 per roll.

MiniModerns: Do You live in a Town Wallpaper? in Milk chocolate

Mini Moderns - Town Cushion

Also available in Milk chocolate… so do you fancy a mug of tea? ‘Do you live in a Town? Bone china mug …OK its not a wall-covering but I love it!

Little Greene Hampstead c.1949 From the hand-printed ‘Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene is attibuted to designer Els Calvetti.

Hampstead Wallpaper - Little Greene

Hampstead by Little Greene (INK)

All the line detail is retained and even the original colour-ways of grey and blue have been accurately recreated for the 21st Century interior. Hampstead price £47.25 per roll

Little Greene - Hampstead (James Blue)

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company’s paint palette. Each highly individual collection employs specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers, which gives the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

Harlequin - Brighton - Strawberry, cornflower and Neutrals

Harlequin  Has a wonderful hand drawn interpretation of Brighton’s regency townhouses, available in six colour-ways, so very versatile in how it could be used in a property, from a children’s fun bedroom, to a perfect feature wall used in a dining room. £40,00 per roll.

Harlequin: Brighton Wallpaper

Erica Wakerly is an award winning print design company, Erica Wakerly established the design label in 2006, specialising in designing and producing wallpapers and interior textiles, that are modern and delicate. Distinct, but not overpowering. Houses £59.00 per roll

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper in Salmon

Erica Wakerly - Houses wallpaper - Black/Grey

Erica Wakerly Houses Cushions

Graham and Brown  For a bit of fun I adore the commemorative 2012 designs from Britain’s wall decoration Kings.

Jubilee - Graham and Brown

The elegant fashions of the 1950s feature alongside iconic London landmarks in Graham & Brown’s new wallpaper design, ‘Jubilee’. Launched to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the new design has been created by surface design & textiles student, Sophie Minal. £25.00 per roll

Graham and Brown - Londinium

Bring the eternal city into your home with this new graphic wallpaper design. Capturing the excitement of 2012, Graham & Brown launches this illustrative cityscape, featuring London’s best known buildings and attractions. £25.00 per roll.

Graham and Brown - Londinium

BlogTour NYC: Interview with John Pagnucco owner of Spirit of Sports

The second in a mini series of blog posts about ‘BlogTourNYC’ sponsor Spirit of Sports’ 

Competitive Sports, athletics and play are the original art form. And Spirit of Sports is the world’s largest online gallery of non-licensed artwork and gift items dedicated solely to the subject of sport. Spirit of Sports carries fine sports art and gifts in 30 sports categories which people can search on easily through the filters they’ve created once you hit their homepage here: Spirit of Sports

The owner of the company is John Pagnucco, DreamwallStyle got chance to speak to John and find out a little bit more and what the Spirit of Sport meant to him……
Q1. What was the inspiration behind setting up ‘Spirit of sports’? 
A1.The idea behind Spirit of Sports evolved in the late 1980’s when I began
looking for art with a sports theme, not personality or team specific, but
just good art that embodied passion and energy and represented a sport in a
meaningful way.  I had known of Leroy Neiman whose paintings of sports, both
generically and some personality specific, I admired and were known
worldwide. But there wasn’t an artist in “second place.”  There still isn’t.
Leroy Neiman is alone at the top.  We are in the process of discovering and
marketing a lot of artists who are relatively unknown.
Q2. What does the words ‘Spirit of Sports’ mean to you? and how would you describe the meaning of spirit of sports?
A2. I discovered many artists who created sports imagery both in paintings and
in sculpture and thought that I could open a true “sports art gallery”
featuring the works of many artists.  I did just that in 1991 with The Arena
Gallery in Edina, Minnesota, and also included high quality gifts that were
sports themed.   After four years, I realized we were not in the right
location and closed the business and returned to my former investment
banking business.
But the “sliver under my fingernail” did not go away.  A few years ago I
began to toy with the idea of re-creating the business on the internet,
which I did in late November last year.  The Spirit of Sports was born.  The
“spirit” is the idea of art and gifts relating to a sport that an individual
loved or played in yesteryear, or loves, plays, or is involved with
currently….a sport that is a meaningful part of his/her life.
Beyond food, sex, and shelter, sports is very high on the list of common
denominators among most people.  In this country, the sports section of the
daily newspaper is what most people read first….
Q3. Are you actively a sports person? 
A.3 Sports was and is a meaningful part of my life as it is a meaningful basic
element of any culture.  Thousands of years ago, depictions of contests were
etched in caveman walls.  Art was part of the very first Olympic games in
the eighth century B. C.  Great sports art was and still is a celebration of
the human body….
Q4. what is your favourite sport? 

A4. At one time or another in my life I played baseball, American football,
tennis, and I rowed on the crew at Cornell University.  I have skiied for
thirty five years and I play golf regularly.
Q5. Do you have a favourite art piece in the ‘Spirit of Sports’ collections? 

A5. I have many favorite artists, but for different reasons.  Linda Hartough for
golf landscapes.  She was the artist for many years for the British Open and
painted the “signature hole” of each golf course.  Same for the U. S. Open.
Q6. Do you have a favourite artist? 
A6.John Mecray captures the essence of sailing….Michael Bryan paints with energy and style that I enjoy.

Mark Lundeen is a favorite bronze Sculptor along with Mark Hopkins, whose
work is more playful…

Q7. How do you feel being part of BLOG TOUR NYC? 

A7.We look forward to the Blog Tour.  We are a unique business and site and
look forward to being able to build relationships with the design community.

Blog Tour: The world Designed New York City presented by Modenus

Art from the Spirit of Sports was recently featured on both the Today Show in the 3D *ManCave* featured on this segment:  and also on the Nate Berkus show: where artist John Mecray, the founder of the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, RI and the world’s most famous artist of yachts and sailing vessels had three of his prints selected from Spirit of Sports’ site by the designer who won the room reveal.

Spirit of Sports is on Twitter  Facebook

The new Spirit of Sports blog has just launched, Spirit of Sports are an upcoming sponsor of Modenus’s #blogTourNYC – the social media event where 15 design bloggers are being flown in from around the world to attend the worlds’ largest wholesale luxury tradeshow, the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC, March 22nd -25th for four days of design education, blogging, collaboration and sharing.

Blog Tour NYC - AD Home Show

All pictures of artwork & sculptures in this post are all products available to purchase from Spirit of Sports’ 

Introducing the ‘Design Village’ at Interiors UK 2012

Designersblock will collaborate with the UK’s largest trade Interiors event, ‘INTERIORS UK’ to produce a creatively driven feature area where visitors will be able to find inspiration within a vibrant, relaxing and stimulating hub .

The area will be based on the concept of a ‘Design Village’ with a ‘local’ market stalls and games along with the New Design Britain finalists, the Birmingham City University trend pavilion, seminar theatre and areas for VIP and media visitors.

This new neighbourhood will be home to some of the industry’s most exciting designers including Puff & Flock, Donna Walker, Chloe Scadding, Fay McCaul. Daniel Schofield, Lazerian, Freya Godwin Brown, Helga Matos, JAILmake, SCIN Gallery, Graphic Relief, Jo Gibbs and Camilla Meijer.

Visitors will be able to pop into the bar – ‘The Local’ and meet designers and Industry luminaries, take part in a programme of workshops and demonstrations, attend seminars, contribute to broadcasts, publications and source brand new product directly from the UK and abroad from furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles.

Your bar hosts will include Alex Brownless, Co Founder of Arts Thread: Author and journalist Helen Parton: Annabelle Filer owner of SCIN Gallery, designer and Trend analyst Leo Harris.

INTERIORS UK is the perfect opportunity for retailers,  interior designers, architects and specifiers to source a fantastic array of products from over 688 companies, including the industry’s big brands and international trendsetters as well as young designers looking to start their career.

Find furniture, lighting, fabric, accessories and soft furnishings all under one roof, for both the contract and retail markets.

For more information, the latest industry news and to pre-register for a complimentary ticket to the show visit http://www.interiorsuk.com


* Pictures on blog courtesy of Interiors UK *