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Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman launches a Brand New Limited Edition Collection of Tote Bags featuring the famous seagull eating a chip photograph. 

Back in 2010 I took a photograph using just my iPhone 3 of a very greedy seagull eating a chip in Bridlington. The picture was an internet sensation he went viral was used on the one show, BBC main website and used in the national press. For the last few years I have had many requests would I make prints, postcards, greeting cards etc. So 2017 seven years later here I am with a brand new limited edition of colourful Tote Bags featuring the iconic image of the famous seagull. 

The bags come in Red, white, blue, black, grey, lime these 6 options retail at £20.00 and also I have a navy & white cooler shopper Tote available these will be £30.00 I can ship them all over the world on the condition the buyer pays the correct postage. 

See below all the options available. For more details get in touch via my email info@dreamwall.co.uk always looking for magazine journos & bloggers to feature the totes would be grateful if you can :-)) 

Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman Tote Bag £29.99


‘NEW’ From the Lollipop Shoppe: The Songbird by Kay Bojesen

In Spring 2012, a new creation from Kay Bojesen Denmark takes flight to the delight of fans of all ages: The Songbird. It is a hitherto unknown design created by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, but never put into production, until now. The Lollipop Shoppe bid Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine a warm welcome to Bojesen’s wonderful animal family and predict that the six colourful personalities will quickly find friends among design lovers the world over.

Since Kay Bojesen Denmark relaunched The Dog, The Rabbit and The Hippo last year, interest in Kay Bojesen’s classic wooden designs has been tremendous. The Monkey and all his friends have gone from cool to cult, not least riding the wave of the nature trend as a strong element on the Scandinavian design scene.

However, Kay Bojesen was just as colourful in his work as in his personality! The Lollipop Shoppe came to realise this when the Bojesen Family gave them permission to flip through an old photo album and they found photos of a hitherto undiscovered feathered treasure: The Songbird. Chirpingly charming, and never put into production, until now. On closer investigation they found that only five birds were originally produced. However, based on the design of the originals and a small flock of birds glued to a branch, Kay Bojesen Denmark now introduces six different songbirds, named after the designer and his family.

Birds from the patio of the family home
The Bojesen’s patio at the family home Bella Vista near Bellevue, north of Copenhagen, was full of flowers, wicker furniture – and birds. There can be no doubt that this is the source of Kay Bojesen’s inspiration for the carefree songbird that he designed in the 1950s and hand-painted in cheerful colours. Even with the naked eye, it is clear that Ruth, Pop, Otto, Kay, Peter and Sunshine belong to the Bojesen animal family. All six birds have a clean, modern expression, stripped of superfluous details. And though clearly not an attempt to imitate nature, the birds are still so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out in song as the sun rises over the Sound.

Peepingly pleasant personalities
Naturally, any family with respect for itself has a family tree! And the Songbird Family is no exception, with six branches that encompass several generations of Bojesens, from grandfather to grandchild. Please say hi to…
Otto: Kay and Erna Bojesen had only one child, but what a kid! Otto is the namesake of the noble songbird with the distinguished plumage who courts the love of his life, the songbird Ruth. What a handsome suitor in his grey tailcoat!
Ruth: Full of life and with a jovial charm, Kay Bojesen’s Swedish daughter-in-law generously shared anecdotes from her life in the Bojesen family. Feminine and pink to the very tips of her feathers!
Sunshine: Represents one of the five original colour combinations created by Bojesen. Can you imagine a better start to the day than being showered in birdsong from a flock of colourful Sunshines? Green like the hope of spring!
Kay: Named after the master himself and a huge fan of the colour blue. Kay Bojesen was always impeccably dressed in either a blue suit, shirt and tie or his white smock. A gentleman with a sense for underplayed, discreet elegance!
Peter: This songbird, dressed all in black, is named after Kay Bojesen’s eldest grandchild out of a flock of four. An elegant, modern gentleman!
Pop: A sparkling name inspired by Kay Bojesen’s love of soda pop. It was actually the only thing he would drink, and with her orange colour, this songbird sends a fond thought to the soda pop of our childhood sipped through a striped straw. A delightful acquaintance!
All six songbirds are made from solid beech wood and, of course, carefully hand-painted according to tradition.
For more details visit ‘The Lollipop shoppe’ Website: www.thelollipopshoppe.co.uk

British-Japanese Designer Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko established her design studio in London’s East End in 2007, having studied Arts and Design at Central St. Martin’s College. She  was born in Britain but spent her childhood in Japan, influencing her products in an inimitable blend of English and Japanese style throughout the product ranges.

Reiko Kaneko

Reiko has built herself an enviable reputation with her surreal witty designs, but she is currently focusing on a second strand to her business. It’s one that’s altogether more sedate and finer in style. This new sophisticated collection, titled Artic, is aimed at the fine dining sector. There is already a bespoke commission underway for a world-renowned restaurant; a sure sign that this will be another strong sought after collection.

Breakfast Express - Reiko Kaneko

Her love of ceramics has led Reiko to specialise in ceramic design and supplies bone china designs based around her typically British fine bone china tableware and home accessories with a Japanese twist.

Heart Mug and Lip Tease mug - Reiko Kaneko

Take a sneek peek of Reiko Kaneko ‘New’ collection this week at  HOME Earls Court 2, 15-17 January 2012, Stand E63 or later this month at  Maison et Objet 20-24 January 2012, Stand L18 NOW hall 8.

More on British-Japanese Designer Reiko Kaneko new collection on ‘DreamwallStyle Blog’ very soon so do keep checking back, or keep updated and follow the blog for more news updates.

Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko

Healing Craft Fair 2011 – Lincolnshire

DreamwallStyle had the great pleasure of visiting ‘Healing Craft Fair’ a local event here in North East Lincolnshire, organised soley by PTA volunteers and supported by the local school staff.  Today’s blog showcases a small selection of the local talent who had their fabulous work and creations on display.

For more pictures from the Healing Craft Fair please go to the ‘Eye of Abyss’ blog here http://beachhutting.wordpress.com/


Jody Illingworth - Vintage at Healing Fair

As a huge fan of Vintage, it was a pleasure to meet local lady Jody Illingworth  I spent time chatting to Jody about her vintage business ‘ i.luv.it.ireallydo.vintage’  of reworked vintage dresses and original vintage clothing.

Jody Illingworth - Healing Craft fair - I Luv it I really do Vintage

This week Jody opens her new stall on the local Grimsby Market, where locals will have the chance to pick up one off vintage items, along with bespoke buntings and gifts. Find out more about Jody’s vintage business by clicking here http://www.facebook.com/pages/IluvitireallydoVintage/113315925401672

Ceinwen Fews of Ultimate artwork busy knitting at Healng Craft Fair

Ceinwen Fews the creative designer of Ultimate artworks had some exciting and unique gifts on display at the Healing Craft fair, from a retro range of handmade christmas cards, 3D festive Frames, reindeer food and much much more.

I love the concept of Ceienwen’s Finger Print family tree to find out more click here http://www.ultimate-artwork.co.uk/default.html

Personalised with family names & printed on handmade paper . trees are mounted and supplied with green ink stamp - for you to create the leaves with families finger prints- from Ultimate Artwork

Jack in the Green had a fabulous collection of Handpainted Green Men on display, The Green Man is believed to symbolise the life, cycle of death and birth.

Jack in Green - Green men hand-painted

Greenman: If you walk within a forest of ancient wood and get a feeling you are not alone, the chances are he is with you. He’s been with mankind from the beginning and is round us more than ever, helping us make contact with our natural environment and stop us destroying our fragile world.

Jack in the Green at Healing fair

It was great to meet Jaydee Crochet – The Home of the Flug – a new accessory. So what is a Flug? Is it a Scarf? NO – Is it a Shawl? NO – Is it a Wrap? sort of…imagine the softness of a fluffy teddy, the lightness of feathers the warmth of a hug… well that is a FLUG! Jaydee Crochet had a vast collection on display including Irish Lacework and pretty crochet accessories.

Jaydee Crochet - unique Designs

Diane Brookes a local professional artist had a variety of her portfolio on display. Diane works in various styles and mediums, water colours, soft pastels, oils, pencil and acrylics.

Diane Brookes - Artist Healing Craft Fair

Diane Brookes - Professional Artist at Healing Craft Fair

Healing Craft fair was certainly worth the visit, and I cant wait for next years fair! Its always a treat to support local events. I found lots of beautifully handmade items that I purchased, they are now with santa! Obviously I haven’t shared these special finds as you never know who may be reading the blog! 😉 Maybe after christmas I will share! The atmosphere at the fair was relaxed and very festive and I highly recommend to all to go and visit next year!

The Sweet Table at Healing Craft Fair

A Lolli good offer: Eames Lounge Chair & matching Eames Ottoman

The Lollipop Shoppe


Buy an Eames Lounge Chair between 01 November and 30 November and get a matching Eames Ottoman free*
See the full range here
*Not in conjunction with any other discounted price or sale price offer.
Save up to £1,680
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Going Batty at ‘Tent London’ Rest Area for the Brits

Continuing on with Blog Tour at ‘Tent London’ I came across ‘Pierre Ospina’ and Ooo la la what a clever chap he is…. with his slogan ‘Rest Area for the Brits’ the young French designer of the clever but simple concept ‘Cricket stools’ soon had everyone going batty…. literally…..

'Rest Area for the Brits' by Pierre Ospina

So what are Cricket Stools? I asked Pierre….

Getting Batty with Pierre Ospina at Tent

‘One stool is made from one cricket set,the  handles are made in polyproylene braided cord. Two Limited Editions of twelve, one edition contains six cricket stools in light wood, six in dark wood and in six colour handles.”

To Find out more about Pierre Ospina click here http://pierreospina.blogspot.com/   

To Find out more about ‘Tent London” Click here http://www.tentlondon.co.uk/  

Pierre Ospina - Cricket Stools

Pierre Ospina Cricket stools

Cricket stools by Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina

Cricket Stools - Pierre Ospina at Tent London

Quirk & Rescue: Who are Ms Pink & Mr Black?

Quirk and Rescue

Quirk & Rescue AKA Ms Pink & Mr Black take once loved furniture from the last century, furniture that has been ignored and forgotten for far too long.  Then using their creative talents to give these former design classics a new twist and update them – for the 21st century sensibilities of the design aware.

Double Leopardy Quirk & Rescue

DreamwallStyle became curious to find out more about this quirky set up and wanted to discover more about the mysterious Ms Pink and Mr Black with their Quirky & Rescue enterprise so lets find out more….

Ms Pink and Mr Black

Q1. Why Ms. Pink & Mr. Black?

That’s who we are at the core. These are our true personas. We are almost completely opposite in our views on design hence the Pink & Black clash of colours against the grey world. It also gives us a wider range of experience and ideas to call upon. We wanted to show this by giving our individual creative identities names. Also, we like the air of mystery it gives our pieces. We’re trying to bring something enigmatic to our work too. Who are Ms. Pink & Mr. Black? How do they do this? Also, I have had pink hair for the past 25 years and Mr. Black has black hair. It all seemed to fit together rather well.

Double Leopardy Quirk and Rescue











Q2. What do you do?

We find, restore and relove vintage and retro furniture from classic names such as Ercol, G-Plan, Eames, etc… and also pieces that we find from other brands that are less well known such as Beautility. We also keep an eye open for those unusual one off pieces that just jump out at us – almost like they are begging for our attention!

G-Plan Pink Nest

G-Plan Pink Nest

G-Plan Pink Nest

Q3.What do you mean by relove?

A lot of our early pieces were for friends who had family ‘heirloom’ pieces that they found did not fit in with their contemporary surroundings. So we decided that this was something we could solve for them. The results pleased them and others started to ask us to do the same. It was hard at first, we made many mistakes – but that allowed us to perfect our art.

Q4.Why upcycle?

We don’t like the term upcycling as people often assume it means the designer has taken something worthless and just given it a big price tag. That’s not what we do, we take care to find furniture that was expensive at the time it was made and is hard to find now. Also, we know that the furniture that we find has lasted well by modern standards, sometimes up to 80 years and will probably last the same amount of time again.

Retro Stripe

Retro Stripe

Q5. Why do you paint the pieces?

Even though we both love natural wood, at the moment we like the idea of painting pieces completely. It’s an ironic statement. Like the Roman statues at the British Museum – everyone has swallowed the neo-classical view of marble statues, blank eyed, but in reality, in their original time period, they would be gaudily painted – depicting the person or deity of the time as realistically as possible. We’re doing the inverse of that really, but there is a common theme. This doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t include natural wood in later designs, but the piece and design would have to be right.

Q6. Where do you get your pieces?

It’s taken us years to build up enough contacts to source regular supplies of the types of furniture we love. We can’t give names for obvious reasons.

Q7. Why did you go into furniture?

There is something satisfying in taking an ‘old skool’ craftsman’s work that has fallen out of favour with modern tastes and being able to create something new with it. To hold it up to the light and say ‘You missed this!’ and share it with others – like design archaeologists. We want our furniture to feel valuable – because it is, which is why we number all of our pieces. Even though two pieces might have the same design, they will never be exactly alike as we shape our designs to the individual piece. Taking into consideration the piece’s original elements and form – not ignoring them.

Punk '77

Punk '77











Q8. What are your design inspirations?

The things that other people aren’t doing. The designs that other designers might think are passé, we will look at them and try and think of new ways to invigorate them. Or look back and find, once again, the things we think should be brought back into the light. We take a lot of inspiration from music, art, language and nature. We like to be playful, almost humorous, maybe even a little bit teasing. We like to make furniture that a client will not have to talk about because anyone who sees it will want to talk about it.

Q9.How does the bespoke side of the business work? 

It depends on whether the client already has a piece they want us to reawaken or whether they have a particular piece they wish us to track down. We can do either. Then it is just a matter of discussing with the client their vision for the piece. We obviously keep in close contact with the client and discuss design concepts, what is possible (virtually anything!), colour, style, finish etc… This isn’t to say we don’t bring our own vision and ideas to the client, more that the client collaborates with us to create something unique. Mr. Black and I debate every piece, every design until we know that we have the perfect concept for a piece. The process of debate, even argument, is the thing that makes our pieces special.



Q10. How long have you been doing this?

We have been doing this for quite a few years now, but only in the last year and half have we really moved towards doing what we love as a creative business. We think it has worked out better this way as we made all our mistakes on early, personal pieces rather than inflicting them on the client or customer.

Zebra Crossing

 Q11. Is there anything you wouldn’t attempt?

We haven’t found anything yet that we’ve thought ‘That’s impossible!’, but we are always up for a challenge, so we’ll say no.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll











Q12. Who do you see buying your furniture?

Someone who cares about where their furniture comes from and how it is designed and produced. Someone who wants that ‘statement’ piece. Someone who will covet it.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll











Q13. How do you see your furniture fitting into a home?

That depends on on whether we are designing specifically for you, in which case we would say harmoniously – Or if you are buying from our ‘standing’ collection then we would say it’s up to the client how it fits into their home.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll











Q14. What are your future plans?

We would like to move into creating our own pieces from scratch, so we are in the process of prototyping two or three designs and seeing where that leads us. We are also in the process of making whole flock of G-Plan nest of tables with the theme of exotic birds.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll

WEBSITE www.quirkandrescue.com 

TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/QuirkandRescue 

Quirk and Rescue