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Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman launches a Brand New Limited Edition Collection of Tote Bags featuring the famous seagull eating a chip photograph. 

Back in 2010 I took a photograph using just my iPhone 3 of a very greedy seagull eating a chip in Bridlington. The picture was an internet sensation he went viral was used on the one show, BBC main website and used in the national press. For the last few years I have had many requests would I make prints, postcards, greeting cards etc. So 2017 seven years later here I am with a brand new limited edition of colourful Tote Bags featuring the iconic image of the famous seagull. 

The bags come in Red, white, blue, black, grey, lime these 6 options retail at £20.00 and also I have a navy & white cooler shopper Tote available these will be £30.00 I can ship them all over the world on the condition the buyer pays the correct postage. 

See below all the options available. For more details get in touch via my email info@dreamwall.co.uk always looking for magazine journos & bloggers to feature the totes would be grateful if you can :-)) 

Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman Tote Bag £29.99


MACS LONDON: Feature Dreamwall Wonder Walls

More in the Celebration of 10 years of Dreamwall: Macs London delivering you the very best in celebrity news , fashion and beauty from Macs London online lifestyle magazine kindly featured Dreamwall in an article read it HERE


Karen Haller: Creating your very own Dreamwall

Here is another great article about Dreamwall. This one is from Karen Haller colour and Design Consultancy. Karen Haller is an internationally renowned business colour and branding expert, and has helped clients from across the globe transform the branding image of their business. She has worked with a number of prestigious brands, so it was big honour that Karen featured Dreamwall on her blog read the article HERE! 


Inspired by People: The Decorating Diva Interview

Following on with the 10 year’s of Dreamwall: Last summer I was kindly asked by The Decorating Diva if I would like to be interviewed about Dreamwall. I was over the moon to be asked The Decorating Diva is a luxury home design magazine and lifestyle journal dedicated to the concept of living a stylish and comfortably elegant life at home – joyfully surrounded by the beautiful things you love. To the read the interview click HERE!

decorating DIVA

Granny Rose Homemade Plum Bread old Lincolnshire Recipe

Every christmas my mother gets busy in the kitchen making batches of my ‘Granny Rose’ famous Plumbread.

This recipe is very special to my mother as my ‘Granny Rose’ my mum’s mum died of breast cancer when my mum was only 27 yrs old. My mother has kept the most amazing hand written recipe book that dates back over 45  yrs full of old hand written recipes passed down through the family. On today’s Dreamwallstyle post I want to share this lovely recipe, some may already know it, if not then please do try it! My Granny always called this recipe ‘Plumbread’ to others it is called a ‘Tea Loaf’ as the sultanas are soaked in Tea. ENJOY!

Soak the mixed Fruit in strained Tea

Soak the mixed Fruit in strained Tea

Old Lincolnshire Plum bread  recipe from Granny Rose hand written

Old Lincolnshire Plum bread recipe from Granny Rose hand written

mum mixing the mixture

mum mixing the mixture

The mixture ready in the baking loaf tin

The mixture ready in the baking loaf tin

Homemade Plum Bread all cooked

Homemade Plum Bread all cooked

more batches of Plum bread with the original recipe book

more batches of Plum bread with the original recipe book

Mum with her batches of Plumbread

Mum with her batches of Plumbread

‘Granny Rose’ Plumbread or Tealoaf recipe



Half Pint COLD TEA





Put Fruit and sugar in Basin (mixing bowl) strain tea and leave to soak over night.

Once soaked Sift flour, salt, Rub in fat, stir in the beaten and the soaked fruit mixture.

Turn in 2LB Loaf Tin smooth over the surface and bake

If using a Fan assisted over 150 or  Gas mark 3 for 1 and half – to an hour and three quarters until brown

For a one hour loaf use a 1 LB tin

Mum with her batches of freshly made Plum Bread

Mum with her batches of freshly made Plum Bread

The Journal (December 2012) Deborah Moses The Silver Zebra

The Journal

the journal

The journal

The Journal (October 2012) Visiting Lloyd Loom of Spalding

Here is a scan of ‘The Journal’ October 2012 when Dreamwallstyle visited Lloyd Loom of Spalding. Dreamwallstyle writes a monthly column in the North Lincolnshire Journal.