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Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman launches a Brand New Limited Edition Collection of Tote Bags featuring the famous seagull eating a chip photograph. 

Back in 2010 I took a photograph using just my iPhone 3 of a very greedy seagull eating a chip in Bridlington. The picture was an internet sensation he went viral was used on the one show, BBC main website and used in the national press. For the last few years I have had many requests would I make prints, postcards, greeting cards etc. So 2017 seven years later here I am with a brand new limited edition of colourful Tote Bags featuring the iconic image of the famous seagull. 

The bags come in Red, white, blue, black, grey, lime these 6 options retail at £20.00 and also I have a navy & white cooler shopper Tote available these will be £30.00 I can ship them all over the world on the condition the buyer pays the correct postage. 

See below all the options available. For more details get in touch via my email info@dreamwall.co.uk always looking for magazine journos & bloggers to feature the totes would be grateful if you can :-)) 

Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman Tote Bag £29.99


The Adidas Bag That Changed My World!

Design Museum 50 Bags that changed the world

For my recent birthday my lovely sister gave me the most perfect present:  Design Museum ‘Fifty Bags That Changed The World’  

Everything around us is designed and the word ‘design’ has become part of our everyday experience. But how much do we know about it? Fifty Bags That Changed The World imparts that knowledge listing the top 50 handbags, cases and backpacks that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today.

For anyone who know’s me will know I’m renown for my Adidas Original Sports Bag!  it literally goes everywhere with me! So how delighted was I to spot on page 56/57 a two page article dedicated to my beloved ‘Sports Bag’

Design Museum: Fifty Bags that changed the world Page 56/57

Adidas Original

Below are a collection of photographs taken over the past year with my  Adidas Original Sports Bag!  as you can see I really DO LOVE IT!

At London Design Festival 2011 – Adidas Bag

In New York Soho with the Adidas Bag!


On a Tartan Bus in Edinburgh with my Adidas bag!

Clee AC King George Stadium Club Champs with Adidas Bag


On Blog Tour NYC Poggen Pohl – Adidas Bag

In Ikea with the Adidas bag

At Portabella Beach posing with the Adidas Bag

Cleethorpes Beach with my daughter and the Adidas bag


Out and about in Brigg with the Adidas Bag


Hanging out with Usain Bolt! 😉 and the Adidias Bag!

In New York with Modenus Blog Tour Crew! and the adidas Bag get in!


Walking the Humber Bridge with the Adidas Bag!

Playing in the snow with my Adidas bag!


Hanging out at the Olympic Torch relay Meridian Park Cleethorpes & the Adidas Bag


In a showroom in Soho New York and the Adidas Bag!

Out shopping with the Adidas Bag!


Walking in Edinburgh with my Adidas Bag!

Shopping for more Adidas Goodies!


OMG A man with no head has my ADIDAS BAG!

The Adidas Bag really did change my world the picture below is my favourite!

For the Love of my Adidas BAG!