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Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman launches a Brand New Limited Edition Collection of Tote Bags featuring the famous seagull eating a chip photograph. 

Back in 2010 I took a photograph using just my iPhone 3 of a very greedy seagull eating a chip in Bridlington. The picture was an internet sensation he went viral was used on the one show, BBC main website and used in the national press. For the last few years I have had many requests would I make prints, postcards, greeting cards etc. So 2017 seven years later here I am with a brand new limited edition of colourful Tote Bags featuring the iconic image of the famous seagull. 

The bags come in Red, white, blue, black, grey, lime these 6 options retail at £20.00 and also I have a navy & white cooler shopper Tote available these will be £30.00 I can ship them all over the world on the condition the buyer pays the correct postage. 

See below all the options available. For more details get in touch via my email info@dreamwall.co.uk always looking for magazine journos & bloggers to feature the totes would be grateful if you can :-)) 

Dreamwallstyle by Hannah Coleman Tote Bag £29.99


Inspired by the Great British Beach Hut: Stripe and Wonderful

Whitby Beach Huts photograph by Hannah Coleman

The Passion for the Great British Beach Hut

Beach huts are close to my heart, I spent most of summer 2009 on a great british beach hut tour , travelling coast to coast discovering more about these beautiful seaside icons, I became fascinated with these small structures dotted on the seashore.

My love for the British beach hut runs deep, I was born and raised in a seaside town and I personally feel they are a national treasure to our seaside heritage.

Scarbourgh Beach Huts picture taken by Hannah Coleman

While taking shelter in a beach hut at Sandilands, Sutton-on-sea, with a flask of tea, I day dreamed of years gone by, images of classic British comedy sketches from the carry on films with Barbara Windsor and Sid James making me feel all nostalgic about our British seas side towns.

Here I am with my daughter outside the famous awarding winning beach hut at Sandiland Lincolnshire owned by Margot Charlton

Beach huts or sheds on the seashore have become a huge phenomenon and now are classed as trendy hot property.

Jabba Hut Beach Hut at Mablethorpe Lincolnshire

Dr Kathryn Ferry, a beach hut historian, has spent many years researching the history behind these colourful icons and has written many books giving a great insight behind the beach hut going back to the invention of the first wheeled bathing machine in the 18th century. More about Dr Kathryn Ferry here at Beach-huts.com http://www.beach-huts.com/about-kathryn-ferry.php

Beach Huts and Bathing Machines by Dr Kathryn Ferry

Dr Kathryn Ferry Beach Hut Historian Sheds on a Sea shore

Wayne Hemingway designer and founder of Red or Dead in 2009 created 58 ‘retro-chic’ beach pods at Boscombe Dorset. Unlike traditional beach huts, they are double in size and some are penthouses, the pods have main electricity, hot and cold water, kitchen units and some have French doors over looking balconies. Prices are not cheap and the recent 90k price tag made the national news.

More details here at the Bournemouth website http://www.bournemouth.co.uk/site/things-to-do/surf-reef/about-boscombe

Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway in a beach pod picture from bouremouth.co.uk

Beach Hut exteriors are well known for there stripe designs.

Beach Hut Mablethorpe picture by Hannah Coleman

Go to any seaside town where there are beach huts and most are decorated in bright bold primary colours of red, blue, greens and yellows.

Beach Huts of Exmouth beach photograph by Hannah Coleman

Scarbourgh Bold coloured beach huts picture by Hannah Coleman

Some are painted in block colours but most are done in the traditional candy stripes.

Candy Stripes Beach Hut Sandilands picture by Hannah Coleman

Candy stripes Beach Huts are most definitely my favourite design. Sandiland in Lincolnshire is full of beautiful candy stripes; my favourite beach hut there has even won the Bathing Beauty Beach Hut award as the most stylish designed beach hut.

Beach huts at sandilands picture by Hannah Coleman

Beach Huts Stripes inspiring wall coverings

Lines and stripes really do add a classic touch to any room, used in abundance they create regular colour block effect or make a rooms ceiling seem higher. Used sparsely they can break up a room’s space visually or create a minimalist look for your walls. So be inspired by the Great British Beach hut and go on have a stripe twist in your home. The new stripe wallpapers can come in bold in your face stripe or opt for a more subtle pastel palette.  Sometimes a small room can look too busy with a large scale pattern which is why a striped plain wallpaper are perfect for the job.

Here are some recommendations on the stripe wall trend 

The Laura Ashley Lille Linen range comes in variety of colour palettes take a look for more from the range here  http://bit.ly/kidKpF

New Laura Ashley "Whisper" Lille Stripe wallpaper

Laura Ashley Lille Stripe wallpaper in pale cobalt blue - I love this wallpaper as its very Beach hut inspired

What is so wonderful about Laura Ashley striped wallpaper is it’s a twist on the stripe wallpaper. The wallpaper is washable great for kitchens and bathrooms too. It features pearlescent inks for shimming highlights which looks lovely as a feature on its own or as a compliment to a bolder statement wall. Another favorite from the Laura Ashley range is the Draycott Striped Wallpaper collection. a simple stripe design, printed washable wallpaper suitable for all interiors including well ventilated kitchens and bathrooms, perfect for kids bedrooms. More from the Laura Ashley website here http://www.lauraashley.com/ 

Drayton Striped Wallpaper from Laura Ashley

Drayton Striped Wallpaper from Laura Ashley

Farrow and Ball have a vast choice of stripy wallpapers to choose from a few favorites inspired by my beach hut theme are Broad street Stripe ST 1323 and Closet Stripe ST 364 wallpapers to see the vast range of Stripe wallpapers Farrow and Ball have to offer please go here http://bit.ly/iKLXNK

Farrow and Ball Wallpaper bold Stripe yellow 1323

Farrow and Ball Closet stripe ST 364

Bah humbug…If you don’t want to go with traditional coloured stripes, why not be a little more daring with Black and white stripes I love Farrow and Ball Closet Stripe ST351 and Block print stripe BP 754 wallpaper

Closet Stripe wallpaper by Farrow and Ball

Block Print Stripe BP 754 by Farrow and Ball

Fabric and papers offer a fantastic wide section of beautiful bold stripe beach hut inspired wall coverings. The pink and yellow shirting stripe wallpaper reminds me of a rock shop that you would find on a traditional British seas side promenade. Shirting Stripes design is by Vivienne Westwood originally used in her fashion collections for more from Fabric and papers go here http://www.fabricsandpapers.com/

Shirting wallpaper from Fabrics and papers design by vivienne westwood

Glam rock it with this sticky sweet Elisa Stripe wallpaper in Pink and Taupe wide Stripe wallpaper with gold metallic dots from fabric and papers.

Elisa Stripe Wallpaper from fabrics and papers

I’m too sexy for this catwalk wallpaper in fushia pink wide stripe with silouettes of models available from Fabric and papers.

catwalk wallpaper from Fabric and papers

Of course if your feeling more adventurous you can have ago at DIY striping paint technique, DIY network on the web offers great tips on how to create your stripe project choose from vertical and horizontal stripes. Click here to find out more http://bit.ly/cQiQ2Z 

Or watch this youtube video from expert village

A Nautical Summer with Mini Moderns Whitby Porcelain Set

This summer is all about nautical, and Mini Moderns have got it just right with a new range of Mix and Match Whitby Porcelain.

Mini Moderns Whitby Porcelain

This stunning range was created exclusively for mini moderns friends Magpie, the range includes espresso cups and saucers, teacups and saucers, mugs, sideplates and a rather magnificent cake stand.

All the items come in a gift boxes and the full set including 4 mugs, a set of 2 teacups and saucers, 4 side plates and 4 espresso cups and saucers totals a cool £83.00

For more details on how to purchase your sets please click here http://www.minimoderns.com/shoppe/

Mini moderns Lido Whitby mug a snip at £8.00


Minimoderns Whitby Lido bone china Mugs £8.00 each

Whitby Mug by Mini Moderns is made from Fine Bone China and coordinates with Whitby Lido Cushion and Wallpaper that Dreamwallstyle has already featured. https://dreamwall1.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/mini-moderns-launch-whitby-wallpaper/

Whitby cushion Lido by Mini Moderns £35.00

Whitby Cushion – Lido, is a screen printed cotton drill cushion with ‘Lido’ Turquise back pillowcase closing with no zips or buttons sold with curled feather pad patterned front/plain back size 410mm x 410mm Made in the UK by nice people 😉  Also available is the Whitby Cushion – Indigo

Mini moderns Whitby Cushion Indigo £35.00

For more details about Mini Moderns and there product ranges please click here http://www.minimoderns.com/

Follow Mini Moderns on Twitter here http://twitter.com/minimoderns