The ‘Power’ of a Greedy Bridlington Seagull

Picture by Hannah Coleman: The Greedy Bridlington Seagull 

I met this cheeky Herring Gull last summer in Bridlington, he was fascinating to watch and just wasn’t scared of anyone, all he wanted was chips! I took many snaps of him on my i-phone 3G, it was only when I got back home to download the photographs that I found this amazing picture of him in mid gulp.

Grimsby Evening Telegraph printed the seagull eating chip as the Picture of the day

Seagull eating chip in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph

The Greedy Gull appeared in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph, his greediness created a national pandemic like birdflu, he has since appeared in the Daily Express…..

Followed by the BBC  who LOVED him and used him on the BBC  ’The one show”

Seagull eating chip BBC the one show with Denise Welch

He then was used on Peter Levy’s BBC Look North programme TWICE!


Seagull eating chip BBC as seen on the one show and BBC look north

He even was used on the main BBC UK news website and I was even name checked as the photographer!

Bridlington Seagull picture taken by Hannah Coleman as used by the BBC

The story on the Bridlington seagulls became the second most popular UK BBC news stories online dated 13th July 2011, here are two links to the BBC articles this one is more text with the picture this link is the video link as used on the news

BBC NEWS website as screen grabbed on the 13th July with my seagull eating chip on the main page

What a crazy frenzy Mr Greedy Seagull has had, he is now that famous he now has his own media agent, ‘Hot Spot Media’

The demand for him still continues that I now can sell prints, canvases, posters, mugs, wall murals and more products with him on if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the ‘Greedy Gull’  products then do get in touch with me via email 

I wonder if he will recover from his birdflu pandemic through the nation. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response especially as I took the canny snap on a 3G I-phone of all the cameras! I studied photography at Sandwell College back in 1992, but never did anything professionally with my qualification its amazing that 20 years on, a simple snap caught at the right time on my 3G i-phone has been a national sensation and I admit I’ve never felt so proud that I had to share this with my Dreamwallstyle readers.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. eurapart says:

    That is an incredible photo capture, almost like a cartoon seagull.

    1. DreamwallStyle says:

      Thank you so much – he was a greedy gull thats for sure

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