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Paisley Crescent by Mini Moderns

Mini Moderns rub shoulders with commuters on the 08.15 from Beckenham Junction, whilst dreaming of the East, with their new wallpaper ‘Paisley Crescent’….. 

Tangerine Dream

Inspired by the characters and settings of Hanif Kureishi’s novel ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, the ‘Paisley Crescent’ print fuses the ornamentation of a traditional Indian-inspired paisley design with the ordered iconography of life in the commuter belt.


The design duo see ‘Paisley Crescent’ as typically Mini Moderns, with its narrative approach to pattern and diverse range of influences. They explain: “This is the second print from our 2012 collection, ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, which explores a diverse range of aesthetic influences that can be traced back to the 1970s – a period that set the template for the uniquely British culture mash-up we enjoy today”.


The print illustrates elements of the novel’s narrative through a wealth of imagery. Suburban life is depicted through rows of Tudorbethan and Art Deco houses. A border of racing bikes represents the main character of the story cycling to leafy Chislehurst, in turn evoked by the border of trees around the Common.

Chalkhill Blue

Meanwhile, the Buddha aspect of the print comes in the form of a many-petaled lotus motif, symbolizing the crown chakra. Stars are also scattered around the design, lending it a sequined 1970s glam rock look. Printed in both positive and negative colorways, the print displays great versatility in the way it can be seen as a strong graphic paisley or a delicate, lacy repeat.

Pale Verdigris

Mini Moderns designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire first got interested in the origins of paisley whilst researching and writing their successful series of books ‘Communicating with Pattern’. They explain: “Our paisley-with-a-twist goes right back to the pattern’s tradition of mixing Eastern influences with British manufacture. Although the original design is Iranian and Indian in origin, its commonly known name derives from the Scottish town of Paisley where, due to the overwhelming success of already imported original Indian material, the fabric industry had to design and produce its own versions to meet demand.”

Following the Beatles’ ’68 pilgrimage to India, paisley enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the late sixties and early seventies – with the style making its mark on the suburbia where Hanif Kureishi grew up, and where the story opens. The design continues to influence interior and fashion designers alike, with paisley once more making an appearance on the catwalk.

‘Paisley Crescent’ is available in 5 colourways: Chalkhill Blue, Concrete, Pale Verdigris, Lido and Tangerine Dream.

The wallpaper comes in 10m x 52cm rolls printed with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests. £45 per roll

Made in the UK

Riding the Classic Adnet Mirror by Gubi!

Think Sexy, Curvy, Erotic, Classic  The Adnet mirror  by  Gubi.

The Adnet Mirror

This design classic oozes a whole load of sex appeal, designed in the 1950’s by Jacques Adnet, this classic has been reintroduced by Danish design house Gubi.

The Adnet mirror is simple and elegant, with its detail of leather straps and buckles, it gives an equestrian feel.

In 1950 French Modernist Jacques Adnet formed a partnership with French fashion house Hermes where he developed a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. Accordingly, he made a round leather mirror with brass hinges. Besides the remarkable leather and brass details, the mirror is also unique as the strap that holds the mirror is in direct proportion to the dimension of the mirror.

New in the Lollipop Shoppe, Adnet Mirror by Gubi

The The Adnet mirror  by  Gubi. by  is available now at the ‘Lollipop Shoppe’ 

The Nation’s favourite ‘Bluebell’ by Graham and Brown

The nation’s favourite flower ‘Bluebell’ always makes me feel nostalgic with their deep violet tones taking me back to fond childhood memories of the family garden in spring.

Picture Credit Ed Hoskins

I was delighted to see a new wall-covering from ‘Graham and Brown’ called Bluebell’ showcasing the nation’s favourite spring flower, delicately painted to fill the wall with allure.

Graham and Brown - Bluebell

Pure, white backdrops compliment the latest colour trends for the season, with a vibrant palette of electric sky blues, warm summer yellows, burnt oranges, spring greens and feminine pinks and purples.

Graham and Brown: BlueBell

Sensational Summer Bloom from Graham & Brown

It may be grey and glooming outside… well it is here in Grimsby today! But after discovering the sensational ‘Summer Bloom’ collection of wallpapers ‘NEW’ from Graham & Brown these have certainly lifted my spirits high. This new collection of wallpaper is certainly going to bring the summer sunshine into your home and keep the gloom at bay!

The Summer Bloom - White, Terracotta, pink and green by Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown presents the fresh and elegant Summer Bloom Collection. The new range embraces beautiful water-colour florals, creating an invigorating and stylish summer look. The Summer Bloom design features an array of radiant spring flowers, bursting with colour and charm.

summer bloom collection by Graham and brown

Pure, white backdrops complement the latest colour trends for the season, with a vibrant palette of electric sky blues, warm summer yellows, burnt oranges, spring greens and feminine pinks and purples.

Summer Bloom - Blue white green

Summer Bloom in Blue, white, green

Justin Timberlake is bringing the ‘The Sexy Back’ with a ‘HomeMint’

How excited have I been, since reading a tweet on twitter from the D and D buildings that Justin Timberlake is taking on the design world! YEP thats right people! Trouser Snake is really bringing the Sexy back into the Design world with his exciting new venture called Home Mint. to be launched this spring! 

Celebrity Stylist Estee Stanley and Justin Timberlake Picture Credit HomeMint Facebook

HomeMint is a collection of home goods and art curated and designed by Justin Timberlake and interior designer and celebrity stylist, Estee Stanley.

HomeMint by Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley. Picture Credit: HomeMint Facebook page

How will HomeMint work? HomeMint shoppers will be able to purchase products at non-member pricing or pay a monthly membership fee of $9.99, which can be used as a credit towards any purchase. It pays to be a member! Membership benefits include exclusive member pricing, early access to limited edition products and personalized selections each month matched to their individual style.

HomeMint Picture Credit Home Mint Facebook

HomeMint Picture Credit Home Mint Facebook

Become a HomeMint Influencer and get 3 months FREE when you refer 5 friends! To sign up go here: HomeMint
To the read the latest Elle Decor interview with Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley Read Here

Seal of Approval: The Seals of Donna Nook

So delighted to see my recommendation on ‘Donna Nook’ used on the ‘Visit Britain Super Blog’ Seal of Approval: Visit Britain like a local.

What a privilege to live so close to ‘Donna Nook’, Donna Nook is one of the most accessible sites for seeing the Grey Atlantic seals at a time of breeding in the UK. Elsewhere they either gather on beaches but in far away places like the Scottish islands, or they are out to sea in rocky outcrops. In Lincolnshire it is a short ride from near my home town Grimsby to the beach and there they are, in late autumn (October) and early winter (December)

Do not underestimate the size of the seal colony at Donna Nook and its importance to wildlife watchers around UK and Europe.

The Seals at Donna Nook are VERY VERY close to the shore line, it really is an experience that any lover of wildlife should really experience, the real life Frozen Planet.

The seals can be photographed quite easily, as you can see from my photographs all taken on the i-phone 3GS taken in last seal season (November)

The seals attract over 40,000 visitors to the Lincolnshire coast from end October to end of December every year and I highly recommend that everyone should visit in the next seal breeding season.


The ‘Power’ of a Greedy Bridlington Seagull

Picture by Hannah Coleman: The Greedy Bridlington Seagull 

I met this cheeky Herring Gull last summer in Bridlington, he was fascinating to watch and just wasn’t scared of anyone, all he wanted was chips! I took many snaps of him on my i-phone 3G, it was only when I got back home to download the photographs that I found this amazing picture of him in mid gulp.

Grimsby Evening Telegraph printed the seagull eating chip as the Picture of the day

Seagull eating chip in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph

The Greedy Gull appeared in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph, his greediness created a national pandemic like birdflu, he has since appeared in the Daily Express…..

Followed by the BBC  who LOVED him and used him on the BBC  ’The one show”

Seagull eating chip BBC the one show with Denise Welch

He then was used on Peter Levy’s BBC Look North programme TWICE!


Seagull eating chip BBC as seen on the one show and BBC look north

He even was used on the main BBC UK news website and I was even name checked as the photographer!

Bridlington Seagull picture taken by Hannah Coleman as used by the BBC

The story on the Bridlington seagulls became the second most popular UK BBC news stories online dated 13th July 2011, here are two links to the BBC articles this one is more text with the picture this link is the video link as used on the news

BBC NEWS website as screen grabbed on the 13th July with my seagull eating chip on the main page

What a crazy frenzy Mr Greedy Seagull has had, he is now that famous he now has his own media agent, ‘Hot Spot Media’

The demand for him still continues that I now can sell prints, canvases, posters, mugs, wall murals and more products with him on if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the ‘Greedy Gull’  products then do get in touch with me via email 

I wonder if he will recover from his birdflu pandemic through the nation. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response especially as I took the canny snap on a 3G I-phone of all the cameras! I studied photography at Sandwell College back in 1992, but never did anything professionally with my qualification its amazing that 20 years on, a simple snap caught at the right time on my 3G i-phone has been a national sensation and I admit I’ve never felt so proud that I had to share this with my Dreamwallstyle readers.